Avdolyan "merges" Bosov's "inheritance"

The oligarch with an ambiguous reputation, Albert Avdolyan, seems to have decided to hide his interest in the inheritance of the deceased businessman Dmitry Bosov - the Sibanthracite company. For which the company was first sold, then put "for liquidation," and instead they created a new, eponymous legal entity without a toxic biography.


The oligarch with an ambiguous reputation, Albert Avdolyan, seems to have decided to hide his interest in the inheritance of the deceased businessman Dmitry Bosov - the Sibanthracite company. For which the company was first sold, then put "for liquidation," and instead they created a new, eponymous legal entity without a toxic biography.

In the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the period for the liquidation of a legal entity created under Bosov expired on December 28, 2023. Who and why Avdolyan left the coveted coal "portfolio," which he licked at during Bosov's lifetime, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

Sibanthracite is positioned as one of the world leaders in the extraction and export of anthracite, high-quality metallurgical coal. The division included Novosibirsk coal companies - Kolyvansky Open Pit and Vostochny Open Pit, Kuzbass Kiizassky Open Pit, Verkhneteshsky Open Pit, and in 2023 licenses were obtained for two more Kuzbass sections - Kuznetsky South Open Pit and Malinovsky Open Pit. The asset also includes two foreign companies - Sibanthracite Overseas Pte. Ltd. and Sibanthracite Overseas AG, which are engaged in the sale of products, pay attention to the international market. In total, 381.7 million tons of anthracite and coal reserves, 345.83 billion rubles of revenue for 2022. A very tasty piece, which, according to rumors, caused some to want to bite off it during Bosov's lifetime.

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It was rumored that even before the mysterious death of Bosov in 2020, the founder of Yota, the owner of the A-Property holding Albert Avdolyan, showed interest in the asset, whose methods of work of business partners even raised questions from law enforcement officers. So, for example, Sergei Adonyev, back in the 95th year, was put on the wanted list on a warrant from the Prosecutor General's Office of Kazakhstan as part of an investigation into the case of a bribe to the Minister of Trade and a number of other persons for a contract for the supply of Cuban sugar. The case was eventually stopped, although the businessman, according to the newspaper, first admitted his guilt, and then withdrew the confession - they say, interferes with work. Avdolyan - a big lover of offshore and lush American-style celebrations, it seems, does not interfere with anything in the work.

The mysteries of Bosov's death and the role of Avdolyan

The death of Bosov was preceded by a conflict with a business partner - Alexander Isaev. Allegedly, Bosov learned that Isaev was cooperating with a competitor of Sibanthracite - A-Property Albert Avdolyan.

As a result, in April 2020, the head of the board of Vostokugol Management Company and a member of the board of directors of Sibanthracite Management Company Alexander Isaev, who also owned shares in some legal entities, was fired and this happened literally a month before Bosov's death. Yes, not just fired, but posting details of the conflict in the media. Kommersant then said that the defendant had been fired for "blatant abuse and embezzlement."

Already at the end of April, the same Isaev became the director of Elga Management Company LLC, which was controlled by Avdolyan. Moreover, in 2022, Energogrupp LLC, owned by Isaev, receives a 20% stake in the Criminal Code. That is, Bosov's suspicions had real ground?

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In May 2020, under mysterious circumstances, Bosov himself dies, and a loud and sometimes dirty struggle unfolds for his inheritance, accompanied by a campaign against Bosov's wife Katerina (who probably prevented him from pulling the business apart). And already in 2021, Avdolyan bought shares from the heirs, and, according to rumors, Bosov's widow, who herself worked in his division, learned about the deal from the media and tried to challenge it.

Then, in addition to Avdolyan, Rostec received its spoon of cream, which got the port of Vera in Primorye and the Ogodzhinsky coal project in the Amur Region. It should not be forgotten that Avdolyan has a long-standing strong relationship with the state corporation under the management of Sergei Chemezov: in Yota Devices in 2013-2017, Rostec owned a block package, and in 2018 Avdolyan became the owner of the Hydrometallurgical Plant, which supplied its products including Rostec.

A year later, in 2022, it became known that Rostec was selling Bosov's previously acquired assets to Avdolyan and Isaev. As if Rostec took a toxic (against the background of a corporate conflict) inheritance for overexposure. In general, all this speaks of the businessman's high ties, which, apparently, help him with injections from the state budget.

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In August 2022, the coal assets of A-Property - Sibanthracite and Elgaugol - were combined on the basis of Elsie. Initially, Avdolyan's partners in Sibanthracite were Maxim Barsky, but in October 2022 the first bought a stake from the second and Adonyev, already known to us, and the disgraced Isaev became partners. In February 2023, Adonyev leaves this business, in which only Isaev da Avdolyan remains. And here's what is interesting: then, in February 2023, a record of liquidation appeared in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities regarding LLC UK Sibanthracite, which was supposed to be completed on December 28, 2023.

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By that time, the company had already recorded annual losses and appeared in corporate showdowns at the suit of Bosov's widow. Katerina challenged the decisions of the board of directors, but lost the dispute.

It would seem, why liquidate an asset for which at one time almost the chubs drank each other? Apparently, even then Avdolyan thought about his resale and cleaned up a toxic biography: so Sibanthracite officially apologized to Isaev for dismissal, and the legal entity, which flashed in corporate lawsuits, decided to quietly "dig." In any case, instead of a director, the Criminal Code still has a liquidator, and the label of liquidation in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities has not been removed.

