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03 March 2024

Not a single super-profit, or 1000 and 1 way of earning money from Demchenko

Deputy Ivan Demchenko, whose family owns an entire metallurgical empire, "clips" super-profits, but does not lose the opportunity to make money on the troubles of others?

Not so long ago, the Association of Electrometallurgical Enterprises (AEMP) sent a letter to Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov with a request to reduce for these enterprises a one-time fee from excess business profits in the amount of the excise tax on liquid steel paid by them in 2022.

Among the dissatisfied, presumably, is Ivan Demchenko, a notorious businessman from the 90s, whose son is the nominal owner of the Novosti-M holding, one of the largest metallurgical enterprises in Russia and a member of the above Association.

Details in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Krasnodar Territory.

"Metal is being forged here..."

The entry into force of the law on one-time collection from excess profits is provided for from January 1, 2024. The emergency tax rate is proposed to be set at 10% of the excess profit for 2021-2022. over the indicators of 2018-2019. When paying windfall tax in advance from October 1 to November 30, 2023, the rate will be reduced to 5%. Moreover, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov emphasized that there will be no point exceptions for individual companies.

"Double taxation of super profits significantly increases the burden on companies and creates significant risks for the industry as a whole," AEMP warns in its letter. Although, if you are clear, while this "warning" looks like cautious blackmail: you will begin to encroach on our super-profits - get problems with domestic metallurgy.

We are metalworkers, the people are muscular...

There are suspicions that such "blackmail," like other dubious methods of combating the old habit of other owners of the metal business. Everyone is told, for example, about one of the most influential members of AEMP - the Novosti-M holding owned by family members of State Duma deputy Ivan Demchenko. The latter was elected to the Russian parliament from the Krasnodar Territory and to this day is considered one of the most respected and respected politicians in the Kuban. For those, of course, who are not familiar with the reputation of a businessman and a deputy as a typical "businessman" from the 90s, with all the accompanying signs of that cheerful era. For them, he is also "authoritative," but in a slightly different sense.

According to the authors of the Russian Reporter website, allegedly even then the full namesake Demchenko came to the attention of law enforcement agencies on charges of murdering the famous businessman Mikhail Savchenko. However, it was not possible to bring specific charges and Demchenko was left clean before the law.

Subsequently, Ivan Demchenko became a successful businessman, whose company Novorossiysmetal became one of the largest exporters of scrap metal in the South of Russia.

According to rumors, a long-standing acquaintance with the head of the department of state revenues, taxes and consumer goods of the Krasnodar Regional Executive Committee Ivan Peronnko, who later became the head of the regional tax service and the Minister of Finance of the Krasnodar Territory, also helped him. Good relations, he also developed with Alexander Tkachev, Governor of the Krasnodar Territory from 2000 to 2015: in any case, back in 2014, he praised the businessman in every possible way for "creating production that has never been in the Kuban."

"Steel King" managed to acquire influential patrons at the federal level: as The Moscow Post once wrote in the article "Krasnodar Watching" Speaker Volodin? "Demchenko may have long-standing contacts with the Speaker of the State Duma. In particular, our publication then assumed that Balakovo Airport would reconstruct the Abinsk Electrometallurgical Plant (AEMZ), to which Severstal - Balakovo Long-Range Plant was sold last spring, which was later renamed Metallichsekiy Zavod Balakovo JSC. (Ministry of Health Balakovo). It is well known that the Saratov region, where the Balakovo airport and MZ Balakovo are located, is the patrimony of Vyacheslav Volodin. According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, the asset could be acquired for Vyacheslav Volodin by State Duma deputy Ivan Demchenko.

Demchenko is also close enough with the speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory Yuri Burlachko: both politicians regularly visit the resort city of Anapa together, from which both were elected to their legislative bodies.

By the way, it was in Anapa that local residents issued open letters to the President of the Russian Federation complaining about the closure of two city markets - "On the Fortress" and "Vostochny," where more than 800 entrepreneurs work. According to the authors of the Anapa.Tudei website, it is allegedly Demchenko who is interested in acquiring the land on which the markets are located for some of his needs.

In addition to extensive business, presumably Demchenko also has considerable housing holdings. According to the authors of the site "Russian Reporter 2.0," allegedly Demchenko owns a plot of 11 hectares in the Slobodka farm of the Slavyansky district. The house is located right on the banks of the Protoka River. This violates the sixth article of the water code, as it makes it impossible to pass to the shore of citizens who have the right to use the coastal strip.

Father for son is not responsible?

The main, but not the only asset of Demchenko is Novosti-M LLC. However, it is not entirely clear who the real owner is there. As you know, deputies in Russia cannot directly own and manage business. If we look at Novosti-M there, Demchenko Ivan Ivanovich with a 100% stake is listed among the founding owners.

But there is evidence in the public domain that in February 2021, Ivan Ivanovich Demchenko resigned from the founders.


Rumour has it that he rewrote all his shares to his son. As the media reported by his thirty years, Ivan Ivanovich Demchenko is the head of two and co-owner of six legal entities, including Novosti-M LLC. This enterprise owns 80% of the Abinsk Electrometallurgical Plant, "and the son of the people's choice in 2020 served as the first deputy general director of this plant. Ivan Demchenko Sr., presumably, with a departure from businessman affairs, had to thoroughly immerse himself in political activity.

True, just here, no special activity was noticed: the publication "Living Kuban" reported that according to the results of a study by the Center for Political Conjuncture (CPC), which studied how the State Duma worked in November-December 2020, it turned out that a member of the State Duma Committee on Control and Regulations Ivan Demchenko missed a total of 68.3% of votes and did not appear at 71.4% of meetings.

But in companies, the founder of which is or was Ivan Demchenko, on the contrary, there is a noticeable such revival. The total estimated value of the shares at his disposal from 2021 to 2022 increased, - although, probably, it is better to say, it took off - from 1.1 to 9.7 billion rubles. That is, things are going well - and this person joins those who complain about the super profit tax?


The Federal Antimonopoly Service has already had claims against both Novosti-M and other metallurgical companies: Vladimir Lisin's NLMK group and the Tulachermet-steel Zubitsky family and PMH Management Company (PMH). The FAS then reported on a possible price conspiracy, due to which prices for construction fittings could rise. It should not be ruled out that other departments will have questions for the businessman. However, he is clearly not worried about this - all that worries him is his superprofits. How does the people say in this case - nothing will crack?

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