Moldovan scheme "Technostroya"

Did the interests of the "authoritative" Vladimir Golubev and the official of Uprdor Yuri Knyazev converge on Novgorod roads?


Did the interests of the "authoritative" Vladimir Golubev and the official of Uprdor Yuri Knyazev converge on Novgorod roads?

Uprdor "Russia" chose a contractor for the overhaul of the section of the M-10 highway at the entrances in Veliky Novgorod. It was the St. Petersburg company Technostroy, owned by Yuri Ignatiev and Elena Moldavskaya.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Novgorod region managed to find out, the contractor could not be chosen for reasons of the quality of construction. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

A chip off the old block

"Technostroy" on the market for a long time. During its existence, since 2010, it entered into state contracts first for 32 billion rubles, then it was liquidated and "reborn" into a company with the same name, where since 2016 it has already mastered 110 billion through public procurement - mainly from regional branches of Uprdor.


By the way, in November 2017, the now liquidated Technostra, at the suit of the prosecutor of the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg, was fined 40 thousand rubles for a violation under Part 4 of Art. 14.13 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation ("Illegal actions in bankruptcy").

"Technostroy" is a very famous contra - unfortunately, not by high-quality roads, but by numerous scandals. Several years ago, a criminal case was opened against Mr. Ignatiev due to the fact that Technostroy was building an asphalt concrete plant on agricultural land, removing a giant layer of fertile soil, which caused damage in the amount of 21 million rubles.

As a result, Ignatiev, it seems, managed to "calm down" who needed to, and the case was dismissed, and the entrepreneur got off with a "slight fright" in the amount of 100 thousand rubles of a fine. At the same time, 22 million rubles of damage were recovered from the owner of the land on which the plant was built. Yes, by the way, despite the fine and the order of Rosportebnadzor, the plant continued its work. The gesture of breeding hands and shrugging to this situation fits as well as possible.

Moldovan not far left her partner - back in 2019, she became a defendant in a court case on manipulations with the property of the Vector company, where the woman was the general director. The fact is that on the eve of bankruptcy, the company sold several dozen plots and other property belonging to it to the side, thereby almost depriving creditors of the opportunity to recover anything from society. Moldovan was brought to justice. The decision on this case can be viewed here.


"Vector" was attracted to bankruptcy proceedings due to tax violations.


And so, these gentlemen met in the "Tech Building," and here, as they say, "trampled." TIN Ignatiev and Moldavskaya - from the Republic of Karelia. Apparently, they met there, and founded their new successful business in the Northern Capital - away from the scandalous past.

But you can't run away from yourself. In 2017, Technostroy was suspected of a cartel conspiracy - together with the companies DK Avtodor and SU No. 908.

Affiliation is not difficult to find. According to Rusprofile, the owner of SU No. 908 Vladimir Nazheev is the general director of PTO LLC, owned by Ignatiev. Nazhneev also owns Avtodor.


In the case of cartels, it was about the construction of several highways, among which was Kola. As it turned out, it was repaired by at least one more company associated with the Moldavian - SK Petrostroy. No one even made competition at the auction.


That is, all this looks like the companies of Moldavian and Ignatiev, as well as all related and affiliated - "fed" contractors of Uprdor institutions. According to rumors, officials receive good "kickbacks" from such companies for patronage. Only here the FAS, apparently, cannot boast of the same.

At the same time, even the state bank gives the company money - we are talking about Sberbank. It was he who for some time pledged the shares of Moldavian and Ignatiev in the "newly formed" Technostroy. I wonder how it happened that a company "bathing" in government contracts needed bank money?

Many of the companies that we listed above, in particular Petrostroy and PTO, have been liquidated. This situation is with other firms registered with Moldavian and/or Ignatiev. Moreover, many of them made good money on public procurement. But subsequently they were simply liquidated or bankrupt. Moreover, in most cases, data on the financial condition of companies have not been preserved.

There is a suspicion that companies were simply used to withdraw funds received by them or other Moldavian/Ignatiev firms on contracts with government agencies.

Now about the quality of the work of "Tech Building" - it cannot be said that it is nowhere worse. Nevertheless, some state customers also have claims against the company. So, on February 17, 2021, the court satisfied the claim of the "Administration of Roads of the Republic of Karelia" and recovered from the contractor "losses associated with improper fulfillment of obligations under the state contract of 24.04.2018 No. 322-e/18."

Murmanskavtodor sued the company due to improper execution of the contract. Overall, Technostroy has been a defendant in more than two hundred lawsuits since 2016! Not to mention her predecessor.

What business without a "roof"?

The head of Uprdor "Russia" Yuri Knyazev literally recently took office - and already "joined the topic"? Earlier, he headed the Administration of the Kursk region, was the deputy governor under Roman Starovoit, in whose biography, by the way, there is a management of Rosavtodor.

According to rumors, Knyazev is almost a relative or in any case a fellow countryman of businessman Vladimir Golubev, who is known in certain circles as "Barmalea." The latter, by the way, has interests in the road business, which The Moscow Post spoke about in detail.

Moreover, Andrei Kostyuk, who is still the deputy head of Rosavtodor, had common interests with the business structures of Vladimir Golubev. Was this the reason for Knyazev's appointment to such a "tasty" position?

All Uprdors, in turn, are controlled by the Russian Ministry of Transport. Since 2020, the organization has been headed by Vitaly Savelyev. His predecessor in this post were Maxim Sokolov (Avtovaz), Evgeny Dietrich and Boris Novoseltsev.

Is it any wonder that state contracts are given to structures that anyone interested would hardly have allowed even before the competition? The hand washes the hand - the principle passed down by generations.