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24 September 2023

When General Zalensky is angry

What did the former head of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk region Andrei Zalensky not please the neighbors?

The editorial board of The Moscow Post continues to receive complaints from the Sverdlovsk region about the actions of the EMERCOM generals.

"Generals in deep careers" - this was the name of the journalistic investigation published by The Moscow Post in March. The investigation was prepared following a letter from Yekaterinburg. This letter was sent by employees of the Ministry of Emergencies. The letter listed shocking facts both about the activities of the former head of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk region, General Andrei Zalensky, and about the work of the new leader, General Viktor Teryaev.

In addition, it turned out that the head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Sverdlovsk Region Mikhail Boginsky covers the "amateur art" of woe generals. The Moscow Post spoke about this in the second part of the investigation, "Generals change careers".

And again, now, in July, a letter appeared in the editorial mail about Zalensky's new "twists": the general squeezes the Yuryev family from the light, which was in close proximity to his suburban real estate.

Recall the main "merits" of the glorious general Zalensky: according to our data, he "grabbed" federal property - an office apartment. Mr. Zalensky could hide that he owned an expensive cottage: and this impressive phasend was built on a high-pressure gas pipe. And they built this miracle of engineering thought, as sources told us, with the help of expensive special equipment of the Ministry of Emergencies.

After the publications, feedback came, including from our Ural colleagues - television journalists from the Creek TV channel. It turns out that they have been engaged in the case of General Zalensky for more than one month. But Mr. Zalensky seems to have authoritative patrons. Then a lot becomes clear: why does Zalensky win the courts, why does the military prosecutor's office forward journalists' appeals to civilian investigators, and not the military? And why, despite the complete collapse of the work of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk region, do both generals feel invulnerable to the investigation?

The correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Sverdlovsk Region understood the dormant case of the EMERCOM generals.

Zalensky threatened with a bulldozer

So, a new story.

The former head of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk region, Andrei Zalensky, filed a lawsuit in the Oktyabrsky District Court against his neighbors. According to the general, the Yuryev family occupies part of its territory - allegedly, on the site belonging to him, there are Yuryev outbuildings. And they need to be demolished.

The Yuriev claim that General Zalensky simply wants to smoke them from his own land. Yurievs have already complained to the police about threats.

This property dispute is the second in a row between the Yuryev and Zalensky. In 2019, Zalensky demanded that the Yuriev vacate part of the land on Novoselov Street, adjacent to the cottage. The subject of the dispute was a plot of 3 acres. Yuriev did not agree with the requirements. And sued. According to them, they acquired the land back in 2004.

But there was an inconsistency in the documents. Rosreestr noted that, allegedly, between their site and the site of neighbors there is a strip of orphan land, although in fact it was not. There was a cadastral error, the result of which was that the data of the actual boundaries ceased to correspond to the data indicated in the boundary case.

Mr. Zalensky applied to MUGISO for redistribution in order to apply for land, which also includes part of the Yuryev land plot. But the general did not coordinate borders on land surveying. About this writes in detail "Накануне.ру".

Then the Yurievs were asked to recognize the registry error and establish the border of adjacent sites along the actual borders. And the court sided with the Yuryev. A settlement agreement was concluded. And the Yuriev bought part of the land.

However, in 2021, the restless general filed a new lawsuit - now he wanted a piece of land from the other side of the house. On this territory, the Yuryev have a house, a garage, a canopy and other buildings. The general wants to achieve the demolition of all buildings. He had already promised Yuriev that a bulldozer would come. The bulldozer will demolish the house, the garage, and the canopy.

Good prospects from a man in uniform who has a powerful "roof"! In general, the general, like Fantomas, raged...

"Zalensky brought us into the Stone Age"

Let's move on. Of course, letters to the editorial office often come without signatures or only with initials. But the chairman of the veteran organization of the detachment of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for the Sverdlovsk Region, Peter Letalov, spoke very openly about the destructive work of the two generals.

- Any successes, heights, achievements depend on the leader, moreover, any rank, - says Petr Fedorovich. - Unfortunately, after the transition of the fire department to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, some evil rock hung over the heads of the Main Directorate. There is a systematic collapse of what has been created for years!

Peter Letalov lists how the brave general Zalensky was "remembered": he liquidated the training center. Ruined the fire and technical center, which carried out maintenance and repair of fire equipment, destroyed a good library.

And after these transformations, firefighters have been repairing equipment on their own all recent years, since spare parts need to be knocked out with battle. Today in the fire departments there are not even reserves of foaming agent, there is no normal telephone communication. The form is issued only a few sets per part.

"Zalensky brought us into the Stone Age," - Letalov ironizes.

But both generals - both Zalensky and Teryaev succeeded in advertising. General Zalensky released the bestseller "Fire, Water and Real People." True, he devoted half of this "bestseller" to his person.

General Teryaev did not lag behind. All three years that General Teryaev has been in the post of chief are accompanied by scandals, negative publications in the press, as well as numerous checks.

Moreover, during inspections, General Teryaev, as they say, goes on sick leave, substituting deputies under attack.

General Victor Teryaev

Do the central office in Moscow really not know anything about the shocking "exploits" of two brave generals?