And in November 2023, a message appeared about the sale of Sibanthracite to a certain Bashkir Industrial Holding (BPH). That is, long-tediously seeking Bosov's inheritance, Avdolyan literally two years later sells it. Analyzing the deal, The Moscow Post then suggested that he could throw off ballast, which simply would not pull even taking into account government loans. Avdolyan himself in the comments of the media stated that he would bet on the development of his other assets.

So maybe in the same "Sibanthracite" Avdolyan simply hid his interest as behind a screen for some denominations? Who needs such a train as scandals with Isaev, the death of Bosov and dirt in the struggle for inheritance?

Deck shuffle

On November 8, 2023, a brand new, clean legal entity with the same name appeared in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Elsie Academy LLC became his "daughter," and JSC Kolyvansky Open Joint Stock Company, Vostochny Open Stock Company, Elsie Logistics Siberia LLC and Verkhneteshsky Open Stock Company came under control. New owners and Pechora Mining Company LLC received.

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And, apparently, so that there were no disputes over trademarks and the name, the old Sibanthracite management company along the chain also passed to the same group of persons from BPH - through the change of owners of Elsie Holding LLC and AP Development LLC, which received BPH and Vanika Vanuntsu.

The reissue of AP Development dragged behind it a chain of already Kuzbass assets - LLC Razrez Kuznetsky Yuzhny and LLC Razrez Malinovsky. By the way, an interesting fact: until the end of September 2023, these two assets were in the hands of a certain Alexei Grigoriev and his business partner Timur Frank. Also in the biography of one of these sections were traces of Dmitry Chirakadze, the namesake of the former deputy governor of the Kemerovo region.

Frank is called a person close to many Kemerovo prominent figures. For example, he was credited with acquaintance with the former deputy governor Aman Tuleyev Maxim Makin and family ties with Major General of the Police Alexei Ivanov. In addition, his marriage ties with one of the former judges of the Kemerovo arbitration were also mentioned.

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But let's get back to the Sibanthracite deal.

And again Avdolyan

According to Rusprofile, the owners of the BPH, established in October 2021, are Oleg Polyakov (25.5%), Alexey Fomenko (25.5%), Vanik Vanunts, Olga Chaplygina and Alla Zotova. The shares of all the defendants are pledged to Mosoblbank, which in December 2022 was bought by Promsvyazbank structures from Arkady and Boris Rotenberg.

Interestingly, the chairman of the board of directors and the founder of Transstroyinvest Fomenko became part of the owners after the deal with Sibanthracite - from November 22. It is interesting in that in the media it is mentioned as a partner of Arkady Rotenberg. In addition, the construction division of Fomenko, according to rumors, built facilities for very, very high-ranking persons. Fomenko's companies also have billions of government contracts in their portfolio.

As for Oleg Polyakov, he is a co-owner of NIPI NG Peton LLC and is Igor Mnushkin's business partner in this asset.

The name of the Mnushkins in Bashkiria is quite known: Peton is a contractor under the contracts of Gazprom, Bashneft, and Mnushkin himself is included in the rating of TOP - 100 richest entrepreneurs in Bashkortostan. Polyakov is probably just "Mnushkin's man," since before becoming a partner in Peton, he was an adviser to Mnushkin's son-in-law.

Among those mentioned next to Peton were such prominent figures as ex-top Gazprom manager Kirill Seleznev, Ali Uzdenov from AFK Sistema and Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk. Also earlier, the co-owner of Peton was Vladimir Zaitsev, the namesake of the ex-head of the representative office of the Smolensk region under the government of the Russian Federation and a candidate for governor of the region.

In addition, Oleg Polyakov and his relative Dmitry Polyakov, together with the ex-head of the Russian Guard of Moscow Andrei Grankin, are closely connected with the family of Prime Minister of Bashkiria Andrei Nazarov, also known as family friend Radiy Khabirov. They are connected through the division of the construction company Granel, where Nazarov's wife Larisa and their son Denis (ex-deputy of Kurultai of Bashkiria) were noted. The Moscow Post has previously talked about this in detail.

As for Vanunets, according to Interfax, this is a former co-owner of Almaz Fertilizer, which was previously part of the Avdolyan perimeter. This (and not only) suggests that the oligarch from Sibanthracite has not gone anywhere.

By the way, together with the general director of PJSC YATEK Andrei Korobov, Vanunts was a co-owner of Almaz Tech LLC.

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YATEK is part of the Avdolyan division and not so long ago the namesake of the Honorary Consul of Armenia in Yekaterinburg Narek Spartakyan was among the shareholders. Spartak can hardly be called a strategic partner, because we assumed that he was another "Avdolyan man."

The restructuring of the oligarch's division and the care of the "screens" may be associated with soy hide and seek from sanctions, which is now fashionable among the inhabitants of the Forbes list. And Avdolyan in this sense can come under attack due to his close ties with the head of Rostec Chemezov, with whom the oligarch personally and his wife are members of the Yakut charity foundation "New House." In addition, among Avdolyan's business partners in a number of assets, a native of Sergei Chemezov's structures, Rodion Treasure, was previously discovered.

Avdolyan's game around Bosov's inheritance is reminiscent of the game as a whole "and wants to, and pounding." In light of the toxicity of history, replacing players in screen format is a kind of way out of the situation. And in case of problems, Avdolyan will no longer have to answer, who can always declare that he has nothing to do with this business. Eat the cake and have it too.