Who "appropriated" Zhirinovsky's inheritance

With whose hand can the head of the Liberal Democratic Party Leonid Slutsky "feed," and what about the "party box office," which disappeared under the former deputy chairman of the State Duma Igor Lebedev?


With whose hand can the head of the Liberal Democratic Party Leonid Slutsky "feed," and what about the "party box office," which disappeared under the former deputy chairman of the State Duma Igor Lebedev?

The head of the Liberal Democratic Party Leonid Slutsky continues to actively distribute comments on any topic that will help him and his party to appear in the media, but things are extremely unimportant in political power.

Sponsors are fleeing the party, and a few days ago it lost another "its" governor, which means that Alexey Ostrovsky left the post of head of the Smolensk region.

At the same time, it is still not clear where the "party box office" of the Liberal Democratic Party has gone - money stolen from non-party funds back in 2020. It was assumed that the son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who passed away, former deputy chairman of the State Duma Igor Lebedev, could "get away" with them, but this remained unproven.

Even before the start of the SVO, Lebedev left politics and left Russia. And the funds, according to rumors, could be in the pockets of Mr. Slutsky, who may be in desperate need of finance. Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Missing "ticket office"

In 2021, Igor Lebedev quarreled strongly with his father, and against this background refused to run for a new convocation of the State Duma, and then left Russian politics altogether. Among others, disagreements on financial issues were cited as reasons. But what was meant is not clear.

And some time before that there was a criminal scandal. Two female accountants with the names Nefteev and Danilin, who served the settlement accounts of public organizations close to the party, were suspected of embezzling funds from non-party funds (a number of observers attributed them to the role of the party's "reserve cash desks").

Initially, the investigation considered that they accrued themselves from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles a month. How much could have been stolen in this way is also completely unknown.

But the women themselves confidently stated that they carried out all manipulations with money on the command of Igor Lebedev, the second person in the Liberal Democratic Party, deputy chairman of the State Duma, and insisted on a confrontation with him. But it never took place. Writes about this "Kommersant." The case itself was never investigated.

Where Lebedev could invest money is easy to guess. Earlier, Igor Lebedev and his entourage were credited with big business abroad - in particular, hotels in Spain. However, then some of the information about this began to disappear somewhere. Not surprisingly, it could damage not only Lebedev himself, but also the reputation of the Liberal Democratic Party, which is now headed by Leonid Slutsky.

As back in 2019, the PASMI edition (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) wrote with reference to the investigation of the Baza portal (later it disappeared from the Internet, so it is impossible to vouch for the accuracy of information), allegedly Lebedev's family and relatives own a whole network of assets in the Spanish province of Alicante, Barcelona and on the island of Ibiza.

We can talk about Go Evolution International 21 SL, whose director until June 2018 was allegedly Galina Lebedeva, the namesake of Igor Lebedev's mother and former wife Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Even before that, a certain Igor Lebedev was listed as a trustee for the management of these assets.

Photo: https://pasmi.ru/archive/228595/ (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation)

Other assets that may be associated with the family are also called - Spanish Destiny Invest SL, which since 2017 has been managing the Barcelona-registered travel agency Areir SA, Hotels Europe Daniella Invest SL, an office through its "daughter" Agua Azul SL owns a three-star hotel Aziella uline Hotel -Apartamento Rosamar in Ibiza and a number of others.

If these are really Lebedevs' assets, then what money, if not party, could they be open and function? And where, if not in them, Lebedev could invest his capital earned by the hard work of a State Duma deputy?

If so, Leonid Slutsky knew about this with a high degree of probability. But the case of fraud with money from nonpartisan funds was put on the brakes. And why was he not "pedaled" by Slutsky himself after Zhirinovsky's death? Perhaps he could offer Lebedev a deal - that means to him, and Lebedev is calmly let go of his mouth, without cleaning him any obstacles in his homeland.

