As plywood over Vologda: Yevtushenkov found the place for "wooden" money

AFK "Sistema" of Vladimir Yevtushenkov develops places of the state credit money withdrawn in offshore zones.


AFK "Sistema" of Vladimir Yevtushenkov develops places of the state credit money withdrawn in offshore zones.

The Sielti's Falcon company entering into AFK "Sistema" of Vladimir Yevtushenkov on April 12 signed the special investment contract (SPIK) with the government of the region for production of panels from glued wood (CLT) for needs of housing construction.

In the Vologda region for April, 2023 five companies entering into AFK "Sistema" work. It is LPK "Kipelovo", Sokolskiye DOC and pulp and paper mill, the Vologda textile plant and the mentioned plant on production of CLT panels for wooden housing construction "the Falcon of CLT".

Probably long ago regards the Vologda region in AFK "Sistema" as one of "ancestral lands" together with the next Kirov region.

In a situation the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood the Vologda region.

Sang under plywood

Initially "Sielti's Falcon" was called "the Sokolsky plywood company", and was founded by the Vyatka Plywood Plant (VPP).

In 2014 VFK passed of AFK "Sistema" - together with Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill, the Karelia chipboard plant, Sokolsky DOC, the Onega LDK. LLC LesInvest entering into AFK "Sistema" then signed agreements on acquisition at Bank of Moscow of 100% of stocks of JSC Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill and 100% of shares of LLC Derevoobrabotka-Proekt.

Meanwhile in 2016 Gazprombank issued the credit of LLC Sotameko plus, and on him LLC Plitkom, LLC Sokolfanprom, LLC Sokolskaya Fanera, LLC Sokolsky Plywood Company acted as the guarantor

Draws attention that then issued the credit registered in the city the Falcon of the Vologda region by LLC Sotameko plus, and in December, 2022, having existed 20 years, this society was declared in court the bankrupt.

His founders were two companies, Trust Management Ltd and Resnorf Management Properties registered on the British Virgin Islands — the world's largest "offshore paradise".


In development of a plot it is necessary to specify that all four Ltd companies which acted as guarantors on the credit of 60,216,923.28 rubles for these acquisitions in 2019 were liquidated (aren't made bankrupt, and are withdrawn from the register of legal persons as not handing over reports on activity over a year). Is evident that all five firms (including Sotameko Plus) are registered to one address:. Falcon, Mamonov St., 6. It seems that all these legal persons upon presented to the borrower the required money then the point of their further existence disappeared.

All mentioned companies were connected as codefendants to one case No. A56-55621/2016 in arbitration on non-execution or inadequate performance of obligations under contracts of the credit.

While there were legal proceedings on bankruptcy of Sotameko plus, in 2021 there was a scandal which spoiled image to all VFK, and with him and Segezha Group. His top manager and the vice president of Segezha Group Aleksei Stepanov, having stayed on this post only two years, I became the person involved in criminal case about commercial bribery.

Proceedings were initiated because of the ridiculous sum of 95 thousand rubles, but the sanction for the fact of bribery is term up to nine years of imprisonment.

As it was already written above, LLC Sokol Sielti which signed on the eve of SPIK with the state till 2018 carried the name "Sokolsky Plywood Plant" earlier.

"Sielti's falcon" was called "Sokolsky Plywood Plant" earlier. Photo:

The history "gains" numbering more than a decade "System" of the Kirov and Vologda derevoobrabatyayushchy industry causes mixed feelings. On the one hand, investments hotly welcome the authorities of these regions. With another, it is worth listening to "voice of the people": soturdnik of the factories bought AFK "Sistema" repeatedly complained in the press that production at these enterprises distinctly serves only as "smoke screen" for some unclear financial transactions.

Workers specified that the equipment isn't under repair, cars work very hard, and it for some reason doesn't disturb owners at all. So usually not zealous owners, but favourites who use factories as a screen for legalization of means behave. It is confirmed and data of official audit of according to which the financial condition of the same VFK is much worse, than on average in the industry. And where those 60 million rubles left?

On the other hand, money was withdrawn from the State Bank, in fact, offshores, the new plant with formally decent purchasers moreover SPIK is started received. Nobody offended, except the state.