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01 December 2023

Warming after Morozov

The departure of Governor Morozov to the State Duma may be associated with the desire to obtain immunity and hide traces of possible corruption violations. Are residents of the region now waiting for "warming"?

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, the long-term governor of the region Sergey Morozov resigned of his own free will. Thus, the spring "governor" continues - yesterday similar news appeared about the former head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool.

It seems that the federal center is cleaning the leadership of the regions, which frankly did not cope with their tasks, before the elections to the State Duma. Morozov himself connected his resignation with them - they say, I want to go to deputies and solve problems not at the federal level. What problems at the country level he will solve if he fails to work in the subject is an open question.

A representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - either Senator Alexei Russky or deputy Alexei Kurinny - is already being married to Morozov's place. The latter was a real "pain" for Morozov, regularly acting as a recorded oppositionist, his name appeared in almost all the scandals that went to Morozov in the minus.

Judge Kurinny's motives for yourself, but criticism was often constructive. Under Morozov, the region was descending deeper along the inclined one, which threatened. According to the authors of the Ulnovosti website, allegedly in 2019 the region dropped to 11th place among 14 subjects of the Volga Federal District in a number of indicators.

Failure Area

Although this place may have been different in terms of different periods of the year, the facts are as follows. In 2007, when Russia made plans to enter the top five economies in the world by 2020, Governor Morozov, tuning in to the federal wave of record-taking, announced his plans to bring the region into the top five regions of the Volga Federal District and in the top 20 regions of the Russian Federation with the strongest economy

Nothing came out. And if the data for 2020 are still being clarified, then for 2019 the failures are obvious. According to the industrial production index, the Ulyanovsk region was in 12th place. In terms of such an indicator as mining, the region took the last 14th place among all regions of the Volga Federal District. In manufacturing, the region is in the same disregarded 10th place. For the provision of electric energy, gas and steam - Ulyanovsk region in 11th place, for water supply - in 13th.

The fifth since the end of the rating of the regions of the Volga Federal District was the Ulyanovsk Region in terms of investments in fixed assets. At the end of 2019, 72 billion rubles were invested. The situation is worse only in the Perm Territory - 71 billion rubles, Chuvashia - 63.6 billion rubles, Mordovia - 52.2 billion rubles and Mari El - 26.7bn. rubles.

The only indicators by which the Ulyanovsk region managed to be in the "five," but the anti-leaders are the cost of goods, services and a minimum set of food products. At the same time, the average salary of one of the central, economically developed regions of Russia is a little more than 30 thousand rubles.

Disappointing statistics of Morozov's work for 2019

In terms of natural population decline - the Ulyanovsk region is firmly entrenched in 9th place out of 14 regions - minus 5 people per 1 thousand inhabitants. If we compare with 2018, then this indicator was lower (4.6 people per 1 thousand inhabitants). In addition, the birth rate fell in the region. There is no doubt that in the "covid" and crisis year 2020, the situation has not improved much.

Cartel rules the cartel

All this could still be written off for some natural reasons if corruption did not flourish in the region. Many associate it with Morozov - allegedly, for 15 years at the head of the region, he, his close associates and family were so embedded in budget flows and business processes that Morozov's ears can be found everywhere, only you need to dig into it.

For example, they tried to connect a high-profile scandal in the region's social nutrition market with the name of Morozov and his people, where a cartel conspiracy was revealed in 2018. As a result of this trial, a criminal case was opened, Kommersant wrote about this.

The materials of the FAS audit indicated that the entire social food market in the region is divided between several companies. In fact, these were two cartels that divided this sphere of Ulyanovsk into two zones - left-bank (Alternative and Simbirsk-Kling) and right-bank (TD SPP and MobilSvyaz).

For a long time, there were rumors on the network that the governor himself had danced them in the region, but no one could prove ties with the head of the region. At the same time, TD SPP and MobilSvyaz are considered affiliated with Dars Group of Companies, and the latter belongs to no one else, as Ulyanovsk oligarch Dmitry Ryabov, allegedly close to Morozov.

The Venets Bank, in which Mr. Ryabov owns 23%, is also associated with him. Another owner of the bank, Lilia Rodionova (46%) is the former wife of a prominent Ulyanovsk politician and businessman Mikhail Rodionov. The latter should also be included in the pool of Morozov's sympathizers, they tried to attribute to him the dubious fame of the governor's "wallet." And detractors tried to attribute the status of a basic financial institution for corrupt officials fed by power to the Bank "Venets."

This is not the only area where Morozov could go. Businessman Oleg Doroshenko, who owns Ulyanovsktransstroy LLC, tried his name with a businessman known in the region. In 2019, the company became a defendant in a criminal case instituted on the fact of a cartel conspiracy at a road auction in Samara. Another person involved is Samaratransstroy LLC. Oleg Doroshenko also turned out to be its owner, Kommersant writes.

Ulyanovsktransstroy is a company from Dimitrovgrad, a city that was initially led by Mayor Sergei Morozov. After that, will it surprise many that the number of state contracts of Ulyanovsktransstroy is almost 11.5 billion rubles, of which almost 8 billion rubles are accounted for by the OGKU Department of Roads of the Ulyanovsk Region?

It would seem that formally, neither these structures nor the "cartels" in the food market are related to the authorities. But in the case of the same diet, the FAS unequivocally made it clear that it believes that the Ulyanovsk Education Department is also related to the facts of limiting competition in this market. Kommersant also wrote about this.

