Circuit for microcircuit: Reiman's "line" will pass along Saransk

Leonid Reiman's new project in Mordovia risks turning into colossal losses for the budget - like his previous venture, the Angstrem-T plant.


Leonid Reiman's new project in Mordovia risks turning into colossal losses for the budget - like his previous venture, the Angstrem-T plant.

According to UtroNews correspondent, the Rutek company of ex-Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman is going to build a new plant on the territory of a special economic zone in the capital of the Republic of Mordovia, the city of Saransk. Earlier, the same former official was known for an absolutely failed project for the development of the Angstrem-T plant, which was supposed to become one of the key and basic enterprises of the electronic industry in Russia.

Given the past of Leonid Reiman and the corruption risks in the team of the Governor of Mordovia Artem Zdunov, the undertaking looks extremely dangerous for the republican budget. Reiman himself is counting on the maximum possible support from the state.

It is assumed that Rutek in Saransk will assemble domestic R-background smartphones with the Rosa operating system based on Linux. Most likely, from the Russian there is only the name and nameplates. But it is this smartphone that may be obliged to massively purchase Russian officials instead of gadgets from foreign countries that are dangerous from the point of view of security. For Reiman, this is a real gold mine.

Angstrem-T and billions in Cyprus

And how can one not recall the largest and most disastrous project for the state by Leonid Reiman - the creation in Zelenogorsk of the production of microcircuits based on the Angstrem-T plant?

In 2008, VEB provided Angstrem-T with Leonid Reiman 815 million euros on credit. The money was given to buy equipment for the manufacturer of AMD microprocessors. The company could not pay off the debt, and in 2019 the state corporation ВЭБ.РФ received 100% of the enterprise.

Leonid Reiman ceased to be the owner of the plant. But where the money went is a big question. Another company remained behind him - Angstrem, which acted as a guarantor for a loan from the state corporation. It was from her that VEB subsequently managed to recover 1.3 billion euros.

Here you need to understand a simple thing: all the words about the creation of high-tech production with budget support (VEB is a state structure, and Angstrem-T received money through subsidies from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and government contracts) remained only words. The enterprise did not become a center for the production of microcircuits.

Circuit for microcircuit: Reiman's "line" will pass along Saransk

The Angstrem-T plant in Zelenogorsk could be one big scam. Photo:

What is even more surprising - in 2019, the former Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman demanded bankruptcy from his own Angstrem plant (he had 50% of the shares) 2.2 billion rubles. And Angstrem-T, which was then in a pre-bankrupt state, has another 3.8 billion rubles. Six billion rubles from their own enterprises, pumped up with budget money, when the state is trying to return at least credit money, is not even about the fact that the project simply did not work.

As of the end of 2018, the loss of Angstrem-T amounted to 16 billion rubles, the value of assets - minus 54 billion rubles.

Circuit for microcircuit: Reiman's "line" will pass along Saransk

Finance "Angstrem-T" before the collapse of the enterprise. Show these numbers to Artem Zdunov. Photo:

How to regard this, if not as an amazing, off-scale arrogance? The strategic project for the country was failed, the funds went nowhere, and the former official again demands money?

However, "nowhere" is strongly said. Recall that at the end of the 2000s, Reiman bought the plant from its then official owner - the Cypriot offshore Runica Investment. He himself could stand behind the offshore, and this was done just to obtain a loan from the Russian state bank. It was there that the funds provided by VEB could "fly" to the banks of Limassol.

"Pouraganil" in Zelenograd, now "pouraganit" in Saransk?

Who brought Reiman to Mordovia?

In Mordovia, Leonid Reiman has been "waiting" for three years. Moreover, the team of the ex-head of the Republic Vladimir Volkov could "slip" him to Zdunov. One of the first meetings on the project took place back in 2021, when Zdunov was in the rank of interim. Then, during a meeting in Saransk, the parties signed a memorandum of cooperation between Technopark-Mordovia and JSC Rutek.

