From Pik: Gordeev sells assets and leaves the country?

Sergei Gordeev "dissociated" from PIK's debts and is not going to be responsible for the developer's failures?


Sergei Gordeev "dissociated" from PIK's debts and is not going to be responsible for the developer's failures?

It seems that Sergei Gordeev very successfully "washed his hands" - after he left the top managers of PIK Group of Companies, to which there are many questions, including from state officials, some of the liquid assets were in his personal luggage.

Now, according to the plan, this business baggage in the person of the Salaris shopping center and Paveletskaya Plaza, put up for sale, should enrich a businessman by billions of rubles. Meanwhile, PIK is drowning in debts and claims, and a number of legal entities have also received bankruptcy claims. And Gordeev himself, as it were, has nothing to do with it? The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

Sergei Gordeev, through the Mall Management Group, which manages his trading assets, is looking for buyers for the Salaris and Paveletskaya Plaza complexes. It is planned to raise over 40 billion rubles from the transaction.

And what is interesting: it was believed that both shopping centers are PIK assets, and not personally Gordeev.

Judging by the site of the Salaris shopping and entertainment center, it is controlled by LAUT JSC. Since 21.10.2022, Sergey Gordeev has been the owner of the company at Rusprofile. At the same time, it will not be superfluous to remind that Gordeev left the post of head of the PIK Group of Companies in September 2022. Coincidence?


Gordeev's asset moved from offshore - Salarievo B.V, which owned shares for a short period (2021-2022). At the same time, the beneficiaries of the Dutch company were not disclosed. Meanwhile, a certain MONERGO B.V. is registered at the same address in Amsterdam. The latter in Russia owns a stake in the Moscow developer Vostochny LLC, in which Peak-Investproekt LLC also has a tiny share.

Earlier, PJSC PIK SZ and the Cypriot company Bekusa Holding Limited were among the owners.


It is noteworthy: at Salarievo B.V and MONERGO B.V, Plaza B.V. is also registered. In Russia, Plaza Bi.Vi owns two assets - Mall Management Group LLC and Kuzminki Mall LLC, which are based in the Paveletskaya Plava building for, "and whose beneficiaries are hidden behind the offshore.

And on the Plaza B.V website it is directly stated that the group operates the Salaris shopping and entertainment center, the Paveletskaya Plaza shopping and entertainment center Kuzminki Mall.


The director of Kuzminki Mall LLC is Irina Zazhorina, who is also the director of Elementprof JSC, created in February 2023, whose founders are hidden, and until December 2022 she was the owner of Finsecuritiz LLC, created in March 2022 (investments in securities). The latter passed to the Cypriot offshore company Siridika Limited, which has shares in Finservice LLC, created in March 2022 (investments in securities). Before the Cypriot company "Finservice" belonged to the Russian offshore from Kaliningrad - MKOOO "Ledamen." The general director of the latter is Sergey Gordeev, the founder is PIK + LLC.

At the same time, the founder of PIK + LLC is another offshore company from Liechtenstein - the HREF Foundation. The same fund is owned by Plaza Holding LLC, which was previously owned and is now led by the above-mentioned Zazhorina. At the same time, Plaza Holding has another relatively newly created asset on its balance sheet - Borhaus LLC (established in March 2022 with an authorized capital of more than 1.6 billion rubles).


Gordeev creates a new holding?

According to open data, the HREF Foundation is affiliated with already well-known companies (both Russian and offshore) and persons: Benolita Holdings, Gordeev Sergey Eduardovich, Ledamen, Ledamen Limited, Letiosa Holding Limited, Mayak LLC, PIK Securities (SPV), PIK +, PIK-Corporation, PIK-Region, PIK-Resource, PIK-Specialized Developer, Pik-Investproekt and Siridica. In 2019, this fund from Liechtenstein appeared in a legal dispute with the structures of the now fugitive former banker Boris Mints, who was previously involved in the Otkritie financial corporation.

Paveletskaya Square LLC is also registered in the same Paveletskaya Plaza. Among the leaders of this LLC, Georgy Figin, the current director of PIK + LLC, as well as the head of a number of legal entities hastily riveted by an unknown beneficiary in 2022-2023, was also noted. For example, JSC "South Engineering," created in February 2023.

