Do not let Konyushenny go: God Nisanov compensates for his "failure" with the market in Biryulyovo

If in Moscow for the oligarch Nisanov there is a red light and a bright demonstration "who is the owner in the house," then St. Petersburg defended the title of keeper of architectural monuments, where the court canceled the competition for the reconstruction of the "Stable Department," which was won by a company close to the businessman.


If in Moscow for the oligarch Nisanov there is a red light and a bright demonstration "who is the owner in the house," then St. Petersburg defended the title of keeper of architectural monuments, where the court canceled the competition for the reconstruction of the "Stable Department," which was won by a company close to the businessman.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Kievskaya Ploshchad," No. 72 in the ranking of Russian billionaires - 2022 God Nisanov ended up in media outlets on several information channels at once. In St. Petersburg, a company that is close to the God Nisanov was deprived of the right to lease and reconstruct the Stables Department cultural heritage site of federal significance, and in Moscow, on the contrary, they favor Nisanov's companies. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

The Thirteenth Arbitration Court of Appeal in early April 2023 issued a new verdict on a high-profile dispute between applicants for the Stable Department and the Property Relations Committee of St. Petersburg. In the second instance, the participant, Futuro JSC, who was not allowed to tender, achieved recognition as invalid the auction for the right to lease a monument of history and culture of the peoples of the Russian Federation - a non-residential building on Konyushennaya Square, 1, building 1, which is one of the objects of cultural heritage of federal significance "Konyushenny Department."

The lease agreement dated June 10, 2022, concluded as a result of bidding with BakhchaSarai LLC, was also recognized as invalid, but the lease right itself was absent, as was the corresponding entry in the USRN. Today, an Orthodox parish claims the building.

Court for the Stable Department. Photo:

Recall that the scandal surrounding the right to lease the Stable Department for 49 years according to the "monument for the ruble" scheme began already at the start of the tender - in May 2022, when four companies that were not allowed to bid tried to protest. As a result, the winner was BakhchaSaray LLC. Officially, the Moscow company created in August 2021 belongs to a certain Irina Ershova. At the same time, the company has a very specific main activity, far from the cultural heritage site - retail trade mainly in food products, including drinks, and tobacco products in non-specialized stores. That is, the building in the "Stable Department" had every chance of becoming another market-collapse? And if you consider that Ershova has a relationship to persons close to Nisanov, who has a stake in Food City, which was beautifully called an agrocluster, then such chances were high. The structures of Kievskaya Square themselves tried to disown the BakhchaSarai company at the start, but "the paper remembers everything."

Ershova was the head of three more companies, including Legal Redut LLC, Honest Import LLC and Nova Bakhcha LLC. The latter is 90% (through Tolling LLC) controlled by the Cypriot company Grikima Holdings Limited, whose beneficiaries are not disclosed. Another share in the "New Bakhcha" has Ilyusha Yusupov.

Traces of Ershova. Photo:

In 2019, RBC reported that God Nisanov has a cousin - Vladislav Yusupov. According to media reports, Vladislav's patronymic is Ilyushaevich.

In the Rusteam publication, Vladislav Yusupov appeared at all as a representative of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies. According to Rusprofile, Yusupov Vladislav Ilyushaevich was also previously the owner of a stake in Kievskaya Ploshchad LLC, where David Nisanov now has a stake. At the same time, another company of David Nisanov - SPB Development LLC was one of two admitted to the auction for the right to lease a building on Konyushennaya Square.

Founders of Kyiv Square. Photo:

In addition, Ilyusova Yusupov is the owner of 25% in Flame LLC, which RBC in 2018 called the owner of the Food City agricultural cluster associated with Nisanov. What is interesting: on the Food City website, a certain IP Binyaminov S.G. signed up for the privacy policy, which the owner usually displays. According to Rusprofile, Binyaminov was previously the owner of a stake in Ket K LLC, where Luciano LLC (asset of the wife of the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov - Gulnikhanov syns) and Leon Nisanov, as well as Ilkhanan Israel. Both of the latter are co-owners of Tpu Nagatinskaya LLC. The project of TPU "Nagatinskaya" was called the "Nisanov knot." In the previous legal entity, with the same name, the director for not a long time was the son of the ex-head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin Alexei.

