Litvak in Taman bottling

The Belgian subject Michel Litvak continues to master Taman Peninsula of the Russian Federation.


The Belgian subject Michel Litvak continues to master Taman Peninsula of the Russian Federation.

Something was become constant visitor to Russia, by misters "Belgians": The Moscow Post made many journalistic investigations about exotic business, as well as work in state structures of "Belgian" Victor Olersky who managed to make the way even in a chair of the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation. However, for this purpose allegedly it was necessary to hand over the burgundy Belgian passport.

After Olersky in Russia behind "long" ruble there arrived one more Belgian citizen - Michel Litvak who decided to capture a lot of things from what conditionally badly lies … As a result together with the offshore companies "OTEKO" and "Kapitalinvest" set in on Taman Peninsula. And it is good "cuts coupons" with assistance of the powers that be.

And meanwhile, as concerned inhabitants of the peninsula write, over Taman the threat hung. Near the settlement the Wave the OTEKO group of companies is going to build 8 chemical plants on production of natural gas - from nitrogen fertilizers to methanol. And then it will be possible to forget about Taman Peninsula as "pearl" on a joint of the Azov and Black seas. But, it seems, it touches Mr. Litvak a little: money doesn't smell! But who so allowed "to clear up" to visiting Belgian "merchant"?

In details the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood Krasnodar Krai.

"Russian world" of the Lithuanian Jew

The OTEKO holding and Mr. Litvak were designated on the Black Sea coast by no means not yesterday. Michel Litvak is the chairman of the board of directors of OTEKO Group, the diversified holding company operating in the transport market of Russia.

OTEKO Group became at the time the first company which could offer the market a full range of railway and stevedoring services in the field of transportations of oil and gas and also maintenance of the park of cars.

We will remind something from the curious biography of Mr. Litvak: he was born in Leningrad, in 1951, parents emigrated to Belgium in 1962.

Mr. Litvak returned to Russia already in the Latest the domestic period. In 1991 I created the Russian World company which traded in consumer goods. But in 1993 Mr. Litvak was reoriented. Also I began to buy up tanks for fuel oil transportation.

The transaction made quite good profit, and Michel Litvak understood that from transportations it is possible to earn not less, than from trade in consumer goods.

Then the Russian World company was included into the project in Kazakhstan. Together with the competitor - SFAT joint venture – the Russian World company provided export of 95% of oil which was extracted on the Tengriz field.

In 2001. "The Russian world" acquired from one of divisions of Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation (today JSC "Russian Railways") 40% of railway carrier of "SFAT".

"The Russian world" acquired 70% of shares of the SFAT company.

And, having bought "SFAT", Michel Litvak created the general management company: so there was "OTEKO" (United freight forwarding company).

The Lithuanian Jew in Taman port

By 2005 the company "OTEKO" made the decision on creation of the multi-purpose terminal in the port of Taman, capable to provide cargo operations with export, inward and transit cargoes, including the liquefied hydrocarbons, oil and oil products, bulk cargoes, grain, mineral fertilizers.

Soon "The Russian world "submitted the application to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for financing of two subprojects: construction of Tamansky base of liquefied petroleum gases and Tamansky oil terminal (first stage).

On April 29, 2005 the application was approved by the Board of directors of IFC, the project received the name "Russian World-2". The total amount of the approved financing was 100 million dollars.

The category B was appropriated to the project. This category is appropriated to projects which potential adverse effect on the population or ecologically significant regions isn't accompanied by significant damage.

But this fact caused indignation of representatives of public organizations who sent the open appeal to the address of the Board of directors of IFC. In the address it was said that according to standards of IFC, large oil and gas projects and also projects in the field of construction of ports and harbors the category A has to be appropriated.

In reply the formal reply in which it was reported that "the categorization is carried out correctly" was received from IFC.

The decision on allocation of the credit wasn't influenced even by that circumstance that else at the end of 2004 in actions of CJSC Tamanneftegaz at construction of the oil terminal, gross violations were revealed.

But by 2012 the Tamanneftegaz started the first stage of the oil terminal, and in 2013 began fuel oil transfer. It is necessary to remind that from 2004 (beginning of active construction of the terminal) to January, 2013 JSC Tamanneftegaz was headed by Michel Litvak's father-in-law - Alexander Metkin.

Alexander Metkin. Photo:

In the same year, Mr. Metkin agreed to accept the mandate of a deputy of the State Duma, after Vasily Tolstopyatov resigned as deputy.

In May 2013, the Board of Directors of OJSC Tamanneftegaz decided to appoint Michel Litvak as CEO of the company.

It should be recalled that a protocol of intent was signed between the administration of the Krasnodar Territory and the OTEKO group of companies on the construction of the Industrial Park on the Taman Peninsula.

Industrial Park "OTEKO." Photo:

Holding "OTEKO" as an investor and customer of the project invests 6 billion dollars to the already invested 2 billion dollars.

