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01 December 2023

Sindika could not resist, will Kanokov resist?

Senator Arsen Kanokov risks losing assets in favor of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov, his adviser Goda Nisanov and State Duma deputy Dmitry Sablin.

At the end of last week, there was a major fire at the Sindika market in the Moscow region. Among the versions of what happened is considered arson.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, if this is so, then the possible transition of the business of the current owner of Sindika - the family of Senator Arsen Kanokov to the family structures of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov and businessman Goda Nisanov cannot be ruled out.

Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

Seven years ago, the Kanokov structure belonged to the shopping center nearby. He also once "blazed," so much so that it was decided to demolish the building, and in its place the development group "Airplane" in collaboration with the Kanokovo "Sindika" later announced plans to build a residential complex and a shopping center.

By the way, according to the media, the project participants have already announced that the fire two days ago will not affect these plans.

According to Vedomosti, at that time, due to a fire, Sindika lost at least 4 billion rubles and was also preparing to receive claims from tenants. Apparently at that time he had no other choice but to "sell out" to someone. And now even more so.

The government of the Moscow region immediately came to the rescue. Which stated that it would help the group to get out, and a new shopping center will be wiped out at this place. True, later plans changed towards the residential complex from the "Airplane," although the shopping center on the territory is planned.

Fire on "Sindika." Photo: Mikhail Dzhaparidze/TASS

Flight over Vorobyov's "nest"

The Airplane group is closely connected with the family of the Moscow Region governor Andrei Vorobyov through his brother Maxim Vorobyov, who was one of its co-owners. Recently, a share in the structure was also bought by businessman Goda Nisanov, who is also an adviser to Andrei Vorobyov, owns a large Food City market and, as The Moscow Post suggested, is trying to expand his influence and open new markets even in places that are not intended for this - for example, in the building of the Stable Department in the very "heart" of St. Petersburg.

It is quite possible that the shopping center, which is planned to be built on the site back in 2017, a "tribute" to Nisanov.

As for the "Airplane," this is the largest developer in the Moscow region, who became famous not only for expensive, but low-quality housing according to the estimates of equity holders, but also for what is being built in territories that, to put it mildly, are not particularly intended for this - for example, at the runway.

However, apparently, there is someone in the government to lower such antics...

Difficult times for Kanokov

Let's return to the burnt market - the legal entity-owner of HC Sindika belongs to the daughter of Senator Kanokov Madina Kanokova. Its financial performance is in an extremely unstable state. The company's receivables amount to 112 million rubles according to data for 2021, while the amount of revenue and profit is at a minus mark. The organization does not have enough own funds to ensure current activities, there is a serious risk of loss of solvency. The organization's costs do not consistently pay off.

In this regard, cooperation with the structures of the "Airplane" looks logical in order to "master" new projects on the "old" territory of the burned-out shopping center. And, there is reason to believe that the developer decided to take advantage of the weakness of Sindika in order to improve his own well-being, but not quite employees...

In May last year, a company from the circuit of the Kanokov family "Sindika-O" (pledged to Sovcombank) was transferred to Miratek, a member of the "Airplane" (Sovcombank recently credited its founders). Kanokov could remain among the persons who have influence on Sindika-O through Arthur Kardanov, who is also listed as the owner of Miratek.

Kardanov is called Kanokov's nephew. In addition, it is related to other assets of the family - for example, it owns Gloria LLC together with Aquarel LLC, which belongs to Madina Kanokova.

Own among strangers

However, despite Kanokov's seemingly lingering influence, there are other factors that indicate that he should fear for his assets.

Just the other day it became known that the structures of "Rota" deputy Dmitry Sablin, who, together with "Airplane," is going to develop development projects, bought from Kanokov part of the business of the premium deli network "Globus Gourmet."

The head structure of gastronomies - Skolkovo Paradise, as has already become familiar, has been credited - the shares of its founders in the pledge - this time - from Sberbank. So far, the Sablin "Rota-Polka" has taken possession of the minority share of the company, but something suggests that it will not be difficult to bring it to the controlling company.


According to the media, citing its sources, Globus Gourmet has lacked a clear development strategy in recent years, which has led to a reduction in the network's turnover. In other words - and here Kanokov needed an assistant. And the help, probably not by chance, decided to provide a close business to the "aircraft" Sablin.

Moreover, Sablin and Vorobyov may have known each other for a long time - according to Forbes, about a year in 2014, Sablin and the owner of the RDI group Dmitry Aksyonov got into the orbit of the then novice developer. On the lands of Sablin, "Airplane" built its largest project - "Suburb of Lesnoye."

Sablin previously worked with the Kanokov family - Sindika together with Rota-Development owned the Pokrov market and in Sergiev Posad. Also, Mr. Kardanov, together with Rota Development and its top manager Eduard Bezbabnykh, owned the Left Bank company, which owns the right to lease a 49-year plot for the construction of a shopping center near Khimki near Moscow.

So Sablin's choice as a partner in Globe Gourmet is also understandable. Only something suggests that the deputy may be on the side of the one who has more resources in this situation. And the salvation of drowning, as they say, is the work of the drowning themselves.

Everything is "in plus," except Kanokov

Thus, the perturbations that we are now seeing in the business of the Kanokov family can be a bright signal "to the disaster" of the senator. Sablin is known for his participation in the management of the All-Russian public organization of veterans "Combat Brotherhood." However, despite the noble name and mission, the structure may not be doing entirely honest things.

Journalists of the Vek edition wrote about its participants as follows: "some" brothers "perfectly mastered the science of" protecting "entrepreneurs, others became involved in the art of" unraveling "commercial disputes. And the older "brothers" (that is, the leaders of the organization) plunged headlong into the fascinating process of redistributing the expensive land of the Moscow region. "

We do not hint at anything, but if the "Fighting Brotherhood" really consists of such "brothers," it should not be difficult for them to set fire to something or for someone to "squeeze" something?

There is reason to believe that the burnt-out market may soon turn into another residential complex or market in favor of Nisanov. If in the case of Sablin, then most likely, they will not do without LCDs. But the appetites of the governor's adviser are unlikely to remain unsatisfied.

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