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09 December 2023

The pimp Lavrentiev got a taste: the business "money from the air" is gaining momentum

Mr. Lavrentiev and his co-comrades continue to make money out of thin air, "stabbing" the media and site owners, not shy away from earning money and those who financially support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The number of companies grows like mushrooms after rain.

It seems that the famous pimp Alexander Lavrentiev and his co-company liked to get money out of thin air, "stabbing" the editorial offices of the media and website owners that firms specializing in this grow like mushrooms after rain. Created at the end of August 2023, the APT-Management company, owned by this Mr., filed 74 lawsuits in two months of its existence, demanding to pay them 5.2 million rubles.

In general, on this, with the permission to say "business," the persons associated with Lavrentiev tried to earn more than 0.4 billion rubles from scratch. Is there already an abuse of the right here, because everything looks like the goal in these companies is profit, and not at all the restoration of the rights of photographers?

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

Apparently, the defendants in this business themselves probably suspect that they may become subjects of inspections under such an interesting article of civil law as "Abuse of the right." Therefore, for example, IP Rasrygin I.F., which The Moscow Post talked about earlier, was liquidated at the end of September 2023, having managed to file more than 100 lawsuits in the amount of 11 million rubles.


I can't believe that this is due to the fact that someone's conscience suddenly woke up. Rather, it looks like noticing traces after such as Dmitro Raskolnikova was discovered among the customers of this cheerful company (Dmitry Raskolnikov), aka Vitaliy Raskalov - a native of Ukraine, whose namesake is on his page in social networks (today the account has been deleted, but screenshots have been preserved in the editorial office) was engaged in anti-Russian propaganda, violated the legislation of the Russian Federation (placed the flag of Russia in the form of a swastika), and also directly declared his participation in financing the army of Ukraine.

Among the clients of Lavrentiev and his co-comrades, Raskalov's friend, Vadim Makhorov (Gurnov), and blogger Lana Sator, Svetlana Timofeeva, who was arrested in the Russian Federation in the case of illegal access to state secrets, were also found out. Timofeeva, detained in Albania in the case of espionage.

Customers, as they say to match.

By the way, if you think that Lavrentiev and Rasrygin have known enough and the photographs of the above-mentioned native of Ukraine Raskolnikov are not used for profit, then you were mistaken. For example, a regular meeting is scheduled for December 2023 to knock out 100 thousand rubles for photographs of this author from the owners of the next site. Moreover, monitoring of the arbitration website showed that Lavrentiev, starting in March 2022 (that is, when the SVO was already underway), filed 38 lawsuits related to the collection of funds from Russian persons for photographs of Raskalov/Raskolnikov. As specified in the materials of the courts, "the author of photographic works and the owner of exclusive rights is Raskolnikov D. (creative pseudonym Vitaly Raskalov)."



Here a well-founded question arises to Sledky - if Raskolnikov, aka Raskalov, really participated in the financing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (which is a criminal offense in the Russian Federation), then those who help him receive money are a kind of accomplices? The editors would very much like to receive from the competent authorities an assessment of these actions of all participants in this "business," including lawyers who, representing the interests of Lavrentiev and the company, actually play on the side of Raskolnikov. To track money tranches - funds won from claims - this is quite within the power of our competent authorities.

In general, judging by Rusprofile, as IP Lavrentiev, starting from the date of registration - May 14, 2021 - he filed more than 2.8 thousand claims for a total amount of over 0.4 billion rubles. Taking into account the fact that in most cases we are talking about photographs of the same photographers, including the above Raskalnikov, then, in our opinion, this no longer seems to be an attempt to protect the rights, but a banal profit, which fits well with the signs of the provision of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation as "abuse of the right."


Moreover, apparently, Lavrentiev liked the business so much without special costs that at the end of August 2023 he created a fresh legal entity for the same purposes - APT-Management LLC, which during this time managed to file 74 lawsuits, demanding to pay them 5.2 million rubles. All lawsuits filed in October. Assess how much the case is put on stream? Protection of the rights of victims? Oh, no! Rather, the stuffing business is powerful.

