"Pipe" Nikolai Tokarev made a leak on the Internet

Documents leaked to the Network can talk about how the former son-in-law of the head of Transneft Nikolai Tokarev, Andrei Bolotov, thanks to his father-in-law, equipped his life and the life of the whole family at the expense of the state.


Documents leaked to the Network can talk about how the former son-in-law of the head of Transneft Nikolai Tokarev, Andrei Bolotov, thanks to his father-in-law, equipped his life and the life of the whole family at the expense of the state.

Screenshots of correspondence appeared on the Internet, which may relate to Andrei Bolotov - ex-vice president of VTB, better known as the former son-in-law of the head of Transneft Nikolai Tokarev.

Apparently, Tokarev's relatives are money in Cyprus. Where do the funds come from and how did the correspondent of The Moscow Post understand them?

Our Sakhalin

In particular, a letter was published from a certain Yevgeny Temyakov (the name of the SakhMP employee), where he sends a person named Bolotov Andrei "theses that can be used in negotiations with SakhMP managers." SakhMP is a short name for the Sakhalin Shipping Company, one of the largest Russian shipping companies.

A man calling himself Temyakov writes: "Andrey, greetings! wishing you a pleasant flight!! I send some theses that can be used in negotiations with SakhMP managers. The appendix contains two files: - current issues, - a brief parameter of the company's value at the end of 2016 when implementing transactions with ships and the Santa Hotel. "

Dated this 2016 - six years later, Andrei Bolotov received almost 25% of SakhMP shares. Prior to that - since 2014, he was on the board of directors of the company. Among the theses, there are very interesting proposals - for example, to transfer the share of the shipping company in the Kholmsk bank to an unaffiliated company. Indeed, at the time of writing the theses, it was impossible to finance it from an affiliated structure without agreeing on this transaction. Simply put, it was proposed to evade control by the Central Bank, which is often fraught with opaque and not always legal schemes. It seems that they began to be organized at the "instigation" of the Bolotov man.

Now Kholmsk has been renamed Noda, and a bankruptcy case is being considered against it. At the same time, the organization is a major participant in the public procurement market, and not all of the contracts have fulfilled. The money could be "laundered," and the institution curtailed.

It seems that "Nod" will not last until next year. Photo: https://analizbankov.ru/bank.php?BankId=noda-503&BankMenu=struktura_balansa

It was also proposed to buy loans from the Kholmsky Commercial Sea Port in order to be the first to receive its assets in the event of bankruptcy of the enterprise. The KhMTP tried to bankrupt for six years, but eventually came to an amicable agreement. It was also proposed to think about transferring factoring operations with VTB Bank to a foreign lender. In fact, to leave the Russian "jurisdiction" again from the gaze of the regulatory authorities. And for a reason.

Photo: https://t.me/black8mirror/8027

All the

By the time of when Bolotov entered the capital of "SahMP", the Cyprian Ronin Europe Ltd was one of the largest holders of his actions, she possessed more than 58% of stocks of the Russian company. As wrote Vedomosti, the company in 2010 was included into the Ronin Partners group created in 2008 by natives of Nomos-bank. Alexander Nesis holding shares of Baltic Shipyard was a co-owner of bank.

Suspected Nesis The Moscow Post of not the most transparent manipulations with offshores. For this purpose he was also taken in "SahMP"?

Besides, as wrote Forbes, Ronin Partners works with money of the pension fund of Transneft. So here direct participation of state corporation, to be exact its head whose rodstvennichka densely "grew together" with structure is available. We on the place of future "pensioners" of Transneft would take away the money from such establishment.

"Agent" Shishkaryova worked for "free" transportations?

After "SahMP" appeared at the ex-son-in-law Tokarev, almost at once a big share in the company received Delo Group of Sergei Shishkaryov, and Bolotov already later a little more, than two months, left the list of founders of the company. It seems that the part of the intermediary for which Shishkarev could thank well was assigned to him. Then the possession "SahMP" left also Ronin Europe Ltd and also the Cyprian Sandyroad Trading Limited. Now her director appears NEARCHOS IOANNOU. Also call the former employee of Demetra Holdings Plc concerning Alexander Vinokurov's Demetra Holding.

