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01 December 2023

Oleg Vladimirovich is not appreciated: Deripaska demands 86 million from Tuva

A company associated with Oleg Deripaska requires almost 86 million rubles from the budget of Tuva. The cause of the conflict may be the irrepressible appetites of the coal miner, which he would like to invest in the tariff.

Tuva Mining Company, associated with billionaire Oleg Deripaska, demanded 85.7 million rubles from the Ministry of Finance of Tuva, citing some damage. The firm, which is legally owned by an offshore company, which is favored by government contracts, does not seem to have arranged a tariff for solid fuel, and the amount that she thinks is missing, she decided to get out of the budget through the courts. The correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Republic of Tuva understood the situation.

On September 28, the Tuva Arbitration Court plans to consider the claim of Tuva Mining Company LLC (TGRK) against the Ministry of Finance of Tuva to recover losses in the amount of 85,713,084,72 rubles from the treasury of the republic. As a third party, the government of the republic and the regional tariff service were invited.


Photo: https://kad.arbitr.ru


Photo: https://kad.arbitr.ru

The appetite comes with eating

Tuva Mining Company, in addition to being and being a supplier of state contracts (in general - 313 contracts for more than 1.5 billion rubles), is a party to the agreement with the regional government for the supply of coal at a preferential price. In 2022, it was shipped for the population at a price of 2,220 rubles 10 kopecks.

As reported on the company's website, a preferential price for individuals was maintained, free social coal was allocated for the population, shipment to fuel and energy complex enterprises was carried out at a reduced cost on a deferred payment basis. Good Samaritans straight.

Only a few months before this report, the company stated to the complaints of the population about the shortage of coal that the deficit arose due to sharp demand, and it was associated "with an unprecedented low selling price of coal."

But despite this, TGRK in 2022 also signed an agreement with the republican government on a reduced price of coal for fuel and energy complex enterprises and budgetary organizations, with the exception of the Kyzyl CHPP, at 2,985,6 rubles per ton.

That is, the TGRK signs agreements, collects government contracts almost with a shovel, but at the same time expresses its "fi" tariff? And now it also demands compensation for some damage. We can say that the so-called benefits will then still be covered from the budget, the share of funds of which is collected from the same population. In light of this, in our opinion, all these kind of preferential projects smack of cheap populism. Moreover, if you look at the financial results of TGRK, whose revenue in 2022 increased by 70%, to 2.6 billion rubles with an increase in the company's value by 28%, to 917 million rubles.

Especially such attacks look surprising against the background of the fact that in the final chain of TGRK beneficiaries the surname No. 54 flashes in the Forbes list - Oleg Deripaska, whose fortune is estimated at $2500 billion.

By the way, the other day the same Deripaska in his telegram channel expressed dissatisfaction with some "right-wing guards" (from the quote) who do not appreciate the return of the capital of the "Russian" from abroad, saying that, they say, they "continue to nightmare the business, continue to run over business people, the remaining foreign investors and their assets." Let's guess, you are worried about yourself, Oleg Vladimirovich?

Deripaska himself in 2015-2017 at Rusprofile, by the way, was listed as the head of the representative office of an offshore company registered in the Netherlands - RUSAL GLOBAL MANAGEMENT B.V., therefore such statements are rather strange from a person who chose workarounds for capital. That is, we do not disdain to take money from the state, and then offshore "fat" and so that no one dares to ask questions, so it turns out?

Offshore cycle

TGRK, judging by the data of the site, is part of the Vostsibugl division, and it is part of the En + group. According to Rusprofile, TGRK still belongs to the offshore Vukelic Limited.

Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru

Although on June 30, 2023, the President of the Russian Federation issued an order "On a special decision to make transactions (operations) with VUKELIC LIMITED shares and shares in the authorized capital of Tuva Mining Company limited liability company, which, in light of the liquidation of the offshore, were allowed to redistribute shares in TGRK: the purchase of one share of Vukelich Limited from EN + Coal Limited by the international company En + Holding, registered in the Russian offshore Kaliningrad, as well as the receipt of 55.3% of Irkutskenergo in the authorized capital of TGRK. Another 19.5% of TGRK shares will be received by Baikalinvestenergo.

Photo: http://publication.pravo.gov.ru

At the same time, Irkutskenergo is the same division of Deripaska's En + Group, which successfully took over the former Soviet enterprise.

Photo: https://enplusgroup.com

By the way, it is quite entertaining to listen to such passages about the return of capital from Deripaska, whose En +, after falling under US sanctions, asked the Russian government to save Rusal's aluminum business for benefits in the energy market. Then, in response to this, State Duma deputy from the Irkutsk region Mikhail Shchapov proposed transferring part of Irkutskenergo's shares to the ownership of the region, noting that if the government agrees to support Deripaska's business, energy tariffs for the region's population will grow significantly.

As the Kommersant newspaper reported then, some of the ideas of En + directly assumed an increase in electricity and heat tariffs for the population of the Irkutsk region, where the group's main energy assets are located. According to the newspaper, the group asked to reduce cross-subsidies in the energy sector by increasing network transmission tariffs, transfer part of cross-subsidies to all consumers of the Federal Grid Company and increase transmission tariffs for other consumers. Well, how can you not recall the statements of the TGRK with its statements about the too low price and the claim for allegedly multimillion-dollar damage?

By the way, literally in 2021, the OFAS of Tuva already issued a curious order, which the TGRK could not challenge in court.

It was about the dominant position of the company, as well as in the case file it was noted that "the price of coal set by the applicant corresponds to the signs of a monopoly high price, while the monopoly high price is determined by the criterion of its inconsistency with the amount of expenses necessary for the production and sale of such goods." The dashing wonders of mathematics from billionaires!

Although after Deripaska slipped immediately by 954 points in the Forbes world ranking, it is not surprising. Do you need to correct things at the expense of someone?

Photo: https://kad.arbitr.ru/

The Moscow Post told readers more than once about the lover with a smart look to speculate about the good of the country Deripaska. In what ambiguous stories this Mr. The Tuva legal dispute, in our opinion, has become only another similar story in a piggy bank that does not paint the division. But why should the appetites of the oligarchs pay for the population, so already taxed with various kinds of investments at the very top?

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