British Adventures and Strategic Plants of Okroyan

The chief designer of the military plant and businessman Mkrtich Okroyan, whose namesake is a tax resident of Great Britain, appeared in a dubious story with the participation of oligarch Alexander Svetakov.


The chief designer of the military plant and businessman Mkrtich Okroyan, whose namesake is a tax resident of Great Britain, appeared in a dubious story with the participation of oligarch Alexander Svetakov.

The state examination rejected the project for the construction of a multifunctional office center in Moscow. The developer is a company associated with the relatives of Mkrtich Okroyan, the chief designer of a military plant, who has repeatedly become involved in high-profile stories, including those related to real estate in the UK. It was rumored that Okroyan, who received shares in a number of factories, was close to Yuri Luzhkov and Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the story.

During the monitoring of the project database, The Moscow Post correspondent found out that on November 9, the state examination rejected the construction of a multifunctional office center in quarter 9 in the Vnukovskoye settlement of Moscow. The developer is SZ Grandsoyuzinvest LLC.


Judging by the base of housing construction, the beneficiaries are billionaire Alexander Svetakov (Absolut Group of Companies), as well as Anna Mkrtichevna Okroyan, Dmitry Vladimirovich Baban, Rosa Arisovna Maitesyan and Apresyan Zorayr Artyushevich. At the same time, IG Absolut LLC is the manager for the developer, moreover, the shares of legal entities-owners are pledged to both Absolute and Sberbank. At the same time, Absolut itself hides the beneficiaries behind the closed-end investment fund.

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The Moscow Post has repeatedly talked about billionaire Svetakov in its investigations. For example, about the proximity to the governor Andrei Vorobyov near Moscow, about claims to him as a developer and about the quality of the construction projects themselves, as well as about the role of the oligarch in the case of the son of the adviser to the governor of the Moscow region, developer Mikhail Ogloblin. We will not repeat ourselves and today we will dwell on his business partners in SZ Grandsoyuzinvest, which are no less remarkable, but much more closed from the public.

Okroyan Clan Empire

Anna Okroyan is the daughter of Mkrtich Okroyan, chief designer of the Soyuz aircraft-engine scientific and technical complex. Soyuz is a former state-owned enterprise that was the founder of several aircraft engine design bureaus.

In 2020, Okroyan was written about both the owner of the largest private collection of expensive art objects of the Art Deco era and the president of the Auri Group of Companies, which works in various sectors of the Russian economy (from aircraft engine building to the production of mineral components).

Auri Group LLC today is headed by Zorair Apresyan, one of the co-owners of Grandsoyuzinvest. Rosa Maitesyan is also a person close to the Okroyanov clan, and Dmitry Baban is most likely a relative of Okroyan, since the businessman's wife bears the same surname.

Also, spiteful critics assured that an enterprising Komsomol worker from Armenia joined the board of directors of a number of factories not without the support of Yuri Luzhkov and oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Today, the Okroyan family owns Soyuz Aerospace Engineering Center LLC and Soyuz Aerospace Corporation LLC, Okroyan's share is 80%). The co-owner and manager of the latter is precisely the Soyuz defense plant represented by Amntk Soyuz OJSC.

It is not superfluous to recall that Okroyanov's companies have numerous master orders in their luggage. For example, Harutyun Okroyan owns BLMZ Technologies LLC, which was the executor of 13 state contracts worth over 778 million rubles and specializes in the production of aircraft units.


On the Web, you can find information that back in the 90s, Okroyan joined the Board of Directors of Balashikha Foundry and Mechanical Plant OJSC (an ex-state-owned enterprise from the production of aircraft and weapons).

As the Cbonds website reported, allegedly in December 2021, Anna Mkrtichevna Okroyan increased her ownership stake in the OJSC from 5.61% to 16.91%. Earlier, judging by open data, the state corporation Rostec was also among the owners. Apparently, which provided such a flow of government orders to the plant: he was the executor of 166 state contracts totaling over 2.7 billion rubles. In January 2022, it was reported that Rostec left the capital of the plant, but a company from the same division, RT-Capital LLC, entered it.


Today, all the company's reports are "classified," but, at least for 2022, the plant was associated with Okroyan. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the share of BLMZ in the subsidiary, Titanium Processes LLC, is laid down just for Mr. Okroyan. Moreover, in other subsidiaries of BLMZ - Balashikha Foundry LLC and Balashikha Mechanical Plant LLC (created in March 2022), as of August 2023, shares were pledged by Krechet Pro LLC, among the owners of which is Okroyan Mehak Armenovich. Is the plant really waiting for transformation and division into two LLCs? But a rather interesting picture adds up.


As we can see, enterprises related to the Okroyans are not bad at government orders. But, it seems, not everything is so smooth in the "empire."

Financial difficulties

An analysis of the financial performance of firms associated with the Okroyans speaks, at least, of difficulties. For example, the oil-producing LLC "September" at the end of 2021 demonstrated zero revenue, having gone through bankruptcy proceedings. Auri Group itself disclosed the results for the last time in 2020, indicating a net loss of 1.3 million rubles, while Rusprofile has a label about the partial or complete suspension of transactions on accounts by tax authorities for June 2023.

In general, the situation is similar for many Okroyanov assets.

The net loss of SZ Grandsoyuzinvest in 2022 was 462 million rubles. The subsidiary of SZ Grandsoyuzinvest - LLC Inzhstroytekhnologii also showed a loss of 16 million rubles in 2022. At the same time, the same "Grandsoyuzinvest" is listed as the developer of 17 houses that are being built in Khamovniki. The project of the IFC "Luzhniki Collection" is called and today the sale of apartments in it is high. But with such financial results, the company and its "daughter" personally have anxiety for future equity holders. And then the commercial project of the state examination rejected.

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But the most "bright spot" in the business biography of the Okroyan family is not even state defense orders or ownership of shares in enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex. Against this background, to put it mildly, not very good, reports look that allegedly Anna Okroyan may be related to a mansion in Surrey in the UK. Today, Soyuz is suing the creators of the video, which talked about foreign property.

Meanwhile, a certain British company BENTO MINERALS EUROPE LIMITED appears in industry sources of information. At the same time, the top managers in it indicate the namesakes of Okroyan himself, his wife Alla Baban, other relatives - Andranik and Harutyun Okroyanov. And the registration of all namesakes was in Surrey.


And, by the way, in Russia there is Bento Group Minerals LLC, which is partially owned by Zorair Apresyan, already familiar to us, and the Armenian company Ijevansky Bentonite Combine. The website of the latter says that BentoGroupMinerals is a large Russian manufacturer and supplier of products based on bentonite clays, which is part of the Auri Group of Companies. Amazing coincidence, isn't it? And, if anything, Ijevansky Bentonite is a former state-owned enterprise that was successfully privatized during the collapse of the USSR. By the way, the Moscow LLC from this group is the executor of the state contract of JSC GKNPC named after M.V. Khrunichev.


And the "cherry on this cake" is that, speaking of the director of BENTO MINERALS EUROPE Mkrtich Okroyan, industry sources prescribe that he de has the status of a resident of Great Britain - "Country of Residence: UNITED KINGDOM" under "Nation: RUSSIAN."

And how do you like this alignment in the light of European sanctions?


In our opinion, this whole picture requires the close attention of the Investigative Committee. After all, if namesakes are not just namesakes, then under the control of the family of Mr., who is a resident of Great Britain, several strategic enterprises of Russia turned out to be.