General Zalensky does not know how to blush

And Andrei Zalensky again won the lawsuit on the apartment, which was received, according to our informants, in a dishonest way, because he allegedly even went for a fictitious divorce from his wife.

And, it seems, he hid that he owns a good house and a land plot on Novoselov Street. The one next door to the Yuryev family, whom he promised to send a bulldozer.

The authors of the letters to the editorial office emphasize that the new head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies, General Teryaev, supports General Zalensky in everything.

General Cottage

The second thing that the authors of the letters in The Moscow Post draw attention to is the close ties of Generals Zalensky and Teryaev with the notorious Sima Land company.

General Andrei Zalensky has been "friends" with the management of the Sima-Land company since 2015. This follows from numerous publications in the media.

And the company "Sima-Land," as a sponsor, takes part in various social events together with the Ministry of Emergencies. For example, on March 12, 2015, in the ceremony of covering the office of the Sima-Land company, the video of the Soyuz TV channel clearly shows General Zalensky in the company of Andrei Simanovsky, the owner of the Sima-Land company: this is the same Simanovsky what he did from school number 106 on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg, a "golden" educational institution.

On October 26, 2017, fire and tactical exercises are demonstrated.

The public is shown that the office, warehouse and trading rooms with thousands of personnel and visitors located in the hangar meet all fire regulations. And the management of the company "Sima-Land" is not afraid to conduct such exercises: after all, they go with the participation of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk region.

It turns out that General Zalensky created a kind of joint venture with the "Sima Land" company?

Convertible for General Zalensky

In January 2020, Zalensky established the public organization ROO "Fire Veterans and Rescuers of the Sverdlovsk Region."

With the "permission" of General Teryaev, Zalensky received an office in the fire department at the address: Yekaterinburg, 115 Belinsky Street.

General Viktor Teryaev (in uniform) and retired General Andrei Zalensky (extreme right)

Also, since January 2020, General Zalensky has at his disposal a Mercedes car with a personal driver: license plates Ye013MV196 (a foreign car was allocated by the Sima Land company).

And it can be assumed that the ROO "Veterans of the Fire Department and Rescuers of the Sverdlovsk Region" is a kind of cover - a screen for the public activities of the company "Sima - Land," the leadership of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies and General Zalensky.

And the true "shadow" purpose of the retired general may be that he, being the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk Region, has acquired ties with the right "people." And, as the authors of the letter write, "the functions of the mediator are" solved "in matters of protecting the activities of the Sima-Land company in terms of fire supervision of office, retail and concert space."

General Zalensky helped to make the same connections to General Teryaev. Maybe this is why Teryaev so stubbornly prevents the return of the Zalensky apartment to the state.

So the two EMERCOM generals support each other?

Help of Mikhail Boginsky

It turns out that in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk Region there is a kind of criminal general conveyor?

And, as now it became known, with the support of the chief investigator for the Sverdlovsk region, General Boginsky?

Mikhail Boginsky has been working in the Sverdlovsk region since 2018

What did our colleagues find out - television journalists from Yekaterinburg? The federal television channel "CREEK-TV" conducted an investigation into a number of circumstances related to the illegal allocation of an apartment to Major General A.V. Zalensky.

As a result, after requests from the channel to the prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Emergencies, the FSB, the TFR, it was found that General Zalensky, indeed, was also related to the cottage.

The land plot and house are issued for a certain Khaliullin R. F. living in Tobolsk (sale contract dated 27.06.2016). Zalensky manages the household by proxy.

Thus, the general and his common-law wife fooled the state - they hid the presence of good housing and organized a fictitious divorce. The plot took place on the channel "Scream TV".

Further, all courts, in 2017 and in 2019-2021. ended with the victory of General Zalensky. At the trials, he pretended to be indiscriminate.

Moreover, the general was the first to sue the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk Region. And the Ministry of Emergencies lost this court. The prosecutor's office, the TFR, the FSB, it turns out, are powerless before the game with the name "Fool the State"?

But at the disposal of the TV editorial office there is an interesting document "Conclusion on the results of the audit of officials on the provision of their housing from 29.05.2020" on the basis of which we can assume fraud in 2017, in which the senior leadership of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk Region is involved. And allegedly new, more serious circumstances of the illegality of the transfer of the apartment to Zalensky are indicated. These circumstances have not been used in any of the trials. They were hiding.

And, apparently, therefore, the Ministry of Emergencies is losing cases.

Checks were carried out. But, basically, the check was for where the leak of information from the Ministry of Emergencies came from. Once again, not on the part of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk Region, but on the part of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Central Military District (CVI), a lawsuit is not filed with the court on the arguments indicated in the "Conclusion on the results of the inspection of officials on the provision of their housing from 29.05.2020".

The military prosecutor's office of the Central Military District redirected the channel's appeals to the TFR in the Sverdlovsk Region, and not to the Military Investigation Department.

Note that the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk Region, General Teryaev, worked in Tyumen. And the head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Sverdlovsk Region, General Mikhail Boginsky also worked in Tyumen.

It seems that once again all the puzzles came together?

The editorial board of The Moscow Post follows the unfolding events.

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