In this case, the actions of Slutsky can also be understood. The party really needs money and does not need this kind of scandal. Slutsky does not use such influence as Zhirinovsky, so he is trying with all his might to raise recognition. From the same series, attracting Alexander Bout, who returned from an American prison, to the party, or flirting with Yevgeny Prigozhin

Following the "party box office" from the country "persisted" and Igor Lebedev. Photo: zaks.ru

Slutsky invited the latter to the All-Russian meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party, but received such a "turn from the gate" that he almost disgraced the whole country. According to Prigozhin's press service, the latter treats Slutsky "with deepest disrespect." Earlier, The Moscow Post wrote about this.

Nisanov will help

It seems that trying to join a strong and financially wealthy shoulder is a long tradition of Mr. Slutsky. Today it is especially relevant for him. And one of the likely sponsors of both the party and Slutsky could be the notorious Russian oligarch, the owner of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies, Year Nisanov.

Moreover, this could have happened a long time ago. The same edition of PASMI (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) wrote about strange inconsistencies in Slutsky's income declarations. And also that his pensioner mother unexpectedly became the owner of cars for many millions of rubles.

The publication drew attention to interesting information: it turns out that in one of his declarations Leonid Slutsky indicated a gorgeous Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase 2017 car recorded on his mother.

Photo: https://pasmi.ru/archive/232054/ (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation)

She herself allegedly paid only about 3 million rubles for him. But the remaining 25 million, as it turned out, according to the documents, were provided by the Baku businessman Mardakhai Yushvaev under a loan agreement for ten years at once. They say that Yushvaev is a longtime acquaintance, and maybe a relative of the God Nisanov, also a native of Azerbaijan.

But rumors are rumors, but there are facts. Mr. Yushvaev was previously a partner of the former owner of the SDI Group development company Ilgar Hajiyev in Accord Spetsstroy LLC, one of the major contractors of the Moscow City Hall.

Photo: Archive of The Moscow Post

Not so long ago, Ilgar Hajiyev turned to our editorial office, who considers the people of the God Nisanov involved in the seizure of his business. According to Ilgar Hajiyev, money in the past belonging to his company Accord Spetsstroy was allocated to the current chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Leonid Slutsky for helping to receive tenders from the Moscow government.

"The Year of Nisanov introduced me to Leonid Slutsky when he drove Slutsky to Aliyev (the President of Azerbaijan, with whom Nisanov is rumored to have very warm relations - editor's note). Slutsky's role was to help firms win contests in Moscow. He opens the door to Sergei Sobyanin from his foot (meaning that Sobyanin is on good terms with Slutsky), he also created a "bridge" between Sobyanin and Nisanov, "the entrepreneur said. A video recording of this conversation is at the disposal of the editorial office.

Video: YouTube channel The Moscow Post

Can the Year of Nisanov be a secret sponsor of the Liberal Democratic Party and Slutsky? Quite. He has a special attitude towards the Liberal Democratic Party. In 2007, Nisanov planned to become a State Duma deputy and was listed in the elections by the LDPR party as part of the regional group N 44 (Moscow region - Istra, Moscow region - Podolskaya, Moscow region - Serpukhov, Moscow region - Khimki) under N 1.

According to the authors of the Chel.pro website, allegedly later it turned out that he was refused by the Central Election Commission, which appealed to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation with a statement to cancel Nisanov's registration, referring to the fact that on November 8, 2007, the Federal Migration Service informed her that he was not a citizen of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, he could sponsor the Liberal Democratic Party and Slutsky, who is trying to make himself a great patriot. The latter is doubtful, rather similar to a political mask. According to the authors of the blog "Glory to Our Great Motherland" on the "Zen" platform, allegedly in 2021 Slutsky gave his daughter Lydia to study at the prestigious "American School in Switzerland," and she herself allegedly calls Russia nothing more than "Rashka."

All this raises serious questions about the "purity" of the current leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. And also in general about the viability of this parliamentary party under the current leader. Ultimately, no one will be surprised if, after a likely failure in future elections, Slutsky himself and his family move somewhere to Ibiza - closer to the alleged resorts of Lebedev. True, they may not be allowed because of the sanctions...