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01 December 2023

"There is a territory, there is a people, there is no state" - Maria Zakharova on the European integration of Ukraine

Maria Zakharova answered questions from The Moscow Post correspondent about the military-political strategy of the European Union, as well as about the results of European "integration" of Ukraine.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled Russia's strategy in the field of cooperation with the European Union, which is based on real steps of unification of European countries.

- Brussels is preparing a package of documents "Strategic Compass," they will form the basis of the EU strategy in the field of defense, security, anti-terror and other areas. According to media reports, in the latest version of the document for Russia, "good words" were not found. How does the Russian Foreign Ministry plan to build relations with the European Union? - asked the journalist of The Moscow Post.

Maria Zakharova believes that it is wrong to comment on a document that has not yet been published or that has not been officially adopted as a draft document.

The Russian side saw leaks about the text of the draft above-mentioned document and comments on it. It is known that Brussels announces the document as the forerunner of the military-political doctrine, which will have to contain a quintessential understanding of the threats facing the European Union in an evolving security environment.

To put it simply, Brussels wants to present a 360-degree view, an overview of the evolution of the modern world. On the basis of such a broad view of the international situation, the resources of the EU and its member countries will be allocated at the institutional level in the field of collective response to new challenges. This is the Russian understanding of the document.

Zakharova recalled: in recent years, the European Union has come across the results of US geopolitical experiments in the Middle East and North Africa region. This led to the destabilization of the situation on the European continent, to a change in the situation in the EU member states, an unprecedented world migration crisis, an aggravation of terrorist, criminogenic activity and, of course, a qualitatively different sound of organized crime, drug trafficking and other threats.

In this direction, the EU had to face a number of not only new challenges, but also the new quality of these challenges.

The EU's approach to designating Russia as a source of threats is already familiar - the Russian Foreign Ministry met with a similar one earlier.

- Firstly, it is stupid: what threat comes from the territory of Russia? Moreover, some existential... They come up with theses that Russia threatens their values, despite the fact that they themselves cannot formulate them. Unity, which is not physically, and so on, "the diplomat noted.

Maria Zakharova recalled: Russia intends to build its own line in a balanced and balanced manner, based on concrete actions of the EU. If Brussels continues to indulge the Eastern European, in particular the Baltic camp, developing its foreign policy (and even more so military) planning around the myth of a certain "Russian threat" and adjusting its own potential accordingly to this mythology, then the Russian Federation will remain indifferent.

"There should be no illusions. If we see the mood of Brussels to rethink the lines in the Russian direction in a pragmatic, sensible way, mutually beneficial, taking into account mutual interests and concerns, then we will respond and jointly look for common ground, "the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

The second question of The Moscow Post correspondent concerned the topic of European integration of Ukraine.

— Why as required not to suggest Brussels to sum up the intermediate results of process of European integration of Ukraine? One of the most safe republics of the former Soviet Union fell by the last place on many indicators. And the aspiration of Kiev to rapprochement with Europe was mutual and the European Union openly showed it in 2013-2014, having suggested the country to solve in a dichotomy "or-or". Moscow then offered "both the EU, and the Russian Federation"? — the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked.

Zakharova reminded of the essential nuances existing between flight and falling, freedom and chaos.

Really, at the time of the collapse of the USSR Ukraine was one of the most developed federal republics. She not without problems left structure of the USSR — but was then the rich, developed, prospering republic which became the state.

— The wellbeing of Ukraine at the time of the collapse of the USSR was used by nationalists for promotion of an exit from the Soviet Union. They said: we will heal even better, here all oppress us what opportunities will open when we become independent and we will cease "to feed Moscow". At the same time if to look at interbudgetary transfers, then the Ukrainian SSR was subsidized from the allied center. What from it remained today — all of us see. Now it is the territory which is without management and I went to dive. In it many years go fratricidal war for which write off anything, only not lack of due management of the processes characteristic of the state — Zakharova noted.

According to her, for all years of independence the Ukrainian elite didn't show understanding of danger of the policy aimed at chaos. There were attempts to collect the country, truly favorable communications and contacts tried to integrate and harmonize to develop fully and mnogovektorno. But at the same time for all years of independence none of politicians of Ukraine showed original independence or desire to defend this independence.

— On the one hand left the USSR to be independent, and on the other hand - immediately put themselves into direct dependence on a number of structures and the organizations. Westernized orientation, only not as an independent course, and as dictatorship was accurately designated from "the Big Brother" and obedient performance of what was imposed even against the interests of the people — Maria Zakharova reminded.