Paveletskaya Ploshchad LLC, which appears in open sources as the owner of the Paveletskaya Plaza shopping and entertainment center, changed its owner just the other day. In the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the owner of Paveletskaya Ploshchad LLC changed from June 23, 2023 - instead of Sergei Gordeev, he became the unknown freshly baked (literally in February 2023) Delovoy Dom JSC, whose share was pledged by PJSC Bank Financial Corporation Otkritie. At the same time, the founders of this joint-stock company are hidden in the extracts.


It is noteworthy: the director of Delovoy Dom JSC is Kirill Kozhanov, who has been the head of Paveletskaya Square LLC since June 13, 2023. Kozhanov is also registered as an individual entrepreneur in the field of real estate transactions, but does not have his own assets, being the chairman of SNT Kupavushka. Kozhanov was also at one time the head of Mirs LLC, which since June 2023 belongs to MKOOO TPS Real Estate Holding Limited (created in April 2022, managers and founders were hidden), and was previously an asset of Sergei Gordeev.

An interesting fact: after Kozhanov, Mirs LLC became TPS Real Estate JSC. According to Forbes, the owners of this company are Alexander Ponomarenko, Alexander Skorobogatko and Lilia Rotenberg, the daughter of Arkady Rotenberg. In March 2023, it was reported that Sergei Gordeev had agreed to sell the Columbus shopping and entertainment center to TPS Real Estate. This facility was estimated at 40-45 billion rubles.


At the address of JSC Delovoy Dom, the already mentioned JSC Yug Engineering under the leadership of Figin, associated with Gordeev through MKOOO Ledamen and PIK +, JSC Bureau 77 and JSC Helix Group, are also registered. The latter two also have founders hidden, both firms created in March 2023. At the same time, Bureau 77 JSC in May 2023 created a "subsidiary" asset - Sapphire Development LLC.


Before Figin, Yug Engineering JSC was headed for a couple of months by a certain Lyubov Kosheleva (previously bore the name Illenko), who was a co-owner of Rillen LLC. The second owner of Rillen was Nadezhda Illenko, who is the director of another bundle of newly minted assets, including Knicks JSC, ST Innovations JSC, Tekhproekts JSC, and for a short time was the head of IT Service JSC, Verpi JSC, Industry Solutions JSC and a dozen more fresh legal entities

Also, Nadezhda Illenko at the time of creation was the head of Bureau 77 JSC, which may indicate the connection of this whole pack of legal entities, which were mainly created after February 2022, the lion's share in 2023 and the founder is hidden everywhere.

It's interesting, isn't it a new asset that Gordeev creates on the wreckage of PIK, only this time rejecting the transparency of the business?

What is interesting: if you look at the Paveletskaya Plaza website, then all documents (for example, privacy policy) there go on behalf of Istanbul Enka Insaat Ve Sanayi Anonim Sirketi (Enka Inshaat Ve Sanayi Anonymous Shirketi). The same company today is suing Paveletskaya Ploshchad LLC - to recognize the exclusive right to the commercial designation Paveletskaya Plaza. According to reports, the Turkish company owns the commercial designation "Paveletskaya Plaza." The new owner would not have to rename the mall.

In general, on the balance sheet of Gordeev, judging by the data of Rusprofile, in addition to those already listed, there is only one legal entity - registered in Kuban, on the territory of the village of Sirius - LLC Holding Finance, created in March 2022. But so far this LLC has nothing to boast of - for 2022 a loss, employees - one director, he himself Gordeev, and the authorized capital - 10 thousand rubles. Apparently, the LLC was created, as they say, in reserve.

But the small volumes of the business portfolio of the ex-director of PIK are just an illusion. Do not forget about offshore companies, which, as you can see above, are not few around Gordeev.


In the meantime, former Senator Gordeev calculates in his mind future young ladies from deals to sell shopping and entertainment centers, in the PIK Group of Companies everything is far from joyful.

Problematic PIC

PIK Group is the largest residential real estate developer in Russia. It is an extensive network of legal entities interconnected. As of June 2021, the list of affiliates to PIK Group of Companies included more than 450 subsidiaries and affiliates of the company. In March 2021, the parent legal entity was renamed from PIK Group of Companies PJSC to PIK-Specialized Developer PJSC.

