Auto massage with a taste of raiding: what is behind the "take-off" of the Suprotek Group of Companies?

The partners of the ex-FSB officer Alexei Raevsky suspected of raiding will receive tax breaks from the St. Petersburg government.


The partners of the ex-FSB officer Alexei Raevsky suspected of raiding will receive tax breaks from the St. Petersburg government.

The Suprotek group announced plans to build a new production of auto lubricants on the territory of the St. Petersburg special economic zone Novoorlovskaya. The plant is planned to be commissioned by 2026, the amount of investments is 918 million rubles.

Meanwhile, many car owners believe that the business of the Suprotek Group of Companies is based on the principle of network marketing, and their products may not meet the declared qualities and be imposed on consumers. In addition, in the past, one of the key beneficiaries of Suprotek, a former FSB officer Alexei Raevsky, was suspected of raiding someone else's real estate.

Details - in the material The Sankt-Petersburg Post.

The plant will build the main legal entity of the group, LLC NPTK Suprotek. It is owned by two founders of the structure - Sergei Zelenkov (aka general director) and Kirill Kiselev. The company has several small government contracts with the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Motor Transport Combine," which belongs to the Office of the President. But the main income comes from working with private clients.


However, they had a third partner - a former FSB officer Alexei Raevsky. Together with Zelenkov, Kiselev and another of their partners Denis Nikitin, they owned Suprotek-Oil LLC, which was liquidated in 2016.


Now they remain co-owners of the existing Suprotek-Filmar LLC, where Al-Saqaf businessman Hassan Muhamed has 40%. Behind the latter is another chain of companies, a number of which are associated with Suprotek. Among them is the liquidated Suprotek-Engineering LLC, where the same ex-FSB officer Alexei Raevsky was co-owner. On the Web, Raevsky is called one of the founders of the group, close to Zelenkov and Kiselev. He is also credited with acquaintance with the criminal world - they say that in these circles he is known as "Paradise."

The third is not superfluous

In 2012, Aleksey Raevsky was detained on suspicion of raider seizure of ZAO PTK Stroitel. The company was experiencing financial problems, and later, in 2016, it went bankrupt. But on her balance sheet was expensive real estate in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg.

According to security officials, Raevsky participated in a criminal scheme, with the help of which fraudsters tried to seize just such a building, on the street. Courland, worth more than 1 million euros.

The scheme was revealed after the appeal of the owner of the PTK "Builder" Alexander Logodenko. According to him, the situation was initiated by the former co-owner of the company Mikhail Roginsky. The standard scheme is the production of a forged extract from the minutes of the general meeting of shareholders, allowing the sale of the object. As a result, the asset was sold back in 2004 to LiI LLC at a reduced price, and in 2010 it was resold to the third office. And also at a reduced cost.

After the detention of Raevsky, the media seemed to forget about this situation. As the media wrote, subsequently Raevsky, whom they call the head of the Suprotek Group of Companies, was sentenced to four years in prison on probation.

The names of Zelenkov and Kiselev do not sound in the official reports. However, according to the author of the blog Alexander Logodenko (is it really the same?) On the platform, the alleged beneficiaries of Suprotek are directly related to the raider seizure of the property of the PTK, and all the activities of the organizers (among whom Mikhail Roginsky is also called) took place strictly in the office of NPTK Suprotek LLC. In addition, the same author claims that as a result of the raider seizure, money was withdrawn from the PTK, and Suprotek received its share.

The same blog hints that Raevsky and Co may have laundered funds obtained illegally. Rosmedprodukt LLC is mentioned, where Raevsky's wife Lilia Nikolaeva allegedly worked as an accountant. Such an LLC was liquidated in 2011. But there was another company - LLC TD Rosmedproduct, liquidated in 2016. Alexey Raevsky is indicated there as a co-owner with a share of 25%.


Apparently, after a loud scandal, the partners decided to quickly get rid of the formal connection with Raevsky, and he himself could remain in the actual management of the company. However, not all assets came out - they are still partners in Suprotek-Filmar LLC.

"Miracle elixir" or deception?

Meanwhile, there is another important question - that Zelenkov and Co are generally sold to people under the Suprotek brand, and for which they will be given tax breaks at Novoorolovsky.

The company's products are additives and tribotechnical compositions for the restoration, protection and extension of the life of internal combustion engines, gearboxes, gearboxes of fuel equipment and other units and components of the car. Something like dietary supplements (dietary supplements) - the body helps, but they do not have critical importance.

According to the authors of the blog "Automania" on the platform "Zen," allegedly the entire business of Zelenkov and Kiselev is built on deception and the principles of network marketing. As if Suprotek's lubricants are far from as good as they advertise them, or even do not work at all. And they are popular due to the fact that almost 65% of the fleet of the Russian Federation are outdated cars, and among them 80% have problems with the engine.

In this sense, the distribution of goods on the "word of mouth" works effectively: poor Russian car owners want to believe that they will be able to extend the resource of their car - after all, there is no new money. And the result, as with dietary supplements, is a placebo effect?

Perhaps this is just a private opinion. But on the Internet, such reviews of Suprotek's products and methods of their distribution are common.

For example, just a week ago, on the portal for motorists, the user Bogdan52 gives a certain text stating that Suprotek does not seem to work, because the technology declared by the manufacturers does not exist, and it may even be harmful to the engine.


Well, if so, marketers and PR specialists of Suprotek can be congratulated - they managed to sell their products even to the Presidential Affairs Department. They know their work.

And then we return to Suprotek's plans to build a plant in the Novoorlovskaya special economic zone. There are only innovative companies producing high-tech products.

If the real innovations and efficiency of Zelenkov and Co's products are "fake" (what else needs to be proved), then do they have the right to receive tax, property and other benefits from working in such a zone until other, really innovative, small startups can find funds to implement their ideas?