Binyamin in Food City. Photo:

But, if in the northern capital, as the story with the Stable Department showed, Nisanov is not particularly favored, then in Moscow all roads are open to him. And not surprising. With such and such connections on the bureaucratic Olympus.

East Biryulyovo Osamolyotili

The Kievskaya Ploshchad company, which received the territory of the Emeral market in Vostochny Biryulyovo under its wing, took the Airplane group into the project developers. The latter is associated with the family of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov. The Moscow Post earlier in the material about another project, where the interests of the Airplane were highlighted, analyzed in detail the group's connection with the Vorobyovs. Let's not repeat ourselves. The year Nisanov back in September 2021 acquired a share of almost 10% in the Avtomol Group of Companies.

On the website of the complex of urban planning policy and construction of the city of Moscow, it is reported that the first joint project of the Airplane group (project developer) with the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies will start in the capital.

In total, three public and residential complexes with an area of ​ ​ 139-258 thousand square meters. m each, as well as an apartment building with an area of ​ ​ 75.5 thousand "squares." It is only embarrassing that it is supposed to build "next to the Biryulevsky forest park and the Fruit Garden." We hope this time it will do without cutting down forest plantations?

We will remind, earlier on the site there was an Emeral market of the Yusufov family, but due to massive complaints about counterfeit goods, the dirt was closed at the request of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Nisanov's structures bought the site in 2015.

According to the Vedomosti newspaper, merchants of the Cherkizovsky market once moved to Emeral after its liquidation. What will be built on the site of Emeral for a long time was not clear: first, the project of a large multifunctional complex was approved, then there were plans to build a theme park for Ferrari World, then a speech park, and finally, in 2022, the Moscow City Planning and Land Commission approved the construction of a residential quarter here.

In general, on the territory of 28.4 hectares it is planned to build 849 thousand square meters. meters of real estate, including 647 thousand "squares" of housing. There will also be trading and business facilities so beloved by Nisanov. According to Andrey Ivanenko, managing partner of Airplane Moscow, the first project is planned in Biryulyovo in Moscow with a mix of housing classes and a share of non-residential premises of about 25-30% of the area sold.

That is, after all, Nisanov's beloved Food City in the form of an analogue at the former Emerala site is planned. After all, it is not for nothing that Food City brings gigantic proceeds to its owner. Housing can be sold only once, and retail space can be rented and rented out. And taking into account that in 2014, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin was personally at the opening of the Food City agricultural cluster together with Nisanov, that and obstacles for the trading segment in East Biryulyovo are unlikely to be.

Yuzhny Mall JSC was supposed to implement the project in Vostochny Biryulyovo, but the company was liquidated in April 2020, Yuzhny Mall LLC became the successor. The latter previously belonged to persons close to Nisanov, including the previously mentioned Vladislav Yusupov, Yalchin Hasanov, co-owner of the aforementioned Flame company, which is called the owner of Food City, Edik Ilyaev (owner of a stake in Food Cold LLC, which is spelled out in Food City) and a number of other Now the legal owner is Alexei Kubatov, director of Safra Tools, which is part of Nisanov's division. The owner of the share in it is, for example, Roman Iliev, who owns a stake in Kievskaya Ploshchad LLC.

Owner of "South Mall." Photo:

At the same time, a successor has also already been chosen for Yuzhny Mall LLC. It was Domodedovo Food LLC, which belongs to Roman Iliev, David Nisanov and a number of individuals with ties to Food City.

Owners of Domodedovo Food. Photo:

Similar deal kind of hints what it is planned to stake when building Vostochnoye Biryulyovo on.

Cherkizon's shadow

Why Nisanov's projects draw so much public attention?

Well, first, say that "legs" of market business of God Nisanov and his business partner Zarakh Iliyev grow from famous "Cherkizon" of Telman Ismailov. According to media, Zarakh Iliyev's firm - LLC Iliyev managed a part of the Cherkizovo market in Moscow, and other part of the market was under control of his fellow countryman Ismailov. And here as "tar spoon" following information: the project in Vostochnoye Biryulyovo will be implemented by the company in whose co-owners Sharon Yusifov and Edik Ilyaev were marked out earlier that in 2016-2017 were owners of shares in LLC Iliyeva (the owner of the last for today - Vadim Iliyev).