She reminded that she "orange parties" of Ukraine is the investigation of a deep inferiority complex of nationalist forces. Nationalists appealed to growth of consciousness of the nation, but at the same time showed the increasing inferiority complex and expectations that the West will help them. Didn't see elite and the fact that Ukraine isn't of independent value for the West. She is necessary as the geopolitical base against Russia as a way of an economic profit of the western monopolies.

Degradation of situations in Ukraine as the diplomat noted, can't be hidden.

— What summits they wouldn't try to embellish a situation what "Crimean platforms" they wouldn't try to distract attention of the population how many times wouldn't be repeated by the words "economic progress" and "aggression of Russia", reality, unattractive and terrible which is in Ukraine now, is obvious to all — the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson emphasized.

According to her, degradation is obvious even to last "fans" of the Kiev mode. That who completely made common cause with all his crimes. Even such people already lost any patience because they understand where this state failed. The problem is that already not so much the state failed how many the device which completely lost control and came into dive. And what it is possible to make?

Long time of policy in Ukraine were covered with the word "freedom" in destruction of own statehood, Zakharova continued. They were covered with the word important for each person on the planet to pursue policy which will lead to chaos in all spheres of life.

— All this led to destabilization of a situation around Ukraine. It is unlikely there in general there is a state. More likely, simply unsuccessful combination of institutes of public administration. The territory is, the people are, and there are no institutes of management. And even if they those are called, then can make nothing. It is shown not only in one sphere, and everywhere. At best there is an absurdity, and actually - lack of any system approach to management — the diplomat noted.

At the same time Maria Zakharova reminded: our country, being guided by provisions of the road maps approved in 2005 in the general spaces of Russia and the EU, it was ready to consider option of guaranteeing maintaining integrity of historically developed communications in the conditions of evolution and integration processes.

These steps were taken contrary to the calculations of economists, according to which the positive economic effect for Ukraine from a single economic space with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia will be much more than for the rest of the participants. Unlike the association agreement with the EU, which obliges Kiev to join the foreign policy of the European Union, the draft Eurasian integration does not impose political obligations. As a result of the pro-Western course, the Kiev regime completely destroyed complex chains of industrial, scientific and innovative ties with Russia, as well as with other participants in Eurasian integration. On paper remained the proposal to create, together with Russia, high-tech enterprises with synergistic effect.

The collective West has demonstrated its true attitude towards the citizens of Ukraine by constantly fomenting the situation within the country, rather than using its influence and opportunities to stabilize it.

The agreement on the association "EU-Ukraine" concluded in 2014 is unilateral and unprofitable, consolidates the country's agricultural and raw materials specialization, in the world division of labor its dependent role as a source of cheap labor, the market for goods and services.

- No specifics, identity of Ukraine, its self-worth no one either in the EU or in NATO wants and was not going to designate. For the sake of the mythical prospect of membership in the European Union, the personification of which was the association agreement, pro-Western circles in Ukraine sacrificed internal stability in 2013-2014, went on an unconstitutional seizure of power, provoked civil conflict and schism in the country, "Maria Zakharova recalled.

She also recalled the characteristic statement of the "fatal" Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit in November 2013, which noted the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linkevicius

He said: "This is a geopolitical battle of Europe, and we must prevail in Ukraine." This largely explains the current situation. And now we hear from NATO and the EU that there are no, there should be no zones of influence, and allegedly it is Moscow that is trying to divide Europe again into some areas. As a result of this "battle," Ukraine was at a broken trough in the backyards of the European Union. No one wants to deal with the enormous volume of problems of this country, "the diplomat noted.

In the West, they are well aware that a corrupt, oligarchic, comprador regime has formed in Ukraine. According to the results of the visits, it becomes clear: foreign emissaries tried to manually correct something in the country, but this is no longer possible

- Firstly, the situation of chaos in Ukraine is largely beneficial to them, and secondly, to recognize their own mistakes when Ukraine was faced with the choice of "or-or." So, recognize the lack of potential for world leadership, "Maria Zakharova also noted.

At the end of the answer to the question, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said: you need to read Gogol's immortal creation Taras Bulba to understand the tragedy of Ukraine.

- This work describes how those historical prerequisites were realized in practice and what this led to. We wish fraternal Ukraine to overcome its difficulties and recall true values, and not be guided by imaginary and even more strange interests, "Maria Zakharova summed up.

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