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03 March 2024

From factory to private clinic: Taran hit medical business?

Novosibirsk businessman Eduard Taran will redesign a strategic asset into a private hospital?

Eduard Taran, the owner of RATM Holding, which unites enterprises in the production of glass containers, optical and electronic instrumentation and development, is discovering a new area of ​ ​ business - medicine. He turned out to be a co-owner of the National Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics - Otkritie (NIITO-O), whose work profile indicates the activities of hospital organizations.

At the same time, a huge number of scandals are associated with the name of the entrepreneur, which our publication has repeatedly written about - from unfriendly takeovers to allegedly ties with criminal groups.

What is behind Taran's new endeavor was understood by The Moscow Post.

Received by Zadar in circulation?

NIITO-O is registered in a building in Moscow at the municipal district Alekseevsky, st. 2nd Mytishchinskaya, 2, building 3. In the neighborhood is NPO Hydromash, which is part of RATM Holding. Apparently, it is one of the administrative buildings of the NGO.

Hydromash is a production enterprise in Moscow that designs, manufactures and supplies pump units for various purposes for the oil industry, energy and defense industries. We can say that it is strategically important. Its roots go back to Soviet times. Now its capacity will be released for the new Taran project?

In 2017, the Moscow Government assigned the status of an industrial complex to NGOs, which led to a decrease in rent for the use of land, property tax and income tax. So the location of the new company there looks like a logical step for Taran. At the same time, Taran's empire may consist of assets that he did not receive in the most honest way. Is it time to make money on them?

So far, it is not known for certain what exactly NIITO-O will do in the field of hospital activities. But traumatology and orthopedics are clearly new areas for Taran, who owns 75% of the company. Another 12.5% each of Sergei Gurov and Lyudmila Selivanova.


Sergei Gurov is the former Minister of Sports of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, but his next job is even more interesting - in 2014 he was appointed deputy head of Sergiev Posad in the Moscow Region. Considering what is happening in the municipalities of the Moscow region under the governor Vorobyov, which we have repeatedly written about, this is a symptomatic appointment.

Shortly before that, the mayor of Sergiev Posad Yevgeny Dushko died, he was killed by a local gang with which the mayor came into conflict. And a year after Gurov's appointment, law enforcement officers detained the one who took Gurov to work - the head of the city administration Viktor Goncharov.

It turned out that the head of the city demanded that the director of a commercial company transfer to him through an intermediary - the head of the legal department of the administration of an urban settlement a bribe in the amount of 50% of the amount of debt for the execution of a court decision by the administration of an urban settlement.

At the same time, Gurov did not work for a long time in Sergiev Posad - apparently, there were too many risks. Moreover, against the background of the arrest of Goncharov. And he went into business. Today Gurov is a co-founder of two small companies for the production of perfumes and cosmetics and software development, and is also the president of the regional public organization "Olympic Council of the Krasnoyarsk Territory." In general, a person is interesting.

As for Lyudmila Selivanova, she is unknown to the general public, and has no other businesses. But much more interesting is the director of NIITO-O LLC Sergey Skulkin, the former head of the Novosibirsk Investment Development Agency.

The former Novosibirsk official Sergei Skulkin became one of the closest associates of Eduard Taran in Novosibirsk and Moscow. Photo: size=731x731&quality=96&sign=03118afd56b12ef7d22d2fa876ccb4bd&type=album

And, apparently, he represents Taran's interests for a long time. The surname of Skulkin in the context of joint activity with Taran was mentioned in 2018, before the loud corporate conflict between Eduard Taran and his former partner Oleg Utiralov concerning assets of the bankrupt plant Sibselmash.

Earlier Sergei Skulkin personally met the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Loktya on the platform of the industrial Screen park on the basis of the plant of the same name which belongs to the Ram. He was also present at Council for investments of the Novosibirsk region where discussed the investment project of same "Screen". I.e. in NIITO-O Skulkin obviously in the subordinated situation.

The partner can be wiped

As for the conflict around Sibselmash, he reached judicial claims by Oleg Utiralov to the Ram from which that demanded nearly 270 million rubles.