And what is Cherkizon, I think, nobody should speak. Not for nothing under demolition I went. The edition wrote at the time so about this market - "a large number of crimes was connected with attacks, murders and kidnappings of the people trading on Cherkizona", and the market is a "labyrinth in which chaos reigned".

And if to take same "Food City", then and here the picture impresses, almost "successors of traditions" leaves. For example, in May, 2020 near the building of administration "Food City" "the migrant revolt" happened - several hundreds of Azerbaijani sellers stormed the building, expressing discontent with increase in the rent for places. Police officers didn't risk to get into the conflict at first even, sick dismantling was hot. As a result, as wrote the Tsargrad edition, ways of the rebelled dealers were followed by the local PSF protecting the market and began to bang their bludgeons, and the administration on all this ydavat unconvincing explanations. And it in a moneybox to stories which in 2015 were told by REN-TV - about scandals and social tension which were formed around the market was even said that on Kaluzhskoye Highway legendary Cherkizon with his dirt and confusion, with counterfeit alcohol, from which five people, counterfeit cigarettes and tobacco mixes for a hookah literally rose.

In 2021 "Food City" became the person involved in scandal again. The edition reported that during the conflict between two groups — from Dagestan and from Tajikistan, employees and owners of outlets several people died.

Not to the liyena will be to remember also what in 2018 the representative of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Yury Polupanov said publicly that, according to the regulator, the wholesale markets of Moscow — Shopping Center Moscow, shopping Mall Sadovod and "Food City" — "became practically pioneers and leaders in the offer on purchase of cryptocurrencies". He estimated a shadow turn in these markets approximately at 600 billion rubles a month.

And this only a little bit of scandals in which "Food City" of Nisanov was mentioned. By itself the administration of shopping center denied all connection with these events. And not only these. Correctly, who admits it?

And why at such introduction to the beneficiary of similar assets everything escapes punishment? Everything as always is banal - communications and a lobby. And they at Nisanov not only that are extensive, and are very significant. Above we already told about Sobyanin with Vorobyov and also not to the liyena will be to remember that in the years of development of developer business of Nisanov by a stroysektor of Moscow Marat Khusnullin without whom as said, not one brick in the capital wasn't stacked operated. And, if to remember that the current Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Khusnullin is a native of the team of the Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, then everything rises on the places. Not for nothing Minnikhanov's spouse was marked out in business of Nisanov and his confidants.

Besides, in an interview of 2013 the native of the settlement the Red Settlement in the Cuban region of Azerbaijan from among Mountain Jews God Nissans itself noted that with Moscow in business they with Iliyev (native of the same settlement) were helped by diaspora. Nissans I noted that their force that they don't lose touch with fellow countrymen. Data also keep within an outline of this interview that Nissans it is connected with the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev who, by the way, in April, 2022 awarded Nisanov with the Order of Friendship for merits in strengthening of friendship between the people and development of the Azerbaijani diaspora.

It was mentioned next to the name of Nisanova and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Israeli President Shimon Peres himself. The publication Vzglyad in 2013 reported that Nisanova was partitionally examined at Ben Gurion airport and seized undeclared diamond earrings. The media said that Perez personally apologized to Nisanov for this episode. Do you know many businessmen to whom the president of the country simply apologizes? That's the same thing.

And if you add law enforcement agencies to the piggy bank of lobbyists, then the picture will be more complete. Judge for yourself.

According to the authors of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, allegedly billionaire Goda Nisanov showed who is the owner in Moscow: "At the end of last week, Igor Zinoviev, deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow, filed an application for retirement. This is the last of the four generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who were offended by the God Nisanov and who still remained in office. Even Minister Kolokoltsev and the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow Baranov could not save their friend. "

The Telegram channel clarified that before that, the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Southern Administrative District Dmitry Ryabov, the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of CJSC Boris Sheinkin and the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Northwestern Administrative District Anton Romeiko-Gurko had resigned. According to the Cheka-OGPU, the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation showed an overly interested view of the business of the undeclared partner of the aforementioned oligarch, who also turned out to be his relative.

As we can see, the market segment is not just profitable, it is a colossal profit, which, sometimes, goes through the "gray zone." If you take the same income from the "crypt." Is it conceivable - 600 billion rubles a month! Therefore, it is highly likely that the former Emerala site will nevertheless turn into the second Food City, with all of these ensuing...