Oligarch for "Dulisma"

Behind the capture of "Dulisma" may be structures close to the oligarch Goda Nisanov.


Behind the capture of "Dulisma" may be structures close to the oligarch Goda Nisanov.

The scandal continues around the seizure of the Dulisma enterprise in the Kirensky district of the Irkutsk region. Interim manager Alexander Zolotukhin, who was seen with the "young men" who landed a week ago on the territory of the plant, said that now access to the production site has been blocked and a pipeline is being built there to drain the prepared oil.

The scandal began about a week ago, when the invasion took place. The leadership of the region does not intervene. As the official version of what happened, the restrictions that the owners of the company allegedly introduced for the bankruptcy trustee, as well as tax non-payments, left-wing oil sales schemes and a conflict with Transneft, are called. The same scheme was used to gain control over another asset of the ex-owner of Ugra Bank Alexei Khotin, Kayum Neft.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Irkutsk region managed to find out, the name of the God Nisanov, who was previously engaged in the oil business in Azerbaijan, may be among the interested in this story.

Footage of what is happening in Dulisma. Photo: https://baikal.mk.ru/incident/2023/09/19/khronika-odnogo-zakhvata-chto-zhe-proiskhodit-v-neftyanoy-kompanii-dulisma.html

Rely on PSC

Who exactly captured Dulisma is a secret covered in darkness in the official media. However, according to the authors of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, where it is believed that the security forces are "leaking" information, the CHOPs "Rus" and "Vityaz" allegedly recruited guys for the raid. As Novaya Gazeta wrote, Vityaz protects the objects of the God Nisanov, and it was these guys who very unequivocally helped to gain control over Ilgar Hajiyev's SDI Group several years ago. Hajiyev himself accuses Nisanov of the capture.

As for "Rus," the special forces detachment with this name is also associated with Nisanov. It is alleged that "during the Cherkizovsky showdowns, God Nisanov had a chance to get acquainted with the fighter of the special forces detachment" Rus "Maxim Kotov. The entire security force of Nisanov himself, members of his large family, family ties involved in the control of retail facilities, is currently under the jurisdiction of Kotov. "

Recall that Nisanov at one time belonged to the scandalous Cherkizovsky market, most of this site was controlled by Telman Ismailov, a well-known customer of the murders, who was involved in arms trafficking and the creation of organized criminal groups.

Telman Ismailov. Photo: Sergey Nikolaev/TASS

Nisanov in an interview with Forbes denied that he had a partnership with Ismailov and stated that he "came from Azerbaijan, but not from Krasnaya Sloboda." At the same time, Versiya directly called Nisanov Ismailov's "junior partner," and KO wrote that Nisanov and his partner Zarakh Iliev began their journey precisely "under the wing of the owner of Russia's largest clothing market."

Sharp's the word and quick's the motion

Nisanov is the largest owner of commercial real estate in the capital. And, mainly engaged in the development of retail space. But he also has interests in development - for example, his structure is building the Rossiya Hotel in a landmark place for Muscovites - near Zaryadye Park. Earlier, the late Dmitry Shumkov, a lawyer who enters the highest political circles and was found dead with signs of asphyxia in his own office in the Federation Tower in Moscow City in 2016, was engaged in this project. They talked, Nisanov and then showed interest in the development of the site.

Hotel "Russia." Photo: Andrey Gordeev/Vedomosti

Another billionaire seems to be no stranger to politics. He is familiar with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and, according to our sources, is associated with the head of the LDPR party Leonid Slutsky and may even be a shadow sponsor of the party. In this situation, Slutsky would have to follow all the orders of Nisanov.

And recently, The Moscow Post found out that the assets of the largest paper producer Mondi went to a relative of Nisanov. So, in fact, it is easier to ask which niche of the market it does not yet occupy.

If Mr. Nianov does participate in the redistribution of the oil business, then he chose the right place and time. The total reserves of Dulisma and Kayum Neft (which, according to media reports, was stormed by the same people) are estimated at about 200 million tons. At the same time, a similar situation is predicted at the Surgut assets of Khotin.

Although many attribute to Nisanov unkind fame. According to the authors of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, allegedly because of the "raids" on the God Nisanov, even three high-ranking police officers were dismissed - a speech about the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Southern Administrative District Dmitry Ryabov, the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of CJSC Boris Sheinkin and the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Western Administrative District Anton Romeyko-Gurko. As if they had a raid on a relative of Nisanov, not knowing that he was so close to the entrepreneur, for which they paid.