Severilov, Dominican, "two trunks"

The famous Russian writer Sergei Tyulenev turned to The Moscow Post for help, as, in his opinion, he faced an organized criminal group, which he believes includes a Russian businessman with an ambiguous reputation, Andrei Severilov.


The famous Russian writer Sergei Tyulenev turned to The Moscow Post for help, as, in his opinion, he faced an organized criminal group, which he believes includes a Russian businessman with an ambiguous reputation, Andrei Severilov.

Undoubtedly, this is a thriller with horror elements: on April 13 this year, Sergei Tyulenev, the author of 12 bestsellers, who flew from Cyprus in transit through Yerevan, was detained at Domodedovo airport.

Perhaps the Pinkertons messed up something? An no: it was his Tyulenev Sergei Lvovich, a citizen of the Russian Federation and Cyprus, who met him.

On the island of Aphrodite, in Limassol, Sergei Lvovich has been living for 26 years, he writes books. But why "tied"? And they were immediately taken to the Begovaya OMVD, where the cards were finally opened: it turns out that back in September last year, 2022, a criminal case was opened against S.L. Tyulenev. Allegedly, Sergei Lvovich abused the trust of a certain person, and wasted 2 million 400 thousand rubles. And these "tugriki" belonged to businessman Andrei Severilov.

A confrontation was held with Mr. Severilov... The writer Tyulenev spent 2 days at the IVS.

Andrei Severilov arrived at a meeting on Maybach with armed bodyguards.

Looking ahead, we note that Sergei Tyulenev is fighting a well-organized international organized criminal group. And alone, for several years he has been trying to bring Andrei Severilov, his partner Mikhail Rabinovich, to clean water. And several more recognizable persons from the close circle of the former minister "without a portfolio" Mikhail Abyzov, who has been "sunbathing" in prison for several years.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the exciting plot.

"Without me... I was married... "

During personal communication with Sergei Lvovich Tyulenev, it turned out that he had known "friend" Andrei Severilov for many years, were friends, communicated, met... And nothing foreshadowed much trouble, moreover, in an unforgettable 2017, Mr. Severilov suggested that Mr. Tyulenev go into the tourism business, organize a joint travel company in Cyprus.

After all, Severilov and his partner Mikhail Rabinovich are the founders of the Da Vinci holding company. And they also have an office called "Da Vinci Travel."


And Tyulenev handed over his Cypriot passport to his "friend" Severilov, and then the entire package of documents.

And I could not even imagine that in the end it came out of this good undertaking!

As a result, as a fast neutron reactor, Andrei Severilov opened the writer Tyulenev's Cypriot passport... 15 offices in all different corners of the globe!

The document was submitted by the author of the letter to The Moscow Post

As for the above indicated amount of 2 million 400 thousand rubles - here is its enchanting story: since Sergei Tyulenev is a successful writer, "friend" Severilov wanted to enter the publishing business, for which he transferred this amount to the publication of books. The money went to the publishing house, to the point.

But when Sergei Tyulenev opened the frauds with his Cypriot passport, troubles fell on Severilov, like from the horn of abundance, because in the process of unraveling the "tangle" of scams and fraud, Tyulenev entered a brilliantly organized criminal community, which includes dozens of people. And moreover, not only Russians!

300 ersatz companies and 3 banks of Moscow

"As the documents we received with my lawyer say," says Sergey Lvovich, "Andrei Severilov has been engaged in illegal withdrawal of money from Russia for more than ten years. And it was for this purpose that he built many schemes, assigning this work to his office in Cyprus. It has more than 300 companies under its management. And in recent years, Severilov's structures have withdrawn more than 100 billion rubles through three banks in Moscow.

Sergei Tyulenev learned all this when it turned out that Andrei Vladimirovich Severilov included in his criminal schemes the data of the Cypriot passport of Sergei Lvovich Tyulenev.

"Back in 2021, from around the world, I began to receive letters and information about foreign companies opened in my name," Sergey Tyulenev continues our conversation. - Reached out to lawyer Nikos Cleridis. And then they established the fact of the use of my passport data by a criminal group. An application has been submitted to the Economic Police of the Republic of Cyprus for persons residing in Cyprus.