Apparently, all this time Leonid Reiman tried to "knock out" for himself as many benefits and "silk" working conditions as possible. Judging by the documents on the creation of the plant, signed for PMEF-2024 with Artem Zdunov, he waited for his own.

In 2021, Dmitry Ivanov, the former Minister of Trade in the administration of Vladimir Volkov, attended the meeting. After the liquidation of the Ministry of Trade, Ivanov became the first deputy of the then Minister of Economy Alexei Gribanov. At the time of the meeting, Ivanov had already quit and, apparently, was working with Reiman. And Gribanov was still at his post - he will leave it only in the summer of 2022.

Apparently, it was they, Gribanov and Ivanov, who introduced Artyom Zdunov to Leonid Reiman. And they may also have their own interest in the project.

At the same time, Gribanov left his post with a big scandal, just three months after getting rid of the prefix I.O. As if he had not been released on vacation and his nerves could not stand it. Interestingly, Zdunov subjected Gribanov to real obstruction.

Circuit for microcircuit: Reiman's "line" will pass along Saransk

Reiman Zdunov "slipped" Alexey Gribanov (pictured)? Photo:

Gribanov's personality is extremely remarkable. He began his career at KS Bank, the main beneficiary of which was his father, former deputy of the State Council of the Republic Vladimir Gribanov.

Why could the Gribanovs "sing" with Reiman? We need money. In 2021, the Central Bank revoked the license from KS Bank. According to the regulator, the structure underestimated the amount of reserves necessary for the formation and artificially improved its financial indicators, and also violated the Law on Banking. As explained in the Central Bank, the activities of the credit institution "were focused on serving the interests of owners and related companies, which accounted for a significant share of the loan portfolio."

At the same time, Gribanov Sr. was close to almost all the heads of the region in recent years - Merkushkin, Volkov and Zdunov. And after the story with the bank, he received a criminal case - he was suspected of falsifying financial documents of accounting and reporting of a financial organization.

Despite the fact that hundreds and thousands of depositors could suffer, Gribanov Sr. received a punishment in the form of a ridiculous fine of 900 thousand rubles. Did close acquaintance with almost the entire local political and business elite help?

But Leonid Reiman is also a big fan of financial institutions and banking organizations. And some can attribute to him a tendency to "schematoses."

In 2012, several leading Russian and foreign media outlets reported that the German prosecutor's office Frankfurt am Main and the German criminal police, who since 2003 have been investigating the Commerzbank fraud case involving Russian businessmen, officially consider Reiman a suspect in money laundering. Then four bank employees and Danish lawyer Jeffrey Galmond, a longtime acquaintance of Reiman, were formally charged with laundering $150 million. Under this article, up to 10 years in prison are given in Germany.

Of course, for a cautious ex-minister, this did not end badly, and in Russia they decided not to pay attention to it at all. Maybe it's worth remembering that story?

Originally from Lanita

Returning to the project to create a smartphone assembly plant - given the above, it is extremely alarming for him. More precisely, for the budget of Mordovia.

Rutek JSC is located in Zelenograd - in the same place where the Angstrem-T plant was once located. The structure already has government contracts for 34 million rubles, but this is not even what appeals to curiosity. And the director of the structure is Dmitry Ivannikov. Previously, a person with the same name and surname worked as vice president of the infamous IT company Lanit.

Circuit for microcircuit: Reiman's "line" will pass along Saransk


This company has long supplied IT solutions for Russian government agencies. In 2020, the vice-presidents of Lanita, Vladimir Makarov and Viktor Serebryakov, were detained as part of a high-profile criminal case against ex-Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Tikhonov on charges of embezzling more than 600 million rubles. funds from the budget.

Subsequently, Tikhonov was sentenced to five years and four months in prison. Since he had already served this term in a pre-trial detention center, he was released right in the courthouse. Who will return 600 million rubles to the state is a question.

Now his former "colleague" from "Lanit," together with Leonid Reiman, will "spud" budgets in Mordovia. Isn't Artem Zdunov afraid to repeat the fate of the former Deputy Minister Tikhonov?