Chemezov's technodynamic attraction

The property complex of the plant named after Dzerzhinsky in Perm can go to businessman Viktor Grigoriev, close to Sergei Chemezov, and as a result of this, the Permians can be left without a new bridge across the Kama.


The property complex of the plant named after Dzerzhinsky in Perm can go to businessman Viktor Grigoriev, close to Sergei Chemezov, and as a result of this, the Permians can be left without a new bridge across the Kama.

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation clarified the requirements within the framework of the dispute over the property complex of the defense enterprise FSUE "Machine-Building Plant named after Dzerzhinsky." Previously, she demanded to recognize the transaction on the sale of the complex as insignificant and return the complex to the ownership of the state. But now a new applicant has appeared for the property - Technodinamika Group of Companies, which belongs to Rostec and an old friend of its head Sergei Chemezov, banker Viktor Grigoriev.

Meanwhile, the Moscow company PSK Spetsproektstroy, which won the auction earlier, allegedly planned to use the land for a project to build a new bridge across the Kama River, which Permians have long been waiting for. Now the authorities will have to look for a new site for the project, or even cancel it altogether?

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Perm Territory.

Plant named after Dzerzhinsky is engaged in the production of ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems - an extremely necessary business during the SVO period. But since 2005 it has been in bankruptcy proceedings. Now the company's debts amount to about 400 million rubles.

There were a lot of scandals and criminal cases around the plant, they wanted to close it altogether. Now this is no longer so relevant, the company was loaded with orders. But there are debts, and at the plant there is a large complex of buildings and a solid territory, which developers probably liked.

Dali's back

For a long time, they tried to sell the property complex of the plant at auction. First - for 4 billion rubles. As a result, he went under the hammer to Spetsproekstroy for only 725 million rubles. But in the end, the deal had to be canceled due to the claims of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and then the prosecutor's office. The fact is that right in the course of these processes, the PSK lost its license to work with classified information. They write on the Web at all, allegedly the company received this license a few days before the auction.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade also raised questions that the complex was sold in a single lot. But it could be divided into several, start a number of companies, help out more money for the budget. Later, the claims of the Ministry of Industry and Trade were supported by the prosecutor's office, the deal was recognized as null and Another point is that almost regular unauthorized protests by plant workers who feared that they would be left without work, production could not be saved in the end, and the front now badly needs the plant's products.

After recognizing the transaction as null and void, it was necessary to invalidate the bidding. This was demanded by the prosecutor's office through the court, and also sought that the complex be returned to state ownership. And this is where the Technodinamika Group of Companies appears, after which the control and supervisory authority "suddenly" decides that it is not necessary to return the property to the state. Even the Prosecutor General's Office is difficult to argue with people close to Chemezov. Apparently, Chemezov and Grigoriev decided to take advantage of the misstep of Spetsproektstroy with a license, and simply take the plant to their hands without returning it to the state.

Spectproectstroy is engaged in the production of ammunition and weapons. Initially, it was assumed that the plant would continue to work, save jobs. For unknown reasons, the Prosecutor General's Office considered that the company could build housing on the site of the property complex, and use part of it for a project to build a bridge across the Kama River. The city urgently needs the bridge, its target should pass just near the plant. Perhaps this would make it easier for the city to implement the project. If Spetsproektstroy had such plans, and the plant will go to Technodinamike, it is not a fact that Viktor Grigoriev will go for such a thing.

Will Viktor Grigoriev leave Perm without a new bridge over the Kama? Photo:ФотоВЕГригорьева.jpg

"Defense" put under Grigoriev

GC "Technodinamika" by 25% plus one share belongs to GC "Rostec," and by 75% minus the share - to the structures of Viktor Grigoriev. But this was not always the case, the state corporation had a full package. Why was it necessary to sell the association of strategic enterprises to Viktor Grigoriev, if there is no corruption component in this?

Further, the lot was sold for only 13.8 billion rubles. This is more than 30 enterprises! The amount is ridiculous for such an asset. Moreover, the auction was closed, only Grigoriev participated, the total amount of the sale turned out to be initial. I.e. the budget could also lose a substantial amount. Competition and did not smell.

Moreover, the owner of NK Bank (the main salary bank of Rostec) Viktor Grigoriev continues to buy the country's largest defense enterprises. A few years ago, he aimed at the Perm Powder Plant, another major, strategic defense enterprise. Earlier, The Moscow Post wrote about this in detail.

The Perm Gunpowder Plant, like the Dzerzhinsky Plant, is operated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The latter is led by Denis Manturov, a longtime associate of Sergei Chemezov. It is known that their families are engaged in business together. So far, "Gunpowder" has not been sold, but, as they say, it is not yet evening. After all, it has already been corporatized and transferred to Rostec. And then it can go under the hammer, like "Technodinamika" - to the same Grigoriev.

People close to Chemezov, as if from the master's shoulder (but this is state property!) Receive the most delicious strategic assets. Why would Grigoriev need a factory named after Dzerzhinsky? The answer is simple - the most powerful state defense order, which jumped incredibly after the start of the SVO.


Perm Powder Plant acted as a supplier for 3.4 billion rubles, and distributed another 41 billion rubles as a customer. Mashzavod named after Dzerzhinsky is still more modest. He acted as a supplier for 125 million rubles, a customer for 453 million rubles. It is completely difficult to calculate the state orders of enterprises included in the Technodinamika holding - these are billions and billions. The head JSC alone has 21.3 billion rubles as a supplier.

Help a likely opponent

If "Gunpowder," like "Mashzavod named after Dzerzhinsky," go to Viktor Grigoriev, it can be assumed that soon we will hear about them in the context of possible corruption scandals. In 2022, a whole series of such erupted around enterprises, one way or another related to Technodinamics.

In the fall, on September 19, searches took place at the Iskra Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant (NMZ), which is part of Technodinamika. It produces ammunition and explosives. Then their character was not specified, but it was said that the events were held within the framework of the initiated criminal case.

On the same day, the director of the Dzerzhinsky Plant named after Sverdlov, who is also engaged in ammunition, Yuri Shumsky, was detained in Moscow. This plant was supposed to be given to Rostec back in 2021, in 2023 this happened. But back in July 2021, State Duma deputy Dmitry Kuznetsov made statements to the UK and the prosecutor's office, suggesting that the Sverdlov Plant previously could have carried out illegal supplies of explosives.

According to Kommersant, Kuznetsov, with reference to the former deputy director of the Sverdlov plant, Nikolai Pavelko, wrote that the company, through intermediaries, could illegally export explosives, including to unfriendly NATO countries. And also the fact that, perhaps, in addition to the plant employees, employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and unidentified persons of Technodinamika JSC participated in the scheme. Is it possible to assume that during the transition of the plant named after Dzerzhinsky "Technodinamika" something similar may happen?

There are many scandals around Grigoriev's NK Bank. If we take the financial and credit institution itself, then before the publication of the financial statements of Russian banks ceased in the period from September 2021 to February 2022, it showed losses, a decrease in the loan portfolio, and a drop in investments in securities. But what grew - these are assets. At the expense of former state-owned enterprises, you have to think.


Can't money be withdrawn from Grigoriev's bank? And also from government orders of the same "Technodinamika"? And then settle somewhere offshore, which pay taxes to unfriendly countries. After that, they supply funds and weapons to the Kyiv nationalists. Such a circle may turn out to be sad for our military-industrial complex. For this, the founder of the Cheka Felix Dzerzhinsky, after whom the Perm plant is named, would definitely not stroke them on the head. And this is also to put it mildly.