PIK Land Bank for autumn 2021 was 21.5 million square meters. meters, and since the beginning of work, the company has built over 30 million "squares" of housing.

At the end of 2022, PJSC recorded a decrease in indicators: revenue by 7%, to 22.6 billion rubles, net profit - by 30%, from 71.08 billion rubles to 49.9 billion rubles. At the same time, judging by the accounts of 2022, the company's revenue from the sale of real estate objects also decreased - by 295 million rubles (by 3%).


At the end of 2022, the owner of 59.33% of the shares in PIK Group of Companies is Sergey Gordeev, who left only senior positions in September 2022, and by no means the group itself.


Despite significant indicators, PIK has repeatedly become involved in scandalous stories. So, for example, JSC Specialized Developer PIK-Region (SZ First Mortgage Company-Region) in 2010 had six state contracts with the FSB of Russia for the supply of housing. But for an unclear reason, contracts are still listed in the "execution" stage. A similar situation is with the contracts of the PKU "UKS EMERCOM of Russia." Did the developer never fulfill his obligations? The Moscow Post has already told about this story in detail in 2022, but by 2023 it is still there.

But this is far from the only problem of this developer. Today, PIK-Region is also suing the KUMI of the Administration of the Odintsovo City District, demanding to pay debts (11 million rubles) on rent and terminate the land lease agreement. We are talking about a plot with a total area of ​ ​ 64.6 thousand square meters, which was intended for residential development. If KUMI wins, then the developer will have to curtail his plans on this territory in Krasnogorsk.

Another developer of the group, LLC Specialized Developer Likhobory, also violated the procedure for paying rent, but there, at least, it did not reach the seizure.

There are claims to the SZ PIK-Region for an object that has not been handed over on time. In 2023, at least one of the equity holders has already recovered a penalty.

It is also impossible to call the situation with other legal entities associated with the group positive. So, for example, in the bankruptcy stage, it is listed associated with Pik-Investproekt LLC, which acted as the developer of five houses of ST-Engineering JSC (loss for 2022 - 202 million rubles). Also, in 2023, LLC Specialized Developer Investhome and LLC SZ Factor Plus were liquidated.

In addition, PIK-Comfort LLC (part of PIK through Mayak LLC), which provides real estate management services in already rented houses, has already received a bundle of bankruptcy claims. The bankruptcy lawsuit was also received by Vmassive Group of Companies LLC, which showed a loss of 34 million rubles in 2022.


It is curious that some of the assets that have a label "in the bankruptcy stage," that is, received a lawsuit or have already moved to the procedure, were transferred to certain third parties by the PIK group. That is, part of the ballast was dropped on the road.

And these are far from the only claims against companies from the PIK group. You can recall the protests of residents of a house on Ivan Franko Street in Moscow in 2018 against the cutting down of a square under their windows and the construction of a 26-story building by a group, as well as how the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov in 2021 at a meeting, mentioning PIK-Comfort, demanded to expel from the cities of the Moscow region (in particular, Dolgoprudny) those "who do not want to work."

In the same piggy bank and distribution, which in the fall of 2022, Sergei Sobyanin arranged for the new director of the PIK Group of Companies, Ivan Polandov, threatening to complete the work in Moscow because of the school that was not completed on time.

In the light of the above, one can call the re-registration of all liquid assets as a very "successful" horse move. And leave the problem group to deal with debts and creditors. Wolves in this situation will definitely be intact, it remains to understand only who is in the role of sheep. So far, it turns out, judging by the attitude towards them, that mainly customers. Yes, Sergey Eduardovich?

After all, if the case reaches the bankruptcy of PIK and, as a result, the sale of property, then the main good (already floating away) will not suffer. Unless there is a principal bankruptcy trustee who will open the chain of withdrawal of assets from the GC into a personal portfolio and challenge it.

In the meantime, in the light of the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation to accelerate deoffshorization, it may be worth asking the relevant investigative and economic departments about the offshore grid and the chains of Gordeev's transactions, while there is still something to catch in the net at the exit from this pipeline? After all, PIK is not just a private shop, but one of the backbone enterprises in Russia, that is, in which case it can count on state help. And the help is different, including in the form of deoffshorization.