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01 December 2023

To the village to Chemezov

Why does Ksenia Sobchak not look like a loving granddaughter, and Sergei Chemezov like a caring grandfather?

It seethes, seethes the space of people who consider themselves PR people in the wake of squabbles and arrests of owners, as well as administrators of telegram channels.

Although it is not clear what is seething. The fact that in any self-respecting country would be the subject of secular chronicles is called compromising evidence.

The day before, Ksenia Sobchak, who recently fled Russia on foot, visited Rostec under the lenses of allegedly hidden cameras. The head of the state corporation Sergei Chemezov drove up next.

Ksenia clearly did not bring her own hand-tied scarf to her beloved grandfather, and Chemezov did not bring pies for her granddaughter. However, we already know who loves to carry baskets with sausages, and such things clearly have a weak relationship with Sergei Viktorovich.

So, the horror stories about how the angry Sergei Chemezov ordered to transplant all the admins of the telegram channels are poorly believed. Although my publication can hardly be called fans of Rostec and Sergei Chemezov. But, to tell the truth, he is the most respected of all this company.

Who ordered, and what to do?

The events that happened speak of a deeper thing, namely, who in Russia will control the media market, and first of all the so-called "shadow." In the struggle for him for the participants of this redistribution, all means are good.

But only this story is not about Ksenia Anatolyevna. She is one of those "zhyvopyr," however, who got hold of their clients well, who only remove the scale.

Well, is that good? They took, by and large, "divorced" an elderly person with money, and then to cover their own ass, leaked ordinary performers, however, forced to light themselves up.

Ksenia Anatolyevna Do you forgive me, did you want to get on the tree and not take away one place? But there is no other way.

If anyone does not remember where it all began, then I will explain. All are open sources, therefore there is no secret.

Allegedly, the head of Rostec, Sergei Viktorovich Chemezov, decided to congratulate his friend, co-owner of Kuzbassrazrezugol, Andrei Bokarev, on his birthday, who for some reason celebrated him with another friend of Chemezov, Vitaly Maschitsky. The one he and VEB helped develop the Darvendale field in Zimbabwe.

YouTube details

Information about this appeared on the telegram channel "Extinguish the Light" which, as it turned out later, allegedly belongs to Ksenia Sobchak. Upon learning of this, Chemezov's part-time husband Tina Kandelaki informed his boss about this, mentioning that this fact could negatively affect the latter.

Most likely, the information was presented to Chemezov in such a way that it was "extinguish the light." Like, there will be no more quiet life for Sergei Viktorovich. His damned liberals will bite, gnashing their teeth at the so-called bloody regime.

Chemezov clearly has no time to deal with such nonsense, and he instructed Brovko to figure it out. Brovko, according to anonymous telegrams, allegedly figured it out by contacting representatives of the Tushesvetnoye channel, who allegedly requested 10 million for the block on Chemezov and 1 million to remove the post.

Then, if you believe the same telegram, Brovko himself wrote a statement to the police, who went to the admins, Ksenia Anatolyevna, and almost to Brovok himself, who, as they write, is a witness in this case. So far, a witness.

Linked by one "block"

Let's leave aside all the twists and turns of this strange business, all the details of which can be found in telegram channels.

Something else is important here. How can you understand from what Brovko wrote was aware of this story initially, and Sobchak himself could tell about the upcoming spontaneous event. If this is so, then it turns out that Vasily simply bred his boss? And he filed a statement with the police, as he could fall under the wrath of the latter, after Chemezov read this completely harmless post.

Indeed, what is it when one pal visits another to wish him a happy birthday? The question with whom he came. But this does not concern you and me anymore.

After all, the gloom of this story is that it testifies to the fact that its organizers are trying to squeeze to the maximum from their own as they call "passengers." And the simple trip of one elderly person to another for his birthday just because he has money has become the subject of such a cheap divorce "thimbles."

The participants were initially confident in their impunity. After all, all of them were allegedly tied, as follows from open sources, by a bonded agreement with Ksenia Sobchak, for the disclosure of which they were promised multi-million fines. Maybe that's why Brovko apparently believed that he was not in danger when he filed a police report?

The whole above story testifies. That Sobchak and Co are now actively working on the remains of the broth.

But real players have long begun to redo the media market.

The case left, Mishustin remained

As we already wrote, the Nezygar telegram channel allegedly ended up in the hands of people close to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

The head of Sberbank German Gref could become a companion of Mishustin in this, according to the media. They say that he participated in the transfer of ownership of the channel. There is no doubt about this.

After all, something, but to pass by what would be earned, especially at the head of government German Oskarovich will never give.

Whose will you be?

The authoritative news agency Regnum also fell under the distribution, from where its editor-in-chief Modest Kolerov was fired.

The Regnumovites themselves associate their capture with the Kovalchuk brothers as they speak. They are popularly called the deputy head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko. The latter, by the way, is seen by many as a possible negotiator with the West to get out of the crisis.

Doesn't that tell you anything? In whose side does camarilla look, for some reason imagining herself a courtier?

The redistribution of the media market has just begun. Including shadow. And who will capture him first he will come out the winner.

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