Apparently, a new legal entity appeared in order to at the same time compensate for losses from the activities of Anti-Piracy Technologies LLC, which is positioned as a software developer. The results for 2022 for this LLC are a loss, and Rusprofile notes that "over the year, the structure of liquid assets has deteriorated significantly." Apparently, this LLC is kept in reserve and over time in arbitrations we will see it, as is called in the case. In any case, the co-owner of LLC - Yulia Chistova - in the relevant courts is already actively representing Lavrentiev and his miracle clients. In August 2022, Chistova even registered an individual entrepreneur to work in the field of law.

Among Lavrentiev's clients, apparently, persons close to power appeared. For example, in a number of cases initiated by APT-Management LLC, a third party is a certain Achkasov Artyom Arkadyevich. According to open data, this is a complete namesake of a photographer who also conducts car tests and recently wrote on his social media page that "the first fast charging for electric vehicles was opened with the leadership of Sberbank and the governor of the Lipetsk region." It is curious how Mr. Achkasov himself and his clients look at Lavrentiev's connections with such a person involved as Raskolnikov and that his surname will stand on a par with the latter? After all, it was not for nothing that Albert Nobel said: "A good reputation is more important than a clean shirt. The shirt can be washed, the reputation can never. "


Gold mine and its developers

It should be noted that not only this person involved sensed a gold mine in "sinking" the owners of media and sites. Similar firms began to produce other persons close in spirit to Lavrentiev. For example, The Moscow Post previously talked about OOO "Agency for the Protection of Photographers' Rights" Landscape, "which may be connected through the owner with the family of another former Belgorod official - Gennady Makhotin.

As it turned out, a certain Pavel Zolototrubov, possibly related to the collection sector, may work as a lawyer for this company.

But "Landscape" is not the only one who promises photographers easy money. Now such persons as, for example, Chelyabinsk LLC Pravoe DELO, whose general director, Alexander Chumakov, has signed up for the Landscape group in social networks, have been added to this piggy bank. Initially, the company was created in November 2022 as a software developer, but, apparently, the example of "Landscape" and "Lavrentiev" turned out to be contagious. Even earlier - in 2020, Chumakov personally issued Legal League LLC, which is spelled out with Pravoe DELO LLC at the same address. The first company has already managed to hammer 20 million rubles of profit for 2022 with revenue of 22 million, which indicates low costs for such a "business." Literally money out of thin air.


A curious fact: in 2023, Chumakov and his business partners Alexander Ryabkov and Oksana Chumakova registered the rights to the Digital Eye program. Among the developers, a certain Black Iland is also indicated, who on his page in social networks indicates the Mannequin Theater as a former place of work. The latter is a municipal institution.

Evidence of shakiness

Interestingly, the court hears such cases in a simplified manner, that is, the defendants will sometimes find out about filing a lawsuit, having received a decision according to which they must up to several hundred thousand rubles to certain "representatives" of the photographer. The evidence itself, as one of the courts showed, is shaky among the plaintiffs. Judge for yourself.

In June 2023, the Peysage company completely lost the lawsuit against Nebokhod-Media LLC. The court rejected the claim because it did not establish the fact that the plaintiff had rights to controversial photographic works. The rights have not been proven, but they require payment? Very, you know, it looks like another article, another code of the Russian Federation.

The judge made a very important conclusion - "there are computer programs for changing and editing metadata" and they are easy to change. The court even conducted an experiment, changing the characteristics of the photo, metadata, adding that "the RAW and JPEG image formats themselves are not proof of authorship."


Thus, as we can see, in Russia, the "business" literally out of thin air, which raises doubts about the conscientiousness, is gaining momentum, associated with the "shedding" of site owners and the media, in which the owners do not shy away from any ties, even such as sponsors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But it is not clear why Sledkom is silent in this case?

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