Gref found Timokhin in "Bison": how businessmen master the money of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The beneficiary of the development company MR Group Roman Timokhin under the eye of German Gref receives state contracts with the Ministry of Internal Affairs?


The beneficiary of the development company MR Group Roman Timokhin under the eye of German Gref receives state contracts with the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

The Moscow Post discovered an interesting contract in the public procurement database - it turns out that last summer the Ministry of Internal Affairs purchased the SAN director's IT tool from Bison for 315 million rubles. Under the terms of the contract, two of them had to be delivered to the department. That is, the price of one is about 157 million rubles.

The SAN director is used as a core for networks, and on average, according to industry sites, it costs about 580 thousand rubles. The price, of course, varies depending on the configuration, but it is poorly believed that even the most pumped version is more expensive than ten million.

It is also interesting that the country of origin of the goods is China and the Czech Republic. Recall that this is a country that is now actively imposing sanctions against Russia and is by no means contributing to its prosperity by supplying weapons to Ukraine.

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But it's not just the West that will "feed" off this deal. The Bison company is no less interesting. The fact that the lucky company received such a tasty contract and where the "surplus" purchases could go was understood by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Gref will look after

Previously, Bison belonged to Sberbank, but recently the company is owned by the eponymous management company, the founder of which is ZPIF GLOBAL MANAGEMENT. ZPIF, in turn, is managed by MR Capital Management Company, designed for three individuals: Alexander Vasilyevich Bondarenko, Olga Nikolaevna Dubrovina and Alexander Anatolyevich Obukhov.

The influence of Sberbank on the company, apparently, has remained. Bondarenko is a former senior vice president of the bank. In 2018, he left the post. We assume that in order to formally abstract ourselves from the affairs of the company, but continue the "shadow" cooperation with Gref. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why the former Sberbank structure was in his hands.

But the most serious control over the Bison was given to other owners, with whom Sberbank, in fact, also works very, very fruitfully.


There is even a hint in the name of the Criminal Code - to whom the strings from other ultimate owners of Bison lead. Ms. Dubrovina, the former general director of L-Holding, worked there at a time when the company belonged to Roman Timokhin, the head of the construction company MR Group, and the brokerage company Veles Trust.

As our publication has already investigated, this structure may be connected with Sberbank and a friend of the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov, Vitaly Maschitsky. Formally, it belongs to Alexei Gnedovsky. He, in turn, may be related to the reconstruction of the Roscirkov premises together with the citizens of Ukraine and may be associated with the former Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky. We talked in more detail about him in the investigation "Do Gref and Chemezov have one" funds "?."

But rather Ms. Dubrovina, after all, Timokhin's man. Since in addition to L-Holding, it is indirectly connected with him by the fact that she was the head of a number of structures managed by Ilya Davydik, Timokhin's business partner at Hatton Development. He is also a managing partner in the MR Group itself.

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Mr. Davydik is the son of the owner of Loko-Bank, Vladimir Davydik. As we told in the investigation of "Loko-" throne of "liquidity," the bank may be emptied by its top managers in favor of third-party projects of its leaders.

Now Dubrovina is the general director of several legal entities related to construction. Apparently, in the interests of Timokhin. Including among them there is LLC "B2-Development," the shares of the founders of which are under the encumbrance of Sberbank. One of the owners of the company is Godovanets Alexei Vladimirovich, the founder of MR Service, together with Maria Vladimirovna Timokhina, apparently, the wife or relative of Roman Timokhin. The second founder is a legal entity registered with Roman Timokhin himself, ZPIF TF under the management of MR Capital and Godovanets.

There is among Dubrovina's assets and the Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation Technologies, which stands out from the construction background, which she owns with a lady named Vilkhovaya Elvira Pavlovna. The name is also called the head of the psychology department of the Botkin Hospital. Timokhin decided to burn under himself and the medical sphere, and construction, and computer?

Patrons at Gazprom and ties with Sobyanin

Everything would be fine, but "MR Group" and Roman Sergeevich himself are involved in so many scandalous stories that it's time to think how all this "machina" still functions. For example, Timokhin hypothetically could organize a whole network of firms through which they can carry out a "redistribution" of the capital's development market under the likely supervision of Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow Deputy Mayor for Housing and Communal Services and Improvement Pyotr Biryukov. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this story.

Timokhin is associated with businessmen Kozeruki - father and son Anatoly and Vadim. Previously, they were in close cooperation with Gazprom's management, and Anatoly Kozeruk was an adviser and trustee of the first deputy general director of Gazprom Invest South CJSC Andrei Goncharenko for more than ten years.

During this work, the company received serious contracts in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and the Tyumen region. And here it is worth remembering that at that time the current mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, served as chairman of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, and then as governor of the Tyumen region. Hence, apparently, the success of both Kozerukov and MR Group has grown.

Now businessmen are engaged in construction. Kozeruk Jr. even served on the board of MR. Group for a time. In 2018-2020, Kozeruk led the contractor GVSU Center. For MR Group, this company built the Eco Vidnoye microdistrict outside the Moscow Ring Road.

Our shooting everyone warmed up

Returning to the shareholders of MR Capital Management Company, I would like to note that Alexander Anatolyevich Obukhov was the head of Borisov Ponds, the founder of which until August 2018 was Mr. Timokhin. Together, by the way, with Ilya Davydik. Now the company, apparently, is being built on the site of the Moscow plant of radio equipment, which Rostec transferred to it in 2020 (at that time the company was called Business Asset LLC).

The LSR company of the St. Petersburg builder Andrei Molchanov also showed interest in the site. Obukhov worked at this company at one time. And, we see, now "ran" to Timokhin. Perhaps he is acting as a negotiator. Timokhin and Co (among which was Obukhov) in 2021 transferred LSR LLC "Onyx." Apparently, they entered into an agreement so that LSR did not claim the plant.

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By the way, in addition to the "Business Asset," the Stroysnab company also participated in the auction. Its CEO Andrei Morozov previously led several companies, the beneficiary of which is the owner of Vi Holding Vitaly Maschitsky. Apparently with Chemezov, Timokhin has not just a hat acquaintance.

The head of MR Capital, which manages Bison, Sergei Revin, previously worked in the structures of the disgraced former co-owner of Rosgosstrakh, Sergei Khachaturov, who was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2020 for embezzlement, fraud and legalization of funds.

German Gref, Roman Timokhin and Co., Sergey Chemezov and Vitaly Maschitsky, Sergey Revin. A whole conglomerate of officials and businessmen with an ambiguous reputation looms around Bison. Recently, the IT Consalt group, a major supplier of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was bought by Rosatom. And immediately the contracts to the company stopped flowing like a river. Who knows, maybe Timokhin's brainchild and others like him are being prepared for the place of an "old friend"?