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09 December 2023

Pavel Tyo was "served": the mayor's office sold elite land 35 times cheaper than it bought

As the metropolitan mayor's office under the leadership of Sergei Sobyanin bought land for 35 billion rubles, and sold for 988 million rubles. Did Pavel Cho get a "friendly discount"? Where did 34 billion rubles go?

As the metropolitan mayor's office under the leadership of Sergei Sobyanin bought land for 35 billion rubles, and sold for 988 million rubles. Did Pavel Cho get a "friendly discount"? Where did 34 billion rubles go?

The company of a great friend of the Moscow authorities, developer Pavel Tyo, received more than 60 hectares of land from the former Mig plant. Received in a competitive struggle at the starting price - about 988 million rubles. Other participants were eliminated by the requirements of the tender conducted by the Moscow government. At the same time, the lands had previously passed to Sobyanin's team from Rostec for completely different money - about 35 billion rubles. How land worth billions suddenly fell into friendly development hands for less than 1 billion rubles and what else will Pavel Tyo be given to earn extra money in the framework of this project, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

Tender with oddities

On August 22, 2023, the Moscow government held an auction for the comprehensive development of the territory of non-residential buildings of the city of Moscow No. 125, limited by Leningradsky Prospekt, 1st Botkin Passage, st. Boris Petrovsky and st. Marshal Shaposhnikov with a total area of ​ ​ 63.55 hectares - the former territory of the MiG aircraft building plant. Taking into account the fact that only one application was received for the auction - from Enimerosi LLC, this company was recognized as the winner of the auction. The contract will be signed at a starting price of 987 907 074,47 rubles.


According to the terms of the auction, the maximum (maximum) total floor area of ​ ​ capital construction facilities is 2.345 million square meters, of which 1.406 million square meters are residential buildings, and the remaining 938 thousand square meters are public and business and other facilities. So, a sports complex, a police building, bank branches, offices and shops should appear on the territory of the former plant.


Earlier, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov said that investments in the project could amount to 300 billion rubles.

We will talk about the winner of the tender, who received a tidbit, later, but in the meantime I wanted to note that there are a number of oddities in the tender itself that it would not be bad to check the Sledky or the prosecutor's office.

Firstly, in the conditions there was initially a point that cuts off most builders from participation. In particular, the auction participant can be a legal entity that had experience in the construction of technically complex and unique objects with a height of more than 350 meters.


In addition to the winning company (the division where it is included), only a few more were suitable for such conditions - Roman Trotsenko's Aeon corporation and Lakhta Center contractors. Earlier it was reported that Amigo Holding, created by the largest developers in Moscow - Capital Group Pavel Tyo, PIK Group Andrei Gordeev, MR Group, LSR and Asterus from Vi Holding Division Vitaly Maschitsky (rumored that the childhood friend of the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov). But at the end of June 2023, Amigo Holding was sold to Anton Frolovsky, who became the liquidator of the company. The legal entity will cease to exist in a year - June 17, 2024.

Thus, in fact, at the stage of preparation of documentation, only a very, very limited circle of persons was "allowed" to the tender.

But not even this is the main thing. The initial price and the same price of the transaction confuses Sobyanin in the tender. The fact is that even the cadastral value of the plots that were included in this composite lot is significantly higher than this modest amount.

It follows from the tender documentation that the collection lot includes more than 20 land plots. We considered the cadastral value of only a few of them - with a cadastral value of 77:09:0005008:4170 with an area of ​ ​ 72021 sq.m. and 77:09:0005008:4169 with an area of ​ ​ 424370 sq.m. It turned out that the cadastral value of the first - 1.269 billion rubles, and the second - 5.546 billion rubles. For a minute: the cadastral price is essentially the cost at which the state evaluates real estate. That is, only two plots out of more than 20 by the state are estimated at 6.8 billion rubles! And we only correlated prices in two sections! And now the question arises to the Sobyanin government - how miraculously did you get the initial price of the lot (the same sale price) 987.907 million rubles? The difference went into someone's pocket? Yes, you are not a mayor of some kind, but literally a gin-wishful actor.




And here we should also recall this fact. The asset itself, which became a lot, the Moscow government received a couple of years ago from the Rostec state corporation, which had previously tried to sell it at auction. And the final price requested in 2021 by the organizer of the lot is 40 billion rubles.