Most likely, Sandyroad Trading Limited belonged or to his interests, or to the interests of VTB bank which sold to Vinokurov many assets, and still, judging by letters by which we are guided in preparation of this investigation, financed "SahMP", and, to a heap, is a holder of the register the shareholder of HMTP now.

And initially it was the asset of Rosimushchestvo! And here, with direct participation of Bolotov it became at first offshore, and then went to "Business".

What is interesting – The Moscow Post already found possible communications between Nikolay Tokarev and the beneficiary group "Business". The fact is that TransContainer (belongs to Shishkarev and Rosatom) is the largest customer of the Revyak Port company. The owner is Pavel Ulanov there. He is the former founder of the ISSK company, and the company to him there was kept by a certain Evgeny Tokarev – perhaps, Nikolay's relative. And the head of the company Dmitry Zharsky heads also Veta which interests in courts are represented by MGKA "Del credere" that many years in courts protect Transneft. Here such heap "and our"!

So, it is possible that Bolotov worked in "SevMP" as Shishkarev's person, and Shishkarev could pay Tokareva for it well. TransContainer, for example, delivers for "subsidiaries" of Transneft. It is thought, it that could do it free of charge, and the money spent by the state settled in pockets of the head of state corporation at this time. And then went to the offshores, related with his relatives.

Offshores and censuses

But we will return to letters Bolotova. According to authors the Telegram channel Black Mirror, allegedly "the lawyer working on Bolotova sends it the reference on the situation connected with sale to the company founded on the British Virgin Islands. The beneficiary of the company is designated as "M". In some other documents in archive Bolotova is so usually designated Maya Bolotova: former spouse Bolotova and daughter of the head of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev".

In the attached document it is described that "M" can become at commission of a number of actions in the opinion of legislators the swindler. Judging by a context, the Mrs. of "M" was going to sell foreign firm, and to her documents suggested to antedate, the lawyer persistently suggested not to do it. All confusion arose because "M" when acquired firm, I issued her on the figurehead. As children of officials quite often arrive not to "shine" in illegal affairs. I arrived also "M".

Photo: https://t.me/black8mirror/8034

Photo: https://t.me/black8mirror/8034

In addition, a correspondence was published with Bolotov, who transferred it, allegedly, it is related to the re-registration of his foreign assets, which was required after the imposition of sanctions.

A certain Irina Shamraeva writes, putting in a copy of Maya Bolotov "Dear Andrei, In continuation of our correspondence, could you clarify whether news/documents have appeared regarding the acquisition of the boat and the relevant sources of income?"

Prior to that, there was a letter from Abtsenko Natalia, which refers to the transfer to the account and the transfer of Katina shares.

Ms. Tokareva (formerly Bolotova) could apply for Cypriot citizenship in 2014 - then a certain Maya Bolotova, who indicated the address of Ronin in the application, filed papers to become a citizen of Cyprus.

Tokareva and her ex-spouse have a lot of property in Russia - when they divorced, Maya alone went to real estate for at least 1 billion rubles. At the same time, as follows from the letters published on the Web, she had gigantic shares in front of Vneshprombank, like her ex-wife, as well as the Regionpromaktivy company owned by him.

Photo: https ://t.me/black8mirror/8040

Photo: https ://t.me/black8mirror/8040

Photo: https ://t.me/black8mirror/8040

All this could result in a criminal case. But it resulted in the fact that the ex-owner of the bank, Georgy Bedzhamov, was declared bankrupt and arrested in absentia on charges of fraud and embezzlement of money worth 113 billion rubles. And his sister Larisa Markus, who headed Vneshprombank, is serving a real sentence of 8.5 years in the same case.

At the same time, money from the bank could "feed" the Tokarev family! And no one returned anything. But they bought a couple of houses.

In the bottom line, we have this: it seems that Nikolai Tokarev, as head of Trasneft, is not so much thinking about state affairs as about his relatives safely existing in the world of big money, and does not spare the resources of the state corporation for this. And deception is one of the favorite means of achieving this goal.

A "living" example is the story of a spill at the CPC, when it turned out that for years the company serving the pipes had been removed for the sake of Transneft's daughter, knowing about the need to repair the crack. But then the state corporation decided to save money, this is not to help relatives. And when the tragedy occurred, she could, through "her" tg channels, try to "drain" the blame on the previous contractor. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this story.