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05 December 2023

With a moderate look at difficult things: The Moscow Post 15 years

Dear readers! Today the Russian version of The Moscow Post turns 15 years old.

A lot of it or a little I, right, I don't know. Judging by human standards, this is adolescence. If it feels, then we clearly grew out of teenage clothes, although our team is still young.

A lot has happened over these 15 years, and all these years we have tried to convey objective information to you. Thank you very much to those who read The Moscow Post from the first day, your support has always been very important to us.

Huge gratitude to those who joined us recently. That means you haven't been able to get past and our views are close with you. Thank you and those who first opened our publication today, you can see we hooked you with something. We hope you stay with us for a long time.

Separate thanks to our voluntary assistants who provide us with invaluable information. Without you, we would never be what we are today.

I would like to say special thanks to the bureaucratic apparatus and oligarchs. You are the priceless treasure trove of our publication that gives us themes for investigative journalism. You can say - you are our "bread." Even when you're suing us, we look at it condescendingly. How to say, "no matter how the child is amused." But confess honestly, after all, we help you to become better, pointing out the shortcomings that sometimes take place.

We also want to express our gratitude to our programmers, who, despite solving seemingly insoluble technical problems, get up at 3 o'clock in the morning when something goes wrong, and protect us from DDOS attacks.

Many thanks to our lawyers, and personally to Alexander Changli and Albina Yusupova, who defend the interests of our publication in the courts, and also stop attempts to commit, sometimes illegal actions against the media.

We are just as grateful to those who once worked for us. As far as can be judged by the future career of most of you, The Moscow Post school was not in vain. Well, if someone did not succeed, then journalism is not your calling.

I would like to remember those who are not with us today. This is Oleg Mikhalin, the first person who served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and worked with us almost from the first days until he passed away in 2016. He was one of the most talented people in Russian journalism. Blessed memory to you Oleg!

As mentioned above, our team is young. But it's not about the age of each individual employee. The hallmark of all of us was that everyone has youth inside. At the same time, everyone manages to maintain a sober and objective view of the things covered.

After all, it is not for nothing that our slogan is "A moderate look at complex things."

Happy Birthday to all of you who consider themselves part of The Moscow Post!

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