"Golden" excavator Marat Valiev

The head of the Housing and Utilities Committee of Dimitrovgrad, Marat Valiev, concludes contracts with himself.


The head of the Housing and Utilities Committee of Dimitrovgrad, Marat Valiev, concludes contracts with himself.

As the UtroNews correspondent reports, soon the security forces may have questions to the head of the Housing and Utilities Committee of the Dimitrovgrad administration, Marat Valiev.

We found a municipal contract dated April 25, 2024 for the rental of construction equipment (tracked excavator and silos). Cars were needed to pump water from flooded areas. The contract value is 598 thousand rubles, the contractor is IP Dmitry Mikhailovich Paramonov.

Previously acting Mayor of Dimitrovgrad Dmitry Tsivilev signed a decree on the introduction of a special mode of work in emergency conditions on the territory of Dimitrovgrad due to the flood situation. In such conditions, the conclusion of municipal contracts takes place according to a simplified procedure.

Apparently, this is exactly what Mr. Valiev decided to take advantage of.

Recall that from 2012 to 2019 he worked as deputy director, and then director of the MKU "City Roads" (popularly - "GorDor"). It is this MKU, which is now headed by Valiev's longtime colleague Alexei Pyatov, that acted as the customer under the contract.

What does the current head of the Housing and Utilities Committee, Marat Valiev, have to do with it?

The contact phone number and email address of the performer Paramonov specified in the contract do not belong to Paramonov at all, or at least not to him alone. Namely, that Marat Valiev.

"Golden" excavator Marat Valiev

The document without hidden contact data is available to the Revision. Photo: UtroNews

It turns out that formally having no relation to the MKU "City Roads," Mr. Valiev can lead his work, and as customers slip people who are not his own. Moreover, take advantage of the flood situation, profit from a difficult situation!

IP Paramonov himself registered in this capacity only last year. The contract with MKU is his only municipal contract. What he does and what the institution liked so much is a question. Most likely, Valiev himself is behind him, who could easily rent equipment for its further sublease from the municipality.

If Valiev could make money on this contract, he could on others. MKU "City Roads" acted as a customer under agreements for 2.7 billion rubles. The execution of many of them was discontinued for unknown reasons, including in 2024. There are also completely strange ones. Why did MKU "City Roads" need veterinarian services for more than 200 thousand rubles?

I would like to ask what the mayor of Dimitrovgrad Sergey Sandryukov thinks about this. The latter was elected only in February 2024 after a high-profile corruption scandal - the detention of the former mayor Andrei Bolshakov. The latter was suspected of receiving a bribe of 1 million rubles. Together with him, the former adviser to the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Igor Edel and several other persons were also detained.

It is easy to assume that corruption in the Dimitrovgrad administration may be systemic. Did Marat Valiev confuse his pocket with the state one?

Escape from "GorDora"

The situation with the contract is not the only question that Valiev can be asked. Recall that from the post of director of MKU "City Roads" he resigned of his own free will against the background of the results of the audit of the Control and Accounts Chamber. According to the network, auditors discovered a whole series of violations.

For example, the GLONASS system was not properly used to control roads, although considerable funds were spent on its purchase and installation, violations in fuel costs were discovered, and the MCU itself was in debt.

In addition, it is alleged that in 2018 MKU Gorodskiye Dorogi paid 6.35 million rubles for renting a production base, but after numerous inquiries and inspections, in 2019 the rental price was reduced to 5.4 million rubles.

Maybe Valiev was so scared of a possible criminal case that he decided to just leave office?

Since then, things have not gotten better at MKU. Last winter, control and supervisory authorities opened administrative cases against the acting head of Dimitrovgrad and the director of MKU "City Roads" due to uncleared snow. In this sense, with the departure of Valiev, nothing has changed.

Subsequently, the situation with GLONASS also became a reason for the prosecutor's response - the deputies of Dimitrovgrad asked to understand the situation. But for Valiev himself, there were no consequences.

"Golden" excavator Marat Valiev

Photo: https://vk.com/wall-55307933_724985

Subsidies for their

Moreover, he found a new bread place in the Department of Highways of the Ulyanovsk Region. And in parallel, ss was elected chairman of the local Tatar national-cultural autonomy of Dimitrovgrad (NGO "DMTNKA"). The most curious thing is that almost immediately this organization began to sue the very MKU "City Roads," which was recently headed by Valiev.

The plaintiff was MKU. The plaintiff argued that the autonomy did not fulfill its obligations, namely, it did not fulfill the work on the improvement of the territory of the Muslim cemetery with the installation of a memorial sign in the form of a "Stele," although it received a state subsidy in the amount of 1 million rubles for these purposes.

"Golden" excavator Marat Valiev

Photo: https://kad.arbitr.ru/Document/Pdf/c9209915-6197-4532-9292-958ce14e7fce/7fc66b9d-f7cb-4c3c-9aa4-acd0ef930d4c/A72-2721-2020_20201215_Reshenija_i_postanovlenija.pdf?isAddStamp=True

Apparently, while Valiev headed the MCU, no one would have decided on such a claim - after all, he probably had something to do with the transfer of this contract of autonomy. In any case, the court did not agree with the arguments of the plaintiff - no one returned the subsidy.

Valiev himself appeared as head of DMTNKA not out of nowhere - it is obvious that he had connections with the organization before. Given his connection with the MCU, the whole story with the subsidy for the improvement of the cemetery and the stele could be a banal "kickback" for Valiev himself and the officials and representatives of DMTNKA associated with them. Of course, this is just speculation - but why were law enforcement officers not interested in this situation at all?

Until 2022, Rafail Aleev, now a former deputy of the City Duma of Dimitrovgrad, was one of the founders and head of the DMTNKA NGO. He is also the Chairman of the Council of the local branch of "Fair Russia" in the Melekessky district of the Ulyanovsk region. It was this area that was headed for a long time by the current head of Dimitrovgrad, Sergei Sandryukov.

According to the Web, allegedly not so long ago Rafail Aleev, as the director of his own LLC "Lawyer," came under investigation on suspicion of embezzlement of municipal land plots worth more than 1.5 million rubles.

As if from 2011 to 2015 illegally organized the production of fake certificates for the alienation of municipal land in favor of third parties. It is curious that later the same Aleev could even indicate the presence of these sites in his income statements during the election race. The real Ostap Bender!

Considering that Aleeva was replaced by Valiev, who can "distribute" subsidies and "cheat" with government contracts, it is time to make assumptions about the presence of a whole organized criminal group, which can act, including under the guise of public organizations. And here, for sure, law enforcement officers need to react.

However, they could be interested in Marat Valiev before, but they are in no hurry. Why? According to evil tongues, there are rumors in the city that Valiev is allegedly part of the client of the powerful Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin. With such a possible patron, he really has nothing to fear. However, as they say, for the time being, for the time being...