Illiquid for Rosneft

At Rosneft, strange things are happening that may interest the competent authorities. Top management of the state corporation nervously "froze" on chairs?


At Rosneft, strange things are happening that may interest the competent authorities. Top management of the state corporation nervously "froze" on chairs?

While dividends are being discussed on the Web, which the largest oil state corporation Rosneft has decided to pay to shareholders, gossip about possible "digging" under the top of the company does not stop on the sidelines.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

What Romanov has touched...

In particular, the name of Alexander Romanov, the vice-president of Rosneft, who is called the "main beneficiary" for his eyes, sounds. It is extremely difficult to find any information about it on the Web (although, perhaps), so there is a feeling that it may be cleaned up by someone.

Romanov at one time was the general director of the Saratov refinery, and according to the publication "Oil and Capital" - from 2012 to 2014 he served as director of the oil and gas processing department of LLC Oil Company Alliance UK.

Now this company is called NNK-Management LLC. Billions of dollars in turnover passed through it, but in 2015 its revenue suddenly fell from 1.6 billion rubles to a miserable 21 million, the profit went into the red. It is worth noting that since its foundation, the only founder of the company is the offshore ALLIANCE OIL COMPANY LTD..

Three more offices are tied to this company, and all of them are not functioning now. That's the question - what were they used for?

According to Rusprofile, Alliance UK managed, among other things, certain Khvoynoye LLC and Kolvinskoye LLC. Firms are registered offshore and have absolutely the same financial indicators - and very good ones - billions of dollars went through the companies. Both were liquidated in October 2013.

A natural question arises - what did they do and why did they suddenly disappear?

Photo: Rusprofile

Behind the offshore VOSTOK OIL/CYPRUS/LIMITED, for which the legal entity is registered, there is a certain Chrysanti Polikarpu. The same lady is included in the list of affiliates of NNC-Amurnefteprodukt together with the former president of Rosneft Eduard Khudainatov, who is considered Sechin's creature.


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Alexander Anatolyevich Romanov headed including LLC RN-Pererabotka. Now the firm is curtailed too.

The abundance of offshores, sudden declines of financial performance, liquidation of firms – all this suggests a bad idea. On open spaces of Network they can find indirect confirmations.

Web of firms

Meanwhile, the Network fills with absolutely enormous and having no credibility rumors about our heroes.

According to authors on the doubtful TAM-TAM platform with the reference according to their statements allegedly available letter on corruption in Rosneft, as if (further – the quote) "the shadow businessman Andrei Oleynik created the scheme of embezzlement of the company, using commercial bribery of the director of commerce of the Samara oil refinery Evgeny Kornet (Kornet is a native including of Saratov Refinery where our heroes – an editor's note worked). Further even more ridiculous information. Allegedly in corruption network the vice president for processing of PJSC Rosneft Romanov Alexander Anatolyevich and the vice president for safety of PJSC Rosneft Latypov the Urals Alfredovich came next. Authors try to attribute to the last, the fact that he could use the whole group of security officers from Bashkiria and federal level for cover of the corruption scheme". End of the quote.

Latypov is the former security officer. Spitpoisons assure, allegedly in the Ministry of Internal Affairs he was engaged not in the absolutely clean affairs connected with capture of a bribe for advance on a career ladder and other "buns" – and in it as though also his chief Vasily Yurchenko could be involved.

But we will return. Further in the publication in Network it is told about how the described scheme could look. Authors claim that Oleynik allegedly creates and registers the companies on figureheads. And these companies as if benefit tenders from Rosneft, and further resell delivery (minus 50-70% of lot price) to real producers and suppliers.

If it is the truth, then the scheme on plunder of public funds in multi-billion scale is available!

The whole list of firms which can participate in the scheme, and sort of even not full is provided in Network:

1. LLC THAT CENTER INN 0274150167

2. LLC VEKTOR INN 0274183370

3. LLC SPETSSTROY INN 0276959980

4. LLC SVETENERGO INN 0276938443


6. LLC BNZ-URAL INN 0278200690


8. LLC REGIONPROM INN 0274914670


10. LLC RUSSTAR INN 0274148432

We saw all these companies and here that found: in the sum according to government contracts through these firms there passed nearly one billion rubles. In four firms, structures of Bashneft act as the main state purchasers that since 2016 is included into structure of Rosneft.

For the sake of interest we opened one of contracts and found out that other companies trying to undertake the order offered the price for the services almost twice less, than PO Center as a result chosen. At the same time, there underwent selection only the most high-price offers. Directs at suspicions, isn't it? Economy of the budget – not for Sechin's people?

Photo: Contour.Procurement

Here it is worth returning to the personality of Andrei Oleinik and mentioning that, according to "," just at the "Center for Maintenance" a summer cottage complex with two helipads is decorated. The territory on which this is all located used to belong to the Dan company, affiliated with the wife of Nail Bagautdinov, a former deputy of Kurultai of Bashkiria, who visited the leadership positions in Bashneft and the regional Transneft. Could Oleinik get in touch with the right people through him?

By the way, one of the above companies also has business with Transneft - Novasystems LLC received contracts from several subsidiaries of the corporation at once.

Pollution or "levak"?

Here it will not be superfluous to recall the protracted dispute between the two giants - Transneft and Rosneft over the pumping of the product through the Druzhba oil pipeline. In September, the companies settled it, although they did not name specific reimbursement figures. And the bottom line was that Rosneft accused Transneft of polluting the product, which made it necessary to compensate for the losses. What if this whole situation was a representation in order to hide the theft of oil?

And did the "Levak," including through the Oleinik structures?

Of the ten companies listed, three are folded. The part includes the surname Oleinik. The rest are issued for persons who mainly have no other business. All this really resembles a "sawing" structure. In addition, the companies "Vector," "Spetsstroy" and "BNZ-Ural" - according to the data of "Rusprofile," never paid taxes, despite the changed financial situation. Here, law enforcement officers would also look for scope for abuse. Unless, of course, Mr. Latypov permits.

Vienna Oleinik, who is the founder of a number of the above-mentioned companies, is also related to the Prostory company. In 2022, it was liquidated, but until 2020 it belonged to the offshore company RUBINDALE MANAGEMENT LIMITED. Perhaps it was in it that Rosneft's money went for some time.

Gratitude for those who deserve

Igor Sechin "metal thunder and lightning" towards the Angarsk Petrochemical Company (ANHK) (as TASS wrote, Sechin accused the leadership of stealing diesel fuel and "dismissed" the head of the structure Igor Pavlov at that time), a rather strange scheme can be implemented right under his nose.

By the way, in 2019, Sechin awarded the Order of Honor to a possible participant in these manipulations, Alexander Romanov. What would that mean?