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03 March 2024

Fakir fled, where does Sechin know to look for Avdolyan?

After there was talk that the oligarch Albert Avdolyan left Russia, can you look for another trace to the ultimate beneficiaries of the assets of the deceased Dmitry Bosov surrounded by Igor Sechin?

The former asset of the deceased Dmitry Bosov, Sibanthracite, could pass from Albert Avdolyan into the hands of people close to the head of the Rosneft state corporation Igor Sechin. The Moscow Post correspondent understood the story.

Recall that Dmitry Bosov died in 2020 under strange circumstances. And after his death, a real struggle unfolded for the entrepreneur's assets. Bosov's widow Katerina (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) was subjected to real persecution in the media, and in 2021 the business went to Albert Avdolyan. Part was taken by Rostec, but later also sold it to the structures of this entrepreneur.

Very little time passes, and LLC "UK" Sibanthracite "decide to liquidate. And its assets were transferred to the Bashkir Industrial Holding (BPH), created in 2021, whose general director is Dmitry Vladimirovich Polyakov. Also in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities appeared a brand new clean LLC "UK" Sibanthracite, "general director - Melnikov Sergey Vladimirovich. The management of the new Criminal Code included Kolyvansky Open Pit, Vekhneteshsky Open Pit, Vostochny Open Pit and Academy of Professional Education LLC.

And, apparently, so that there were no disputes over trademarks and the name, the old Sibanthracite management company along the chain also passed to the same group of persons from BPH - through the change of owners of Elsie Holding LLC and AP Development LLC, which received BPH and Vanika Vanuntsu. The Moscow Post previously covered all stages in detail. But the main question is why, and, most importantly, to whom Albert Avdolyan transferred the asset for which such a struggle was fought?

Sechin's Man

And here begins the interesting. In "BPH" the founders are five individuals. These are already familiar to us Mr. Polyakov, as well as Fomenko Alexey Nikolaevich, Vanunts Vanik Radikovich, Chaplygina Olga Nikolaevna and Zotova Alla Vladimirovna.

And so, the first thread to the omnipotent head of Rosneft: the share of all founders in the pledge from Mosoblbank, which belongs to Roman Avdeev, who is considered by many on the market to be Igor Sechin's man.

In 2018, the manager of Alfa-Capital Management Company, Sergei Gavrilov, in letters informed clients about the upcoming problems at MKB and three other banks. The latter soon and really went into rehabilitation, and the ICD survived - even then they said that Sechin could have saved him.

In addition, Mikhail Polunin was appointed the first deputy chairman around those years. Prior to that, he headed the Peresvet Bank, which was sanitized by the All-Russian Regional Development Bank (RRDB) controlled by Rosneft.

Siloviki, criminal bosses and oligarchs

But let's go back to our "five." Oleg Polyakov (as they say, has connections in the Bashkir Ministry of Internal Affairs) - the owner of NIPI NG Peton LLC, which was associated with the top manager of AFK Sistema Ali Uzdenov - allegedly he supplied NIPI with contracts for large sums.

Interestingly, Polyakov left the company, and after him came a certain Andrei Grankin. This is not anyone, but a former security official - from 2016 to 2018, who headed the main department of the Russian Guard in Moscow.

After this information, thanks to journalists, became public domain, Granikin "retreated," again "letting in" Polyakov. Judging by these "gestures," it is Grankin who orders the "weather" in a pair of Grankin-Polyakov. And they both now own NTC Energoautomatization.

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In addition, Polyakov is formally listed as the founder of Peton, but his share is pledged by his partner, Igor Mnushkin.

They said that Uzdenov and Sechin could have a conflict - allegedly the first even called the latter the main corrupt official of the country (however, he challenged it in court and won).

In 2017, Rosneft and Bashneft filed lawsuits against the Steppe agricultural holding, which was part of Sistema, demanding to recover losses of 131 billion. On the part of the agricultural holding, the behavior of state corporations was outraged, making statements to the point that the actions of the companies are aimed at "unjust enrichment and destruction of the corporate value of AFK Sistema, bringing the Corporation to bankruptcy."

It is possible that Igor Ivanovich was not satisfied that Uzdenov chose Gazprom as counterparties, and by no means Rosneft. Interestingly, on the Web, materials telling about the possible causes of the conflict between the two "cones" - not to open even through the web archive and using VPN services. Does someone thoroughly "clean" the space?

But what about Polyakov? Apparently, he ran from one patron to another.

Polyakov can now work in the interests of the new owner of the former asset Bosov and, apparently, Grankin. Who can also work for a new owner. We do not claim anything, but when in the case a former security official, the death of the former owner of a large mining holding begins to play with new colors.