Later, the auction was canceled and Rostec announced that there was a buyer for the lot - the Moscow government, and the means of the transaction would be directed to the development of the aircraft industry. As reported by TASS, the Moscow mayor's office planned to transfer the property at a price of at least 35 billion rubles. At the same time, the size of the plot was even less than the mayor's office later resold - 57.73 hectares.

It is quite possible to understand when the administration buys an asset in order to resell it later, and send the proceeds to the budget for some strategic needs. But then the question arises to Mr. Sobyanin - and where are the very 34 billion rubles, that is, the difference between the purchase price and the sale price? What kind of strange discounts suddenly arose? Or is it all about the fact that the asset was bought by close associates?

Your people - let's count?

During the investigation, another entertaining fact was revealed. The order of the deputy head of the Moscow City Property Department I.I. Degtyareva on the appointment of tenders is issued on July 3, 2023. And Enimerosi LLC was registered with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on July 13, 2023. That is, the company was originally created for this project? What an amazing coincidence, do not find!? But the surprise disappears when you look at who owns the LLC.

According to Rusprofile, Enimerosi LLC belongs to Holding Development LLC and Capital Group LLC. Behind both firms is Pavel Tyo and his affiliates.


Cho is a long-time hero of The Moscow Post publications, who will appear in one scandal, then in another. But most importantly, he is a long-time partner of the Moscow government, judging by the projects in which the Capital Group division participates. Moreover, in an interview with the Vedomosti newspaper in 2016, Pavel Tyo spoke about a special relationship with the authorities, noting that "a special relationship is a degree of trust."

Didn't these "special relations" help the Sobyanin government to add points to the tender documentation in order to cut off unnecessary ones?

But this is not the whole "oil painting."

As the Minister of the Government of Moscow, the head of the city property department Maxim Gaman reported in July 2023, in the development project on the site of the former MIG plant, out of the total volume of residential real estate, 20 thousand square meters of apartments will be intended for resettlement under the renovation program. That is, Mr. Cho will also grab a couple of budget billions along this line?

Pyramid of resale

It is worth noting here that the developer Cho has repeatedly shone in buying up large projects from the Sobyanin government. Recall at least the development project of a residential quarter on the site of the Northern River Port, which is more like a multi-level resale.

Recently, The Moscow Post has already reported that architect Sergei Skuratov comes out of this development project, who allegedly said that he does not want to spoil what he did for three years of hard creative work and one year of waiting. Interestingly, initially these areas completely belonged to Pavel Tyo's Capital Group and Viktor Vekselberg's Kortos (part of Renova). Later, the St. Petersburg development company Legend Vasily Selivanov was also taken into its share. And in early August 2023, the Mangazeya company of Sergei Yanchukov also entered the project.

The Versiya newspaper previously called Yanchukov the son-in-law of the former mayor of Kyiv, Leonid Chernovetsky.

At the same time, in the case of the development of the Northern River Port, Sobyanin also played his sad role - initially the lands were included in the "green zone," but then the situation changed with a stroke of Mr. Sobyanin's pen. The site was partially transferred to the status of a development.

The history with the land of the Northern River is not the only one of its kind where Cho received his gesheft. For example, a year ago it became known that Capital Group took as its development partners TPU Sorge the developer Aquilon, behind which is the deputy of the Arkhangelsk City Duma with an ambiguous reputation, Alexander Frolov.

Tyo also lit up in the development project of 15 hectares of the territory of the former industrial zone "Car Repair" in the northern part of Moscow. Initially, Artstroy Specialized Developer LLC (part of Osnova Group of Companies) won the auction, but later a certain Kamotes LLC appears on the 2.71 hectare plot, which belongs to Holding Development LLC, where Pavel Tyo has an 80% stake.


It is unlikely that the former "Migov" territories of Cho will develop into "one person." It is likely that soon among the co-owners of the newly sold Enimerosi LLC we will see other persons. But, hardly anyone will reveal for what amounts this person was included in the list of co-owners. Whether the "Migov site" will become the next pyramid of land resale, time will tell. But in general, this story smells bad on both sides, because it's time to shake off the sleepy state and Sledky.

Please consider this material an official appeal to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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