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05 December 2023

The success of the American military campaign in Afghanistan depends on Russia

Today, during his speech at the National Defense University in Washington, U.S. President George W. Bush spoke about future plans for the conduct of American military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the course of treatment has been following U.S. presidential correspondent for The Moscow Post.

In his speech, Bush focused on the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. In particular, U.S. President stated that "in the next few months" to the U.S. from Iraq will return about 3 thousand 400 troops supporting the troops, including aviation personnel, a group of explosive munitions, combat and construction engineers, military police and logistical support.

Then Bush said that "by November, we (the U.S. - footnote The Moscow Post) return home battalion of marines, who now runs the service in the province of Anbar, and by February 2009, will return home, another Army combat brigade." Finishing it on the situation in Iraq, U.S. President admitted that Iraq has taught America that "that the best way to restore the confidence of people - is to provide basic security, which requires more troops".

After the head of the White House finished talking about the situation in Iraq, he switched to Afghanistan: "Today I am announcing the direction of additional American troops in Afghanistan. In November, a battalion of marines, who planned to send to Iraq, but instead will be sent to Afghanistan . In January will be followed by the U.S. Army brigade…. The mission of these troops will work with the Afghan armed forces to ensure the safety of the Afghan people,… and the maintenance of fighting against terrorists and the Taliban " ".

The reasons for strengthening the American contingent in Afghanistan

According to a statement U.S. President George W. Bush, now the military efforts of the United States will once again focused on Afghanistan, which they in the heat of the Iraq war already managed to "forget".

The decision not to whom Bush was not new. Note that with such a statement recently have spoken leader of American Democrats Barack Obama.

Indeed, the U.S. military in Afghanistan now is not the best. Taliban attacks have become increasingly, attacks - are treacherous, Islamic extremists - ruthlessly. In connection with this, the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan needs a serious resupply.

However, it will need to replenish something, and as something to provide. The problem is now urgent, since the financial crisis at the White House little means for the effective implementation of domestic policies, not to mention the external.

But, nevertheless, increased American military contingent in Afghanistan - this important decision the U.S. government, absolutely necessary for maintaining stability in the region.

Direct American dependence on Russia in the military campaign in Afghanistan

However, to ensure the effective supply of U.S. troops in Afghanistan with food and ammunition, the U.S. must use the territory of Tajikistan, a neighbour of Afghanistan.

Recall that in Tajikistan is too large Russian influence, which must be regarded as local authorities. Besides the interests of Russia absolutely dominated the field throughout the region.

Therefore, cooperation with Russia just need America to provide normal living conditions for the existence of its soldiers in Afghanistan.

Populism Republicans can kill American soldiers in Afghanistan

But in the heat of pre-excitement, some American politicians threatened to cease all relations with Russia, if it is not renounce recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as the condemnation of their actions in Georgia during the five-day war.

Now, after turns international negotiations, has no need to say that Russia may abandon its action in the Caucasus.

Consequently, if America truly put an end to its relations with Russia, Moscow is still not changed its decisions.

However, in this case, most of America already have to revise its presence in Afghanistan, as if Moscow will not help Washington in the process of American troops all necessary, then America fail in Afghanistan risked complete fiasco.

Note that in the event of a complete break bilateral relations with America nor Russia will not lose their energy nor its trading partners. At the same time, America will lose control over Afghanistan.

In this case, to power in the republic could come back the Taliban and the United States to arrange a second "September 11".

However, it seems that American populists do not understand this. This is especially true for representatives of the Republican Party such as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and John McCain.

They intend to lead the anti-Russian propaganda, to raise the pre-ranking Republican Party. However, they seem to forget that for the growth of their mother's simple answer ranking American soldiers killed in Afghanistan for the sake of the interests of politicians sitting in Washington.

If George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and John McCain at least a month lived in the barracks of American troops in Kabul, they would understand what it means to real war in Afghanistan ... And they would have realized that the Russian held this war from beginning to end between 1979 and 1989, could be valuable partners in the fight against global terrorism. It is a pity that because of the pre-race American government does not see the obvious, and threatening Russia with the termination of any relationship, substitutes its own soldiers at risk ...

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