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01 December 2023

The terms of the "nuclear deal" are not subject to bargaining

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, answering a question from The Moscow Post correspondent, recalled what actions Russia is taking to combat the information war, which sometimes takes the form of "civil society development."

She commented on Russia's efforts to return to the negotiating table on Iranian nuclear issues.

In particular, Maria Zakharova spoke about the problems that the Russian and American sides are discussing in the framework of the dialogue on strategic stability.

Deputy Minister Sergei Ryabkov, speaking at a meeting of the interim commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty on the prevention of interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, spoke about interference in Russian affairs under the guise of helping to strengthen democratic institutions and civil society. Question: as Ryabkov noted, there is an information war. Is this problem one of the issues that Ryabkov discusses with the Americans as part of a dialogue on strategic stability? - asked the journalist of The Moscow Post.

The diplomat replied that strategic stability issues were initiated by the heads of Russia and the United States. Their goal is to lay the foundations for future arms control. The task of the dialogue is to develop a new "security equation" that comprehensively covers all types of weapons capable of solving strategic problems.

At the same time, Zakharova noted that countering the hostile actions of countries in the information space is carried out by the Russian Foreign Ministry systematically and regularly, but in other formats.

"Therefore, the dialogue on strategic stability is so valuable," added Maria Zakharova, answering a question from The Moscow Post journalist at a briefing today.

The second question of the MP journalist concerned the Iranian "nuclear deal." During the conversation between the Presidents of Russia and the United States, it seemed that it was important for Biden to maintain his own image as a "peacemaker" in the eyes of the world community, and the "nuclear deal" itself was of great importance to the head of the United States.

- What can the Russian Federation help in this, maybe together with China? - asked the journalist of The Moscow Post.

Maria Zakharova: "Washington's return to fulfilling the conditions of the" Iranian nuclear deal is not the subject of bargaining "

Maria Zakharova noted that just today, December 9, a Russian delegation led by Mikhail Ulyanov is working in Vienna, which is participating in a meeting of a joint commission with the OPD. The diplomat expressed the hope that the negotiations will be effective, experts will join in solving the problem of the "nuclear deal," which in practice will help restore the "full-fledged implementation of the agreement."

Zakharova recalled that a pause was made in the negotiations on Iranian nuclear issues, caused by objective reasons. In the future, all parties plan to work intensively.

- We see no other way than to force these consultations, based on the experience and results of previous rounds and, having determined on this basis the lists of specific actions that the United States and Iran must take to ensure strict compliance with the requirements of the JCPOA, which was supported by UN Security Council Resolution No. 2231, - said Zakharova.

Russia, according to the official representative of the Foreign Ministry, remains committed to all obligations undertaken to resolve the issue of Iranian nuclear issues.

- We do it to help not someone specifically. We proceed from the fact that the JCPOA was originally built on a carefully verified balance of interests, the diplomat also emphasized and recalled that the previous American administration broke its obligations unilaterally.

"The return of Washington to the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution No. 2231 is not the subject of bargaining, and all violations committed should be corrected and, as we hope, Iran will respond by counter unfreezing its obligations, which were suspended in the previous two years due to US actions," the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman also emphasized.

Only synchronized and dynamic actions by representatives of Iran and the United States will bring the nuclear deal back on track. Russia will contribute to this in every way, Zakharova concluded.

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