We have established that the head of the criminal community is Andrei Severilov, the owner of Parallel UK and Parallel Legal Consulting.

"I went to the court and the Cyprus police," Sergey Lvovich continues the conversation, "and during the investigation I received a huge amount of supporting evidence. Today, the case of Andrei Severilov is under the personal control of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus... "

The document was submitted by the author of the letter to The Moscow Post

Sergei Tyulenev also considered it necessary to send all comprehensive information to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Federal Tax Service, the Central Bank of Russia, as well as to the Vladimir Putin Administration about the activities of a large international criminal organization, which was fantastically created by Andrei Severilov.

The document was submitted by the author of the letter to The Moscow Post

But while all these appeals go in a circle, the case of A.V. Severilov lives and thrives.

The document was submitted by the author of the letter to The Moscow Post

They say that this opaque person has a passport of the Dominican Republic and as if he pays taxes there.

And one of the close relatives is an employee of Russian law enforcement agencies, therefore, the investigative authorities of the Republic of Cyprus are more concerned with the murky personality of Mr. Severilov.

But millions - billions continue to flow from the budget "bins" of the Russian Federation!

"Large" dad

Sergey Tyulenev continues to testify further:

"In 2013, Andrei Severilov opened a representative office of Moscow companies PARALLEL NOMINEES CYPRUS LIMITED in Cyprus at the address: Cyprus 3032, Limassol 124 Gladstonos Street, The Hawk Building, 1st floor. Employees of the company - some Oleg Gonchar, Victoria Gonchar, Katerina Papanikolau, Armando Vila Cabrera and Anastasia Euripidou - at the direction of their boss took control of more than 300 offshore companies with the aim of illegal circulation of money withdrawn from the Russian Federation, tax evasion.

The document was submitted by the author of the letter to The Moscow Post

Thus, this community, in order to hide the true beneficiaries, the owners of the companies illegally opened a company on the Cypriot passport of Sergei Tyulenev in Liechtenstein, Georgia, Denmark, London, the Virgin Islands, Florida...

The document was submitted by the author of the letter to The Moscow Post

By the way, Sergei Lvovich Tyulenev has never been to the United States of America, so he was especially surprised by the activities of the company, which was opened in his name in Florida.

"Surfacing" by Mikhail Abyzov

Recall that in 2019, the Minister of the "Open Government" Mikhail Abyzov was arrested. The public has already forgotten a little about him, but Mr. Abyzov also passes in the dark affairs of Andrei Severilov.

Both the former minister himself and his accomplices were accused of organizing a criminal community, fraud, commercial bribery, etc. RBC wrote about this in detail.

Former minister "without portfolio" Mikhail Abyzov. Photo:

Further, as Tyulenev says, the Investigative Committee of Russia has already established the long-term involvement of Andrei Severilov in the illegal withdrawal of money stolen by the criminal group of Mikhail Abyzov from the budget of the Russian Federation, which were withdrawn to Cyprus and other offshore companies.

"For example, this is the Virgin company ORIDEN HOLDINGS LIMITED, owned by A. Severilov. Director - Armando Villa Cabrera, address - Gladstonos 124, Limassol is the beneficiary of the Virginia company BATIOS HOLDING LIMITED, registration number 1573689. The director of this company is also Armando Villa Cabrera. This company was opened and worked to ensure the activities of Mikhail Abyzov and his accomplices. "

We will also remind, on June 26, 2020, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow arrested Abyzov's business partners - Vladimir Niyazov and Andrei Titarenko in absentia as part of a criminal case for complicity in embezzlement of money organized by the ex-minister.

Today, both of these businessmen are put on the international wanted list. This was reported by BFM radio

"But Severilov was well aware of the court decisions against Niyazov and Titarenko," Tyulenev continues his story, "and through the structures he created in Cyprus, he began to hide the whereabouts of Niyazov and Titarenko, whom Interpol is looking for. Moreover, Severilov created and served the business of Titarenko and Niyazov by the forces of his employees! "

V. Niyazov lives at 7 Kykladon street, Iokastis Court, flat 21, Governors Beach, Pentakomo, 4528, Cyprus.

Of course, it is cozier to live on the shores of the Mediterranean than to steam on bunks, as ex-minister Abyzov has been doing for several years in a row.