As for other BPH partners, Alexey Fomenko may be associated with Vladimir Golubev, an authoritative entrepreneur known as Barmaley. Fomenko owns the VDP company, the founder of which was the Golubevsky Adamant. "Transstroyinvest" Fomenko was engaged in the development of the territory of the FSB. In addition, the businessman is called the partner of Arkady Rotenberg. Golubev himself, in turn, is also associated with Rotenberg's business.

There is another interesting story in Fomenko's "biography." Oh was the founder of Transengineering. She went into bankruptcy last year. And, as follows from the court case, before this happened, the company became a participant in transactions with Aerospetsstroy, to which it transferred its property in the amount of more than 8.7 billion rubles. The rival manager insisted that the transactions were with an affiliate and were not paid, but the court did not see anything like that.

Although it is known that Transengineering was previously the founder of Aerospecstroy. Everything looks like someone just "got rid of it."

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Vanunts Vanik Radikovich is the former owner of Gusar LLC, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Gazprombank. The rest of the founders do not particularly shine anywhere.

What "sharpened the tooth" Igor Ivanovich?

But let's go back to the story with the division of Bosov's assets. Against the background of our assumptions about the role of Mr. Sechin, I would like to recall their relationship with Bosov. It is known that the deceased entrepreneur at the auction received a plot of the Kolyvan field, which was of interest to Eduard Khudainatov. And Khudainatov is the former first vice president and deputy chairman of the board of Rosneft. And he, by the way, held a high post at Gazprom. This is the word about the owner of "BPH" Vanunze. Maybe this is Khudainatov's man.

Rumor has it that Khudainatov and Sechin allegedly wanted to "burn" for themselves and the project for the construction of the Severomuisky tunnel, in which Bosov also intended to invest. So it is or not, we do not undertake to assert, but against the background of this statement in the direction of Bosov, attacks began from anonymous telegram channels and even in the media. What only Bosov did not suspect in these publications - there is a withdrawal of money, and a "cry out" from the state, and, trivially, a "order."

According to the authors of the telegram channel REDACTED P6, allegedly "he was accused of alcoholism (the famous photo of Bosov's body near the basin), theft, and fraud together with the arrested Mikhail Abyzov, Andrei Bokarev and Iskandar Makhmudov, and in the terrible harm to the environment caused by his enterprises, collected, in particular, in industrial groups" Alltek, "" Sibanthracite "and" Vostokugol. " They wrote about both legal (in the United States) and illegal drug trafficking related to the cultivation of marijuana. "

In general, there was a massive attack. And it was hardly an accident. Here we go back to Mr. Avdalian. He was also a competitor to Bosov. Apparently, the interests of him and Igor Ivanovich came together here. And, apparently, the couple decided that one attack in the media was not enough. Events began to develop rapidly.

Soon Bosov had a conflict with his former partner, Alexander Isaev. He was fired from Bosov structures with the wording for "blatant abuse and theft." And already at the end of April, the same Isaev became the director of LLC UK Elga, which was controlled by Avdolyan. Have Isaev been "outbid" to "crush" his assets behind the scenes?

Everything looks like after this venture failed, I had to take "extreme measures."

Where Avdolyan goes

And Avdolyan, who could take the most direct part in this, now may no longer be in Russia at all. They say that the entrepreneur even received American citizenship, changed his last name and took away all the capital. "Documents and Facts" write that he could even change his name and is now listed as "Avdulian"!

At the same time, in Russia, he left a huge train of scandals. Including similar to the "Bosov story" - for example, the Elginskoye field went to the merchant against the background of Mechel's problems. By the way, A-Property was going to bring its controlling stake in the Elginskoye field to 100% and, through the mouth of Mr. Avdolyan, promised to invest another 130 billion rubles in the field. But her financial situation suggests that she can hardly "feed" herself.

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By the way, this company was not so long ago tied to offshore. Like many of Avdolyan's assets. So much for the way of money from Russia abroad.

And last summer, the Supreme Court suspected a conspiracy when Avdolyan bought Sergei Makhov for a pittance in the agricultural business. The Supreme Court concluded that this construction of the transaction deprives the buyer of the status of a creditor in relation to the seller, but if the buyer still tries to take on such a role, then nothing else can be suspected, except conspiracy to harm independent creditors. Interfax wrote about this.

What is the story about the possible withdrawal of huge amounts to Latvia through the "BBB Bank." By the way, it is known that Albert Avdolyan took loans to the BBB for the business of the problematic energy holding MRSEN, in which Marina Sechina, the wife of Igor Sechin, ended up.

So it is not surprising if Avdolyan really decided to move away from Russia.

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