Klyachin and Kozhemyako will meet in "Aquaparadaiz"

15 hotel billions on Russky Island will be "shared" by Primorye Governor Oleg Kozhemyako and a developer who received the nickname "raider" Alexander Klyachin from spiteful critics?


15 hotel billions on Russky Island will be "shared" by Primorye Governor Oleg Kozhemyako and a developer who received the nickname "raider" Alexander Klyachin from spiteful critics?

The management of the future hotel with 300 rooms as part of the Aquaparadise complex on Russky Island in Vladivostok can be done by the Zont Hotel Group. Previously, it was the patrimony of the French Accor Hotels, but due to the departure of foreign companies from the Russian market, the strategy had to be revised.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Primorsky Territory managed to find out, the deal may cover the interests of the ambiguous developer Alexander Klyachin and the governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.


Initially, the amount that was planned to be invested in the project was called at the level of 5-7 billion rubles. Now, according to Zont Hotel Group, a figure of 15 billion rubles has already appeared. At the same time, it will be financed, apparently, by the state. After all, the developer of the object is Eastern Aqua Paradise LLC, 25% owned by the state corporation Tourism.RF.

Another part of the company of the former head of Delovaya Rossiya in the Primorsky Territory Dmitry Boyarko and the majority share in the hands of Boyarov Vyacheslav Alexandrovich is also the name of the former Minister of Construction and Architecture of the Amur Region. In 2013, he resigned of his own free will and since then nothing has been heard about him.

The Boyarov, who is the owner of the future hotel, has part of his business in the Amur Region, but is now focused on development in the Primorsky Territory. By the way, during the period when Boyarov-ex-official worked in the Amur Region, the current governor of Primorye, Oleg Kozhemyako, headed the regional government. Did he put his "faithful squire" in charge of his share in the project?

The governor, in this case, dispersed - a good half (Boyarov owns 50.62% in Eastern Aqua Paradise) in his pocket?

But Kozhemyako has long been called the "governor-businessman" by the eyes. Through his son Nikita Kozhemyako, he can own an entire "crab empire," which almost year after year gets quotas for catching sea creatures played by the regional government.

"The Process" by Klyachin

As for the Zont Hotel Group, this structure manages a whole network of hotels - it has them in the most profitable places where it is expensive to "shit" with visitors. In order to spend the night at Domodedovo airport, for example, travelers are forced to pay about 4 thousand rubles at least. Or drive along Moscow traffic jams towards another object that is not close.

The company was founded in 2011 by immigrants from the Klyachinskaya Azimut Hotels Group - Nikolai Filatov and Alexander Gendelsman.

Filatov was financial and Gendelsman was CEO at Azimuth. These are people with whom Alexander Klyachin contacted especially closely, because there is reason to believe that he can still maintain ties. Otherwise, they would hardly have been allowed to create something like a mini-monopoly at the airports of the capital. In addition, the structures of businessmen in different regions are in good standing with local officials, because they receive good government contracts.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

An experienced hotelier

Klyachin himself is a very remarkable person who has been on the market since the 90s. He is credited with not entirely legitimate business practices. Simply put - raider seizures. For example, according to Top Secret, at the beginning of the tenths he, together with the founder of the PIK construction corporation, Sergei Gordeev, gained control over the asset of Vyacheslav Rudnikov: allegedly, for this, he conspired with the businessman's cousin Vasily Vasin, entered the business, "squeezed" the former owner out of it, and then allegedly withdrew the assets of the office.

And a few years ago, Klyachin tried to prove that IKEA in Khimki illegally received land from the state. Representatives of the company then claimed that this was a raider seizure. There have been other similar cases.

By the way, at the beginning of this year, the owners of IKEA announced that they were going to sell all real estate in Russia. Who does not yet know, but this may seriously interest Klyachin. Why sin - and Gordeeva. Those who know the reputation of both, as well as their legal conflict over rent, have well-founded suspicions that a "big redistribution" is coming.

Although Klyachin has no problems with what, with what, and with the areas for the construction of new "money bags." Just a couple of months ago, KR Properties of the merchant agreed on the development of the territories of the former Rassvet plant in the center of Moscow. Klyachin also got this plot in a strange way. It is possible that Rostec helped Sergei Chemezov in this - The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this. Apparently, a new apart-hotel will soon appear on the site of the former strategic enterprise.

Klyachin probably "feeds" everyone with whom you can conclude a profitable agreement. Allegedly, on pure raiding, the businessman who built his empire bought out the Russian Railways sanatorium "at a minimum" in 2020, although someone, and Klyachin, could pay the full price.

By the way, despite sky-high prices, Klyachin hotels can only boast of how filigree they bypass the required standards for the operation of structures, which became known in 2018 after the death of two people who fell from the so-called terrace. Then two wedding guests instantly lost their feet, leaning against the fallen and broken glass-fence. The examination subsequently showed that the design of the fence, including the fastening elements of the plexiglass screens, does not meet the requirements of the regulatory acts of the Russian Federation. In such an assembly, it could only be used as a design element, but by no means as a fence.

This is how Klyachin's expensive "boxes" look like. Photo: https://azimuthotels.com/ru

Five steps forward

According to Vedomosti sources, in May of this year, the court decided to foreclose the shares of Azimut Hotels - the reason: the claim of the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Tkachev against the Rus Oil oil company, the beneficiary of which Klyachin could be during the period when the MET and VAT structures included in the oil company were evaded.

Representatives of Klyachin deny the involvement of the entrepreneur. However, the "evil tongues" have long connected him with the beneficiary of "Rus Oil" Alexei Khotin, against whom a criminal case has been initiated on a particularly large embezzlement in the bank "Ugra."

So, if Klyachin is recognized as the beneficiary of Rus Oil, who knows what else can "surface." In the meantime, there is an investigation, through the former managers of "Azimuth" he could have a laugh at another major asset - on Russky Island. Apparently, Klyachin, a man is not stupid and looks five steps forward: even if they take the Azimut, the Zont Hotel Group will not get to the bottom of it.

It seems that, among other things, he even sold part of his network, and may also bankrupt his own companies.

Yes, Oleg Nikolaevich Kozhemyako could choose a reliable partner for himself...