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29 November 2023

Russia-America: whose economy is stronger?

Last week the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev accused the leadership of the United States that drew America into the world financial crisis. In matters of economic confrontation Russia and America looks into a special correspondent for The Moscow Post.

In response to this attack Russian leader West responded another recession in major financial exchanges. There was the exception and the Russian economy. So RTS and MICEX indexes instantly dashed down, but after assurances by the President of Russia, that our economy continues to maintain stability, in spite of everything, once again rumours indices upwards.

In America, all past cases were also not easier. Problems in the financial sector of the U.S., which exacerbated the mortgage and banking crises, only further shattered the American economy.

However, against the background of these problems, two double-edged Great Powers continued confrontation with one another as in information, and in the economic sphere.

For example, the U.S. phased Georgia allocates one billion dollars for the purchase of advanced weapons, and Russia spends hundreds of millions of rubles for the reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed during the war in South Ossetia.

Against the backdrop of increasing material costs on both sides as a result of hostilities between Russia and Georgia, correspondent for The Moscow Post tried to hold his analysis of financial opportunities Russia and America.

America and Russia - David and Goliath

So, the U.S. economy is incomparably greater economy of Russia. However, external and internal debts America incomparably greater than those debts Russia.

The economy of the U.S. took 15% of the entire world economy, but it is now at a recession. Economy Russia does not pretend to finance 15% of the world, but the Russian economy is one of the most steadily growing in the world.

America ranked first in the world in gold stocks, but depends on energy supplies from abroad. Russia ranks third in the world in gold stocks, but the very energy exports worldwide.

America may try to break the economy of Russia trade sanctions and prevent its entry into the WTO. Russia may withdraw from American banks its reserve fund, and then the U.S. banking system would collapse completely.

America can prohibit their NATO counterparts on trade with Russia. But then, these countries will implement economic relations with Russia within the EU.

Russia could agree with OPEC in general and with Iran and Venezuela in particular to the simultaneous reduction in the rate of oil production. Then oil prices taking off until the heavens and destroy the American economy. U.S. in this case may attack Iran, but another war just finally undermine its economy ...

At the end of article wants the U.S. economy compared with Goliath, and Russia - with David. Note that their total opposition to all known...

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