Limassol, Cyprus. Photo:

According to Sergey Tyulenev, Mr. Niyazov owns MAPELOGIO HOLDINGS LIMITED.

But the company is serviced by Katerina Papanikolau.

Virgin Company - CUSHENDAL VENTURES LIMITED, UBO - Vladimir Niyazov, Director - Katerina Papanikolau, shareholder - Anastasia Euripidou.

Virgin Company - ALABASTER ASSOCIATES LIMITED, UBO - Mr. Niyazov, Director - Mr. Titarenko.

In total, the Cypriot office of PARALLEL NUMBERS CYPRUS LIMITED serves 5 virgin companies of Russian citizens Vladimir Niyazov and Andrei Titarenko, who are on the international wanted list.

"This criminal community has withdrawn 32.5 billion rubles from Russia," says Sergei Tyulenev.

Where without Rabinovich?

Finally, we got to another business partner of Mr. Severilov - to Mr. Rabinovich, whose acts were reported at the very beginning of this investigation.

"Mr Rabinovich's place of residence is Gibraltar, an overseas territory of Great Britain," continues Sergey Tyulenev. - Mikhail Danilovich Rabinovich also owns companies that are serviced by the Cypriot company PARALLEL NOMINES CYPRUS LIMITED. He is a beneficiary of the Cypriot company KOHENSON DEVELOPMENT LIMITED, HE213242, Gladstonos 124, Limassol, PARALLEL NOMINEES CYPRUS LIMITED - Secretary Katerina Papanikolau, Director of STEVONA MANAGEMENT LTD Anastasia Euripidou.

DOLTONBAY LTD, HE190757, address Gladstonos 124, Limassol.


The document was submitted by the author of the letter to The Moscow Post

So here's the full list of the community:

Oleg Gonchar is the head of the Cyprus office of PARALLEL NOMINES CYPRUS LIMITED (works in Cyprus without a work visa).

Katerina Papanikolau is Director of PARALLEL NOMINES CYPRUS LIMITED.

Armando Villa Cabrera is a director and shareholder, more than 100 companies that are serviced in the office of PARALLEL NAMES CYPRUS LIMITED.

Anastasia Euripidou is director of PARALLEL NAMES CYPRUS LIMITED and director of STEVONA MANAGEMENT LTD, this company is a director of more than 50 companies that are serviced in the office at Gladstonos 124. Limassol, Hauck Building.

Sergey Tyulenev has already submitted applications to the central office of the Cyprus police, as well as to the financial police of Cyprus MOKAS. The statement indicates documents received from the Russian police (Internal Affairs Directorate of the Northern Autonomous Okrug of Moscow) as a result of a search and seizure of documents at the office of Parallel UK, Mr. Severilov.

And it was established that Severilov and employees of the Cyprus office withdrew money from the Russian Federation for the companies of Mikhail Rabinovich, the company of Loko-Bank shareholders of Mikhail Abyzov's company (Niyazova, Titarenko), the company of the director of Anzhersk Ugol LLC Nikolai Kostenko and the shareholder of Anzhersk Ugol Konstantin Krushinsky, who owns the Virgin company RED SUN No. 051454 and London's EAST-WEST CARBO LLP Company Number OC437425.

And this group continues to fill offshore "pockets."

According to Sergey Tyulenev, Mr. Krushinsky bought a house in Monaco for 20 million euros. Mr. Severilov has apartments in Riga, as well as on the island of Cyprus, also a house and apartments in Moscow, and the tax office reports income, for example, for 2018 in 1, 5 million rubles. At the same time, in the questionnaire of the beneficiary of REGENSOS Bank, he indicates income in - 10.75mn. euro. But why are the tax authorities of the Russian Federation inactive?

Why is the Central Bank in no hurry to check information about the "eccentricities" of Loko-Bank Design Bureau, although all shareholders are represented by Cypriot companies, which are heaped "registered" at the same address: Limassol, Gladstonos, 124?

To be continued