Game of giveaways, or where Avdolyan goes

Billionaire Albert Avdolyan, again "shuffles the deck" of his companies, in order to level his assets. His invisible comrade and patron remains Sergey Chemezov?


Billionaire Albert Avdolyan, again "shuffles the deck" of his companies, in order to level his assets. His invisible comrade and patron remains Sergey Chemezov?

This time the case affected the castling of YATEK, among the shareholders of which the namesake of the Honorary Consul of Armenia in Yekaterinburg Narek Spartakyan appeared. In addition to him, in a number of Avdolyan's assets, a co-owner was a native of Sergei Chemezov's structures - Rodion Kladishchuk. What is happening in the business empire of Avdolyan, known for taking advantage of assets that have fallen into a difficult situation, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

Large purchases of Avdolyan in the coal business previously had a number of common "criteria" - sellers at the time of transactions were in a difficult position, and here, like a devil from a snuff box, Avdolyan, but not anyhow, but with financing by state banks. Among such projects were the Elginskoye coal deposit, once an asset of the Mechel group, Sibanthracite of Dmitry Bosov, who died under mysterious circumstances, and YATEK, received after the arrest of Ziyavudin Magomedov. At the same time, as the Kommersant newspaper reported, Rostec went hand in hand with Avdolyan's business. For example, in Avdolyan's Yota Devices, the state corporation previously owned a block package, and in YATEK two years ago, the support bank Rostec Novikombank had 21%. So maybe that's why Avdolyan managed to attract financing of state banks in these problematic projects, that he himself represented someone's high interests?

Here, for example, the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, is not at all a stranger to Avdolyan. In the charity fund "New House," created by Avdolyan and a certain Nadezhda Kudravets, Chemezov acts as the head of the board of trustees, and the council itself includes the wives of both, as well as Avdolyan's business partner, Alexander Isaev. At the same time, Chemezov is not only, as they say, a record on paper.

Judging by the website of the foundation, it was Chemezov who once signed an agreement with the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, for the implementation of the Avdolyan charity project in the region. For which all three even arrived in Yakutsk.

It is noteworthy: the cost of the fund (for a minute, charitable!) For 2022 was estimated at 5.2 billion rubles.


Honorary Consul - Honorary Share Holder?

In October 2023, it became known that among the co-owners of the main gas company of Yakutia - YATEK, a certain Narek Spartakyan appeared. It is worth noting here that indirectly he entered the capital of the legal entity back in February 2023, having gained control over 14.85% of the authorized capital.

But, despite the fact that in the summer of 2023 they talked about finding a strategic partner, Spartakyan can hardly be called such.

Judging by the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Spartakyan's business portfolio began to form only in 2020 (at the same time, Nasta-Group LLC, which also works in the field of metal trade, was created), and since 2018, the businessman's namesake on the website of government agencies appears as the Honorary Consul of Armenia in Yekaterinburg. At the same time, a number of companies are registered at the consulate address, and this indirectly confirms that we are talking about the same person.

Avdolyan could be advised on this particular candidacy in the "Assembly of Armenians" of Moscow, in which he consists together with a number of other no less famous persons - the founder of Tashir Samvel Karapetyan, the representative of the Prosecutor General of Armenia in Russia Kamo Avagumyan (Avilon group), whose family was associated with the son of ex-Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika.


Today, Mr. Spartakyan also has a 33% stake in A-Tek LLC, created in 2022, among the co-owners of which is the shareholder of YATEK - A-Property LLC, Avdolyan himself and a certain Andrei Polukhin. If you look at the YATEK website, then A-Tek owns 45% of the shares in the company, and in September 2023 one of the main subsidiaries, Yakutsk Gas Processing Complex LLC, was transferred to it.


To hold on

Meanwhile, outside of Russia, Avdolyan, apparently, has something to lose. For example, he was reported as a co-owner of the British electric car manufacturer Arrival, the founder of which was his long-time partner in the Scartel company and ex-Deputy Minister of Communications Denis Sverdlov.

The A-Tek company, with zero revenue for 2022, indicated 5.5 billion rubles of profit, and the cost of the company was estimated at 49 billion rubles, and this with an authorized capital of 100 thousand rubles. It can be assumed that the company is just another layer between the beneficiary and the profit of the same YATEK.

