Ivanov, Rudenya and the estate for 2 billion: raked in full?

Why should Timur Ivanov thank the Tver governor?


Why should Timur Ivanov thank the Tver governor?

Allegations are circulating on the Web that an allegedly luxurious estate in the Tver region, owned by former Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov, could have been built with the assistance of people from the entourage of the region's governor Igor Rudeni.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Tver region.

Former Deputy Minister Timur Ivanov and his alleged bribe-giver, general director of Volzhsky Bereg, Sergei Borodin, have been in jail since April 2024. According to the investigation, Ivanov and his confidant Borodin received a bribe totaling 1.185 billion rubles from Alexander Fomin, co-owner of Olimpsitistroy, as well as from some "unidentified representatives" of this organization and Oboronspetsstroy LLC.

The siloviki believe that in exchange for profitable orders from the Ministry of Defense, Olimpsitistroy Fomina and other companies controlled by him built and restored real estate objects belonging to Timur Ivanov free of charge. Among them is a modern estate with an area of ​ ​ 2.9 thousand square meters. meters of the Tver region in question.

This is not just a manor, but a whole estate on an area of ​ ​ 8 hectares, surrounded by centuries-old forests - with a park, a fountain, a master's house, light galleries on the sides and a lot of amenities. Outwardly, the estate resembles the famous Znamenskoye-Raek estate, and in the future it could even become a subject of cultural heritage. Only now Ivanov is unlikely to ever appear in it.

Ivanov, Rudenya and the estate for 2 billion: raked in full?

The same estate in the Tver region. Photo: https://www.woman.ru/real-life/kak-vyglyadit-dvoryanskaya-usadba-generala-ivanova-zal-dlya-antikvariata-fontan-kak-v-carskom-sele-i-vid-na-volgu-id5639385/

Now the estate has been arrested, like many other real estate objects owned by the Ivanov family, and presumably of corruption origin.

"Raked out" 180 million

In 2020, the government of the Tver region, headed by Governor Igor Rudenei, was implementing a project to build a multifunctional rowing sports center.

The winner of the auction was the company "Tvergrazhdanstroy." For almost 60 million rubles from the regional budget, she cut down trees, carried out dismantling work, archaeological excavations, strengthened the bank of the Tvertsa River in other words - prepared a site for further construction work.

However, at the second stage of the construction of the center, the Rudeni government decided to abruptly change the contractor. A new tender was announced for 181 million rubles, the winner of which was the Military Industrial Company, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Defense, which was supervised by Timur Ivanov.

Ivanov, Rudenya and the estate for 2 billion: raked in full?

Photo: https://zakupki.gov.ru/epz/order/notice/ok504/view/supplier-results.html?regNumber=0836200001821000044

Surprisingly, apart from the Ministry of Defense, no one showed up for the tender, the purchase was made from a single supplier. Or not at all surprising?

At the same time, in another part of the Tver region, in the village of Pankratovo, the construction of a luxurious estate for Timur Ivanov began, who, as it were, received a luxurious plot of 8 hectares for this undertaking. Surrounded by centuries-old oaks and chic landscapes. And no one noticed anything?

At the same time, they say that the construction of the estate was carried out in a terrible secret, only builders from Tver were allowed to it (i.e. to one degree or another dependent on the regional authorities), and the total cost of the work could be 2 billion rubles.

According to the network, it could be a quid pro quo: allegedly only for the tender for the completion of the rowing center Timur Ivanov and Igor Rudenya, who seem to be on friendly terms, could receive a "kickback" of about 36 million rubles.

And we recall that in the same period PPK "VPK" under the supervision of Ivanov was engaged in the construction of a large multimedia park "Russia - My Story" in Tver, and also received a tender for the construction of a new school in the Yuzhny microdistrict. She was supposed to build a football arena on Sominka.

Regional authorities and local media in every possible way emphasized the advantages of PPK "VPK" - they say, it has huge resources and opportunities. Of course, after all, this is a budget enterprise with colossal injections from the treasury. Apparently, Ivanov simply did not have time and effort for military construction itself.

It is not at all clear where the former Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was looking, didn't he see what his closest ally and subordinate was doing? In addition, there are questions to the general director of PPK "VPK" of those years (2021-2023) Andrei Belkov.

He seemed to be specially "brought" to the head's chair for several large tenders, and then sent to "free bread." The Moor did his job - can the Moor leave?

Ivanov, Rudenya and the estate for 2 billion: raked in full?

Andrey Belkov. Photo: https://vskmo.ru/2022/03/15/andrej-belkov-naznachen-rukovoditelem-voenno-stroitelnoj-kompanii/

Today, it is almost impossible to find any reliable information about the personality of Andrei Belkov and his work - all the data is hidden. This did not prevent the security forces from conducting investigative actions with him after the arrest of Timur Ivanov. But Belkov himself did not become a defendant in the criminal case.

Did Rudenya make the decision?

At the same time, the decision to change the contractor for the construction of the rowing center was to be made by the people of the Tver governor.

Igor Rudenya has been in office since 2016. Evil tongues have repeatedly tried to attribute to him lobbying for business, the presence of many assets and expensive real estate.

Rudenya began his career in the police, then held senior positions at the Federal Contract Corporation Roskhleboprodukt OJSC. Recall that before Rudeni left this organization, a criminal case was opened on the fact of embezzlement of 5 billion rubles. How on time he decided to change jobs!

After that, he only climbed the career ladder, but scandals continued to surround him from all sides. One of the brightest, according to the network, was a criminal situation, allegedly associated with prohibited substances and his son. But if there was a scandal, it was instantly "swept under the carpet."

At the same time, since being elected governor of the Tver region, Igor Rudenya has remained a "Varangian" from Moscow for the locals. And the region itself, it seems, perceived as a "feed base."

Many copies were broken after Rudeni's first gubernatorial cadence. During those five years, there was a lot for which both the residents themselves and the federal authorities could make claims to Rudene.

Recall at least how in 2017, under the leadership of Rudeni, the work on the resettlement of citizens from dilapidated and dilapidated housing was practically inundated. Then the region became the most lagging behind in the country - it had to return to the federal treasury more than 67 million rubles, which were supposed to go to solve this problem.

Even then, there were rumors that Rudenya might not see the end of his cadence. Since then, the social and economic problems of the region have only grown. And the current scandal with Timur Ivanov, if any involvement of Rudeni is proved in his affairs, can finally bury the reputation of the governor.

Ivanov, Rudenya and the estate for 2 billion: raked in full?

Igor Rudenya. Photo: https://nospress.ru/u-tverskogo-gubernatora-nashli-nedvizhimost--na-3-mlrd-rub--i-chasy--kak-u-putina-3962

They are trying to attribute lobbying for the interests of their family in business to him, Ruden. According to PASMI (the publication is recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), as if Igor Rudenya actively helped his sister Svetlana develop the business by seizing and buying up key enterprises of grain and flour milling complexes. Since 2009, it could own one of the largest flour milling enterprises in Russia - OJSC Ramensky Bakery Plant.

In this sense, it is not surprising that real estate of colossal value can be found behind Rudenay, which can cost about 3 billion rubles.

We remind Mr. Rudena that Timur Ivanov, as it turned out, also has a lot of real estate - including the estate in the Tver region led by Ruden. Only now he is unlikely to be able to use it.