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09 December 2023

MiG for purchase: will the plant become part of the "fair" of Cho and Sobyanin?

The next plant, bought cheaply by Pavel Tyo from the Moscow City Hall, may become the subject of bidding between metropolitan developers.

The territory of 60 hectares of the former MiG plant was transferred to the structure of Capital Group and personally its owner Pavel Tyo at a price more than 35 times lower than the one at which the Moscow City Hall acquired them. This is not the first time that such manipulations are carried out at the level of the mayor's office and the developer. After following such deals, The Moscow Post concludes that MiGa squares may soon become participants in the so-called "big sale."

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

A week ago, a certain company "Enimerosi" became the winner of the auction for the right to reorganize 63.5 hectares on the Leningradskoye highway. The company owns 99% of Holding Development LLC, 80% of which is owned by Pavel Tyo and another 20% by his partners, and 1% by Capital Group.

As it turned out, requirements were made to the tender participants that very seriously limited the range of possible interested parties, and the points there were extremely strange for this particular case - for example, that a private trader in an auction could be a legal entity that had experience in building technically complex and unique objects more than 350 meters high.

So, most likely, Cho's company was not chosen by chance. Moreover, its plot went for an amount close to a billion rubles, while the Moscow Government previously bought it from Rostec for 35 billion rubles. The difference from budget rubles went into the pocket of interested parties to the transaction?

Car repair cases

Earlier, Capital Group received from the Moscow mayor's office the Wagonremont industrial zones - three hectares cost the structure 9.5 million rubles. A little later, another 15 hectares of this zone were acquired by the specialized developer Artstroy, which is part of Osnova Group of Companies, giving 538.3 million rubles for everything. That is, in terms of - 1 hectare cost Artstroy about 35 million rubles - more than three times more expensive than Mr. Cho. The real cost of a hectare of territory is estimated, according to the cadastral map, at about 100 million rubles. It turns out that in both cases, the mayor's office underestimated the cost of the plot when selling, but Cho generally handed it over for a penny.

Osnova Group of Companies is the brainchild of Alexander Ruchyov, extremely rich in scandals. The site purchased by Artstroy was claimed, among other things, by the company SZ Kuskovo Park, owned in equal shares by companies whose ultimate beneficiaries are Andrei Golik and Pyotr Shatrov. Shatrov is a long-time "friend of the mayor's office," though rather near Moscow. Earlier, Shatrov's partner in another company, Glavpromstroy LLC, was Sergei Pakhomov, the former head of the Ministry of Construction of the Moscow Region. But they were pushed away from the competition - apparently, Cho said the word for Ruchev? True, it is unlikely that the reason for such selectivity could be the "cloudless" reputation of the developer - rather his money.

Industrial zone "Carriage Repair." Photo: Alex Dronin/http://wikimapia.org

There is enough space for everyone

In general, looking at how Moscow real estate comes true from the hands of Tyo, there is a suspicion that he has embarked on the path of a certain "reseller" from Sobyanin, and puts those who are ready to pay more into projects.

For example, Viktor Vekselberg, who, together with Tyo, is implementing a project to develop the territory of the Northern River Port in Moscow. How much for this "unfastened" the mayor's office is not disclosed. Apparently, not a lot... Moreover, the land was given to the developers, despite the discontent of the residents and even the fact that, according to the documents, it was the so-called "green" territory, partially planted with vegetation.

Mr. Sobyanin simply signed an order according to which a piece of the "green zone" was simply cut. But there is more to come. Tö and Vekselberg were not the only developers on the property. Shortly after the latter entered the project, Vasily Selivanov's Legend received a share there. Interestingly, judging by its financial indicators, the company cannot boast of a stable market position, which gives just for thought on its possible future as an "outgrowth" of the same Capital Group, and by no means an independent unit.

In addition to Legend, Mangazey by Sergei Yanchukov also showed interest in the project - also a very interesting office, the main profile of which is gold mining. Yanchukov himself is the son-in-law of the former mayor of Kyiv Leonid Chernovetsky, who almost went to prison in 2009 due to wage arrears to the employees of his brainchild and a defendant in the lawsuit from Maxim of Finland, who filed a "business seizure using threats, blackmail and criminal prosecution."

In Moscow, Yanchukov may have another ambiguous partner - Denis Bass. Also a former resident of Ukraine and close to Chernovetsky. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about him and the connections of two entrepreneurs.

North River Station. Photo: https://severny-rechnoy-vokzal.ru

How the Benefit Cools

And we will return to the project of the Northern River Port. Recently, the architect, who for three years developed the concept of building this site, Sergey Skuratov, stopped working with customers with the words "we do not want to spoil what we did for three years of hard creative work and one year of waiting."

According to Skuratov, the new owners of the site, including Mangazey, in fact, reduced the cost, cut, simplified the project and increased the number of storeys. Simply put - they made a "human" out of the flagship. No wonder: all the money, apparently, went to the "salary" of Cho and Sobyanin, apparently diligently pushing the territory under specific persons.

Capital Group has entered another project - they are converting TPU Sorge into a multifunctional residential complex - developer Aquilon. This plot of 5.8 hectares, the Cho structure received for a miserable 383 million rubles. While the plots here, according to cadastral data, cost about half a billion for one (!) Ha. Did Cho save about 2.5 billion rubles again?

Returning to the territories of MiGa - PIK, MR Group, LSR and Asterus (part of Vitaly Maschitsky's Vi Holding) may be interested in entering the project. At least, it was these companies that, according to media reports, showed interest in him. Vedomosti even wrote that the current Amigo Holding liquidation procedure, where 40% belonged to Capital Group, and the remaining shares to the above-mentioned companies, was created specifically for this project.

Then the territory still belonged to Rostec, but, apparently, they decided to make the deal not directly, but through the Moscow mayor's office - with all the ensuing benefits for individuals and budget spending. Therefore, Amigo Holding has lost its relevance. But the participants in the "big sale" have not gone anywhere. It seems that now prices for participation in the project are being agreed with Mr. Tyo.

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