Rampant officials

However, this was not established by the court. But there were other corruption "surprises" in the city hall, which may indicate that under Morozov, officials were not very shy. In the summer of 2020, Mikhail Sychev, the first deputy mayor of Ulyanovsk, was arrested on suspicion of major fraud. About this wrote Arguments and Facts.

We are talking about the free transfer of two municipal buildings to the ownership of the Simbirsk diocese. Namely, the house of the merchant Akachurin and another house on Sept. 12 in Ulyanovsk. The transfer order was to be signed by Mikhail Sychev. The cadastral value of buildings with plots is about 30 million rubles.

The houses were transferred as religious property, but investigators believe that the buildings have nothing to do with this topic. The diocese suddenly handed over the buildings to entrepreneur Sergei Kuznetsov, the owner of 88% in LLC Mix. In exchange for this, he bought from individuals a trading pavilion located next to the diocese at his own expense and exchanged it for these buildings along with the plots.

Mikhail Sychev - "small fish"?

If this does not look like a scheme for personal enrichment of officials using official position, then what else can it be like? According to the Octagon, Kuznetsov was in very friendly relations with Sychev. Not to mention the rumors that Kuznetsov could finance the election companies of several deputies of the ZakS region, who subsequently voted for the approval of Morozov by the head of the region.

But further events developed even more interesting. Indeed, on one of the days Kuznetsov, who was under house arrest, died under mysterious circumstances. Allegedly, voluntarily passed away. But why should a healthy and full of strength a man do this with money? People described him as a man of faith, which also works against the official version.

The head of the regional public "Center for the Protection of Citizens' Rights" Alexander Bragin does not believe either. He was well acquainted with the businessman, and believes that he had the wrong character to take such a step. Bragin quotes PASMI.

The stories described above are far from everything that happened in the region under Morozov. These are only the loudest situations in recent years. But the question arises - what about law enforcement officers in the region, why didn't anyone from the "big" be caught by the hand? We are not talking about Morozov, but someone from his entourage could clearly oversee such initiatives of local officials.

However, the motives for choosing personnel in the power of the region have repeatedly raised questions. For example, the mandate of the local legislative assembly a few years ago was received by 23-year-old Maria Rogatkina, who had previously traveled with Morozov on regional events and business trips. All this led detractors to the idea that officials can be connected not only by business relations, The Moscow Post previously wrote in detail about this. In the State Duma, Morozov so "do not walk around"?

Hurtin "cleaning his tails"?

And here we run into the head of the prosecutor's office of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Khurtin, who was appointed in 2013 already under Morozov. And, as it is believed, at his own urgent requests - they say, will help defeat crime in the region. However, according to the authors of the Ulnovosti website, allegedly Khurtin was a loyal friend of Morozov himself, and all recently was engaged in only one thing - he allegedly "cleaned up corruption tails" for Morozov's team while he was looking for patronage in the federal center.

At the end of March, Hurtin went on vacation, from which, most likely, he would not return. Apparently, they thought that the case was done. However, there is another version: after Morozov leaves, Khurtin himself cannot wait for patronage in the region. According to Mouthpiece 73, Khurtin may resign due to the criminal case of former prosecutors of Bashkiria, where Khurtin himself worked until 2013.

Sergey Khurtin - "faithful law enforcement officer" Morozov?

The defendants in this case are accused of bribes, mediation of bribes and abuse of office. According to the investigation, prosecutors received a monetary reward from the former vice mayor of Ufa for ending the criminal prosecution of administration officials. Also, one accused is charged with receiving a bribe in the amount of 5.5 million rubles through the mediation of a lawyer and businessman.

If Khurtin worked with them then, and could have been related to the situation, could the practice of "stopping the criminal prosecution of officials" also appear in Ulyanovsk - after the prosecutor returned there?

But Khurtin could clean up the "tails" for the governor Morozov himself and his family, who are credited with owning large business in the region. According to the authors of the Ulnovosti website, the alleged main nurse in the family is Morozov's wife:

"Despite the fact that as an individual entrepreneur, she officially self-exiled back in 2009, and the only legal entity in which she is listed as the founder - RSK My City LLC does not conduct any activities (revenue for 2019 is zero), the income of the wife of Governor Morozov for the same year 2019 has quadrupled. From 2 million 737 million rubles. in 2018 to 9 million 88 thousand rubles in 2019. Of the vehicles, Elena Morozova still has the same ATV 700 Dinly ASA9CX and Lexus RX 200T. "

In addition, the former wife is credited with owning an elite spa in the city, which is allegedly named after the first letters of the names of the daughters of Sergei Morozov - Elin, ANfis and Darya. Not to mention the rumors that the main business is recorded on the mother-in-law of the governor, a simple Dimitrovgrad pensioner who may be called Valentina Gildina.

Coincidentally, a woman with the same name and surname turned out to be the co-owner of the Ulyanovsk LLC Old Simbirsk. The latter, quite by chance, had state contracts with the Management Departments of the Ulyanovsk Region.

In the light of the above, Morozov's desire to become a State Duma deputy becomes clear. According to rumors, he was not opposed to the seat of senator. And the reason may be immunity, which gives such a high position in the "case of which." Now that a large-scale audit of the activities of the past leadership is likely to be carried out in the region, such a "case" may soon appear.

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