The Industrial Park will include 6 plants for the processing and production of chemicals, 2 plants for the processing of soybeans and the production of mixed feed, a greenhouse complex, 5 terminal transshipment complexes.

Emergency at the terminal "Tamanneftegaz"

It should be told that with the launch of the Tamanneftegaz terminal, residents of the Volna village began to complain about the appearance of a strong smell of petroleum products, especially when the wind blows from the terminal towards residential buildings.

Company representatives refer to the formal observance of Sanitary Rules and Norms, in particular - in the form of the prescribed sanitary protection zone around the terminal.

Taman Port. Photo:

But much of what was declared at the stage of the investment project and the discussion of the credit conflict remained a declaration.

In particular, there were no technical measures - the same forest plantings at least within the sanitary protection zone to minimize the negative impact on the residential zone and not.

The state of emergency also added fuel to the fire: a serious incident occurred in 2012, when a train with oil products derailed on railway access roads and caught fire.

In 2016, during the loading of petroleum products, half a ton of fuel oil got into the Black Sea. In 2017, a bus with workers fell from the pier under construction into the sea. There were 45 people on the bus, 18 died.

It turns out that the village of Volna did not receive any advantages from the neighborhood with the huge port terminal. Until now, many social problems have not been resolved in the village.

Michelle Litvak makes billions, and the village of Volna is drowned in mud and off-road. Instead of roads - continuous pits and potholes.

How are billions being withdrawn?

So, the holding "OTEKO" implements a comprehensive investment program for the construction of terminal capacities in the port of Taman. The total amount of investment in the development of projects amounted to more than $3.5 billion.

Meanwhile, Taman, where it builds the capacity of Michel Litvak's office, is a seismically active region. But there are no intelligible answers to all the appeals of local residents, only replies come.

The result of coal transshipment is coal dust tens of kilometers around. However, the problems are not limited to this: after all, port capacities and infrastructure are built on agricultural lands!

Michelle Litvak. Photo:

The finances and structure of the companies included in the OTEKO holding are very confusing. The real beneficiaries are hidden behind Panamanian and Cypriot offshore companies, as well as anonymous registers of owners.

For example, here is information from the registers about OTEKO JSC, the holding's parent company: the founder is a private joint-stock company from the Netherlands. Who the owner of this society is unknown, since the data is classified in a private register.

And the same with the companies, the founder of which is OTEKO JSC.

All of them have different organizational and legal forms, but the founder is OTEKO JSC, and its founders are hidden in the Netherlands.

And those, in turn, are in Cyprus.

But the capital of the parent company of the holding, turning tens of billions, is 100 thousand rubles. The indicators of the companies included in the holding are no less strange.

OTEKO-MAK LLC. For 2022, the company's loss amounted to 185811 thousand rubles. OTEKO-DIGITAL LLC for the 2022 year the company's loss amounted to 13513 thousand rubles.

As for finance, on the one hand, OTEKO Group of Companies declares that it is an investor and invests its money in the construction of ports and port infrastructure. But, on the other hand, the holding allocated 40 billion rubles for the construction of the port. Earlier, the Ministry of Energy asked the government for 10 billion for OTEKO holding. This was reported by "Sea News."

Michelle Litvak is not listed anywhere in the registers as the owner of the OTEKO group.

And his office also has public procurement for good amounts.


All this suggests that Litvak has high patrons.

They say that this may be Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko, as well as the already mentioned former State Duma deputy Alexander Metkin.

And they also call the influential businessman Vitaly Yuzhilin, who at one time was involved in the scandal with Iraqi oil.

Vitaly Yuzhilin. Photo: ttp://

After all, there are still people who prepared a decree on citizenship for Litvak, and people who provide him with cover from the tax authorities. How can Litvak interest them?

Apparently money? And here we need to remember the closed registers and offshore companies in the founders of companies.

Could it be that Litvak's empire is aimed at withdrawing money from Russia? Billions are allocated for the construction of the port, which is why the most favorable regime is included for OTECO companies. But not all the infrastructure in the port of Taman was built with Litvak's money. After all, 40 billion rubles were spent annually on the arrangement of the harbor.

After all, he actually built a terminal in Taman at state expense, taking a loan from VTB: the financial institution opened a credit line in 2018, the project cost is $2 billion. And the total amount of planned investments in the port and industrial park is $8 billion.

And how can you not remember the scandalous story with FC Kuban: in 2016, Michel Litvak became an investor in the team, he lost 75% of the shares. This was reported by "Kuban 24."

And two years later, the Kuban club was declared bankrupt.

The creditor wanted to recover 1.5 billion rubles, and the leaders of FC Kuban were suspected of fraud with damage of 40 million rubles. But, as you know, especially smart businessmen withdraw millions through sports assets...

Such an entrepreneur from Belgium, however, already with a Russian passport, easily multiplies his fortune on the Taman Peninsula.