Utiralov claimed that in 2018 he concluded with the Ram the partner agreement which purpose creditors of six companies and platforms of the going bankrupt JSC Sibelektroterm had a repayment.

In joint business the partners divided roles. Utiralov promised to transfer to Eduard Taran a package of common stocks of the plant JSC Sibelektroterm and also a share in the LLC Siberian Engineering Company Group companies, LLC TD Sibmash, LLC SP Kirovski, LLC TD Sibelektroterm.

Utiralov and Taran's general organization of LLC UK Investproekt was for this purpose created. In return, the president of "RATM-holding" Eduard Taran promised to contribute 179 million rubles in authorized capital of Ivestproekt and still in addition to allocate 300 million rubles for repayment of the property Sibelektroterma complex at the auction.

However, as subsequently Oleg Utiralov claimed, he found out that individual control over assets was the purpose of the Ram - as if he just didn't fulfill the obligations to the partner. Assets of the plant appeared at the Ram. And the mentioned Sergei Skulkin in 2018 acted as the initiator of creation on the platform of Sibselmash of a cluster of mechanical engineering. I.e. he could help the Ram with all this "noble cause". Now will help him to struggle with injuries and orthopedic problems?

Whether the situation with Sibselmash and Utiralov reminds a certain type of "raider capture" and the partner's "kidok"? But and without it try to attribute to the Ram captures.

In 2006 RATM carried out attempt of power occupation of JSC Angarskcement in which 40 representatives PSF participated. However, as a result of it security officers stopped. RATM and the Ram didn't suffer, and here on the staff of PSF opened criminal case about arbitrariness.

In 2005 at RATM suddenly there was a bankruptcy of the strategic enterprise for production of the Alttrak tractors, and the holding was included into his capital of all one year prior to sad events. Coincidence?

But every day isn't Sunday. It became known in the summer of arbitration process within which the prosecutor's office demanded to withdraw from structures of the Ram of a stock of the Rostov Optical-mechanical Plant (ROMP) which is based in the Yaroslavl region. According to law enforcement authorities, the plant appeared at structures of the businessman illegally.

At the same time personally the Ram providently left his capital in 2021 - the most part of the enterprise belongs to LLC Sibmir which enters RATM. Earlier in detail I told The Moscow Post about this story.

"Criminal musty smell"

The ram is known also for scandals with a criminal musty smell. What is only costed by resonant case of bribes to the ex-prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Falileev and his former deputy Andrei Turbin. Falileev was detained in February, 2022. Security officers suspected him of corruption - allegedly, he got bribes from representatives of large shopping center.

Later the investigation had one more suspect - the CEO of Shopping Center Mandarin Sergei Belous. The shopping center belongs to Eduard Taran, and too quite often flashes in scandals.

Earlier The Moscow Post wrote about unhealthy fuss of control supervisory authorities and other instances around the notorious Hiloksky market in Novosibirsk. This market - the direct competitor to "Tangerine". It is easy to assume that to trading floor the Ram could organize a part of problems to salt to competitors.

There were also other scandals. In 2018 in Moscow two criminal cases upon tax evasion on a particularly large scale at sale of shares of the Lytkarinsky plant of optical glass in favor of Rostec state corporation were brought at once.

LLC Sibtopenergo, LLC Invest Plus and offshore Labrosan Holdings Limited acted as sellers. Behind all three companies there was a Ram. As investigators wrote to FTS, evasion of legal persons controlled by the Ram from payment of taxes was the purpose of use of offshore. But suddenly business... collapsed. Surprisingly. It is possible to assume that as a result of the transaction something came the way also of influential top managers of Rostec...

A photo of Edward Taran sitting behind bars flew around the country. Photo: Andrey Stenin/RIA Novosti

But then cases were initiated against unidentified persons. In another criminal case, Eduard Taran appeared as a defendant. In 2010, he was accused of bribing a police officer in the amount of more than 1 million rubles for stopping the inspection of one of the structural units of RATM Holding. But even then, all suspicions were eventually removed from Taran.

One gets the impression that the businessman is simply unsinkable. But there will be a hole for any old woman, and the current undertaking of Eduard Taran may bring him new problems, which, ultimately, will come back to him according to the serious. At the end of the day, how much of a rope you can't weave.

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