In our opinion, the new shareholders of a number of transferred assets of a businessman themselves can be called "Avdolyan's people," but not strategic investors. In addition, actual control, even when changed, remains in the hands of the oligarch. Judge for yourself.

Irina Belyanova, director of A-Tek, is also the director of other Avdolyan companies, for example, the same A-Property LLC, the aforementioned New House fund.

Not without offshore companies: Belyanova runs A-Property Invest LLC, which in turn belongs to the Cypriot Polok Holdings Limited. The beneficiaries of the latter, as usual, are not disclosed.

Meanwhile, until November 2021, A-Property Invest was the owner of Port Dalny LLC (before it, Kudravets and Sergey Adonyev's Kaleidoscope LLC were among the owners), which went to another freshly baked legal entity - DVFK JSC, created in September 2021. The founder of the latter was a certain Irina Knyazhishcheva. She also works as a director of MFC Information Agency LLC, among the owners of which is Maria Gorelova, the right-hand man of restaurateur Alexander Rappoport, who calls restaurateur Arkady Novikov his teacher.

But let's return to YATEK.

It fits into the overexposure transmission model the introduction of another "Avdolyan man" to the co-owners of A-Tek and Andrei Polukhin. Polukhin had a common asset - Fleshmober LLC with Eprem Exuzyan, the former director of Expatel Consulting LLC, which previously belonged to Igor Yuzefovich and Vitaly Salo, who appeared in a number of ambiguous stories. Among the founders of Expatel was Avdolyan.

The shuffle of the business empire did not end there.

In March 2021, Avdolyan established a certain AP Holding JSC, which has already transferred at least six companies of the Yakut division, including A-Property LLC.

Companies, starting in 2021, were transferred within the framework of related companies from hand to hand, as if Avdolyan confused traces as a hare in fresh snow. At the same time, a bundle of new legal entities was created to manage holdings through which assets were fragmented. For example, ESMS LLC, created in August 2021, received "under the wing" a dozen "daughters," including Port Elga LLC, coal miner Elga-Mining LLC, created in April 2023 to enrich coal Elga-Factory 2 LLC.

Chemezov's man in business?

In this scheme of business transfer, there is at least one very remarkable person - Rodion Treasure, who in May 2023 received small shares in five companies of the Avdolyan division at once, including the above-mentioned ESMS and Elgaugol LLC, and they, in turn, own a dozen more "daughters." In addition, Treasure is the director of four Avdolyan companies, including Port Vera Holding LLC (since 2019).


Treasure, in our opinion, can be called "Chemezov's man." The fact is that he headed the asset from the Rostec division - RT-Global Resources LLC, and the latter was one of the co-owners of a number of Avdolyan companies, including the aforementioned Port Vera Holding LLC. Rostec probably provided financing to partners for transactions to consolidate the coal Ogoja and the port of Vera. Indirectly, this is also supported by the fact that their shares were laid down in the structure of the state corporation RT-Business Development. It is the latter who also owns RT-Global Resources LLC, once headed by Treasure. Moreover, he was also the first deputy general director of RT-Business Development LLC, and today he is listed as the head of a large gas project in Yakutia and the Khabarovsk Territory - Globaltek LLC and a member of the board as director of YATEK.

Another native of Rostec today heads PJSC YATEK. This is Andrei Korobov, with whom Avdolyan participated in the story of the purchase of the Hydrometallurgical Plant (GMZ) in the Stavropol Territory.


In addition to proximity to Chemezov and the money of state banks, Avdolyan is also known for having at least one more passport, except for the Russian one. As reported by Forbes, the businessman has Maltese citizenship. If in the native expanses it smells fried, is the alternate airfield ready?

But then, but in the meantime, apparently, Avdolyan actively continues to fill the bins at the expense of Russian subsoil. It is interesting that state departments also help him to master Yakutia. For example, Undytkan LLC, which since 2022 has licenses for the exploration of the Yakut coal deposit in two areas, belongs to Elgaugol LLC (owners - A-property, AP Capital Avdolyan JSC, Tzherishchuk and Energogrupp Isaeva) and RG Partner LLC. The beneficiary of the latter is the state-owned JSC Geokarta.

Thus, if we assess Avdolyan's ties with the same Chemezov, his access to financing by state banks and joint projects with Rostec, there is a well-defined opinion about "whose person Avdolyan himself is."