Went Grekov, sees the media

Former Ryazan official Igor Grekov, whose full namesake was convicted of trading "plaid" vodka, does not give rest to our publication.


Former Ryazan official Igor Grekov, whose full namesake was convicted of trading "plaid" vodka, does not give rest to our publication.

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Ryazan region, our recent investigation into the former vice-governor of the region Igor Grekov made a lot of noise. First of all, the citizen of the Greeks himself became "indignant," who, through his representatives, sent us a claim, accusing us of publishing inaccurate data.

Once again, we remind him and other trying heroes of our publications that The Moscow Post works in strict accordance with the Media Law and other laws and regulations, responsible for each word, and also being ready to prove it in court.

At the same time, the editors have every right to voice not only specific facts, but also various conclusions, versions and assumptions that can be drawn from these facts. It was to them - to assumptions, as well as to provide information about opinions about Mr. Grekov in society that he had questions.

First of all, we briefly recall that the material concerned the influence that Igor Krekov can have on the personnel policy of Ryazan and the Ryazan region after his scandalous dismissal in January 2021.

Negerian history

The scandal is noteworthy: on the direct line of the President last December, the wife of the head of the design department of the government apparatus of the Ryazan region Denis Bezukladov - Alexander, asked the head of state to award Igor Grekov the star of the Hero of Russia.

Allegedly, he performed a feat during ammunition explosions at a military depot in the Skopinsky district and saved seven people. Later, however, these facts did not find confirmation, and the Hero was never given to Grekov. But a story surfaced about the criminal record of a person with exactly the same name and surname, which was also told in our publication.

We are talking about the criminal record of a certain citizen Grekov Igor Mikhailovich (the full namesake of our hero) on charges of fraud, more specifically - trafficking in "plaid" vodka. A document referring to the decision of the Rostov court has been walking on the Web for a long time. As you know, the former official Grekov is also a native of the Rostov region. In addition, the official media wrote about that criminal record.

That very sensational document

It is also interesting that at one time the governor of the Ryazan region Nikolai Lyubimov changed the current rules for the appointment of his deputies - allegedly, precisely for the sake of appointing Igor Grekov as vice-governor. Previously, such appointments had to be approved in the regional Duma.

With this development of events, the deputies could not miss the candidacy of Grekov, in respect of whose namesake the Rostov court was previously sentenced. Viktor Malyugin, a member of the Communist Party faction in the regional Duma, also said the same, Kommersant quotes his words.

What's wrong?

Returning directly to the claims from representatives of Igor Grekov, it consists of five points - one for each excerpt from the text, which the former official does not agree with. We will analyze them in turn

1. "After Grekov's resignation, the vice-governor's chair remained vacant, and on September 7, former Presidential Administration employee Mikhail Semenov, previously responsible for interaction with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, was appointed Lyubimov vice-governor and first deputy chairman of the Ryazan region government. Evil languages ​ ​ attribute the personnel decision to Grekov. "

Rumors that Mr. Grekov may still influence personnel policy have not gone anywhere. And the Greeks themselves cannot get away from them due to how exactly he was appointed by Governor Lyubimov - as we said above. This means that the official lost ties with Lyubimov at once. Meanwhile, no one claims that the decision was precisely for Grekov.

2. "According to unconfirmed information, the ex-vice-governor Grekov also intends to remove Yevgeny Belenetsky, who oversees the construction, roads, and garbage."

And here the claims of the former official are not quite clear. Any personnel decision, including one that is only expected, is being vigorously discussed, and not only on the sidelines, but also in the, as they say, media environment. Again, this information is issued as unconfirmed. We, as journalists, are trying to present a range of opinions, assumptions, expectations of different sections of society.

Meanwhile, according to the authors of the Cheka-OGPU telegram channel, allegedly Grekov may really want the resignation of Belenetsky, who ensured a decent result of United Russia in the last election.

3. "Through the social protection fund, Igor Grekov's wards could implement schemes with funds intended to help a veteran of the Great Patriotic War."

Again, there are no statements, but there is an invitation from readers to dialogue and their own conclusions. And only law enforcement agencies and the court can approve this. On the basis of the alleged facts, neither Igor Grekov nor his subordinates were admitted in the article. At the same time, the situation itself has been repeatedly analyzed by other media. For example, the publication Version wrote about possible fraud.

4. "The imaginary departure from the management of the region was played by Grekov brilliantly. Against the background of the weakly characteristic and inspiring governor Lyubimov in Ryazan, the "Rostov" and their leader, Igor Grekov, have already called on former associates Vladimir Burmistrov and Vladimir Artsybashev. "

Here, first of all, it means that Mr. Grekov comes from the Rostov region, and with his arrival in the administration of the Ryazan region, at least several immigrants from this region became more. Some personnel decisions, whose lobbying is trying to attribute to Grekov, concerned Rostovites. This is a well-known fact, so what did the former official not like?

5. "And, apparently, the Greeks do not intend to put up with the sad ending of their" heroic "history, continuing to pull the ropes of puppet functionaries."

And here, too, the claim is not quite clear. Again, there are no allegations, there is only an assumption that can appear on the basis of factual information set forth in the article. And if he still intends to put up with such a final, so let him say it - we will be happy to publish his comment. Meanwhile, according to the authors of the ChK-OGPU telegram channel, allegedly Mr. Grekov still remains the "gray cardinal" of local (Ryazan) politics.

As for other parts of yesterday's material, which are also available on the publication's website, it seems that Grekov agrees with them entirely and completely. Let's not repeat, let's just say that we can easily assume the reason for such a reaction of a former official to our publication.

Igor Grekov worried about employment?

Given that Igor Grekov left his post in the Ryazan region after the scandal with the "Hero of Russia," now he should be in search of a new job. So far, there is no data on his employment. In this context, of course, critical publications are unpleasant to him. These are not prepared questions on the President's line.

So removing such materials from the Web, even if there is nothing illegal in them, would be a natural desire in this situation. But there is a law that is not violated in this case. And our media in this case does its job - informs society, and considers attempts to pressure itself absolutely unacceptable and unpromising.