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05 December 2023

Rural business of the Yusufovs and Weavers: new eaters appeared in "Eat Village"

In addition to relatives of the former Minister of Energy Vitaly Yusufov, and the ex-governor of the Kuban, "eats village" and Ksenia Frank, daughter of billionaire Timchenko.

Apparently, the "cream" of society quickly oriented in the current situation, while new and new sanctions are coming down, fast food restaurants are closing. Eat Village offers the "freshest products" from several regions of the Russian Federation at once.

The other day, the notorious son of the former Minister of Energy Vitaly Yusufov, the owner of the Argo company, also joined the Internet aggregator.

Even earlier, the notorious son-in-law of the former governor of the Krasnodar Territory, the owner of Bramos Capital LLC Roman Batalov, also came there.

But if there were no ready criminal cases against Mr. Batalov, then Yusufov's father and son had already repeatedly fallen into "stressful" situations, but each time they managed to go out "clean." Perhaps agricultural products will not be brought to the "pen"?

The correspondent of The Moscow Post understood some details.

200 companies

So, the son of the former Minister of Energy Yusufov Vitaly Yusufov became a co-owner of the farm platform "Eat Village."

The Argo investment company, which belongs to Vitaly Yusufov, has become the owner of 2.79% of the Eat Village Internet aggregator.

And the Bramos Capital company, 60% of which belongs to Roman Batalov, son-in-law of the ex-Minister of Agriculture and former Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev, increased its share in the aggregator to 6.93% from 3.41%.

Another well-known shareholder businessman, Ksenia Frank, daughter of billionaire Timchenko and wife of Gleb Frank, reduced the stake to 2.81% from 3.36%.

The largest stake in Eat Village LLC so far belongs to the founder of the company, Ilya Elpanov (27.92%). A few days ago, Mr. Yelpanov owned 33.42%.

The farm platform was created in 2015.

In 2017, Eat Village LLC attracted sowing investments in the amount of $300 thousand from businessman Vladimir Bakuteev and the Some Random VC sowing investment fund.

And today the company offers more than 1.5 thousand products from 200 companies from the Tver, Yaroslavl, Lipetsk regions, Krasnodar Territory, as well as the Moscow Region.

A good, calm business, and very healthy.

Swiss bank account

But recall some remarkable facts from the bright life of the father and son of the Yusufovs, who unexpectedly filed into the agrarians.

The name of the former Minister of Energy Igor Yusufov pops up in history with one very scandalous deal not from the very distant past. Then there was a situation when rare earth metals changed to baby food. About this wrote Forbes.

And later, the prosecutor's audit accused several Russian officials at once that it took $14.5 million to buy this food from the budget for Swiss accounts, and only $1.7 million was purchased for formula and porridge.

The scandal turned out to be very loud. But there were no criminal cases!

Mr. Yusufov distanced himself from the scandal. Then, other goods came to the place of baby food, including weapons...

And the main springboard - the take-off of the Yusufovs occurred at a time when Dmitry Medvedev was president of the Russian Federation.

Igor Yusufov. Photo:

But before meeting with Mr. Medvedev, Igor Yusufov managed to work side by side with both Boris Yeltsin and General Rutsky. And this happened through the Renaissance Foundation. This fund was first headed by Yeltsin himself, and after Yeltsin was elected head of the Russian Federation, the fund went under the leadership of Russian Vice President Alexander Rutsky. How did he work? The fund was exempted from customs payments and income tax.

And he had to earn on export-import operations. Money in this fund went "thermonuclear." And then a scandal broke out when Vice President Rutskaya, fighting with Yeltsin, promised to unveil 11 suitcases of incriminating evidence on members of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Rutskoy also claimed that a lot of "forgotten Cossacks" work in the Government of the Russian Federation.

Photo: "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

True, the retired general Rutsky could have "sins": the general was suspected of opening bank accounts in Switzerland. The fund was also accused of embezzlement of currency.

And all this did not happen without the participation of the Yusufovs. Yusufov's brother, Gennady Yusufov, through the Vozrozhdenie fund, became a stock broker. Igor Yusufov himself, by personal order of Yeltsin, was appointed deputy chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Economic Interests of Russia. Later, the committee was disbanded, and employees moved to the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations.

Igor Yusufov became deputy minister.

35 high-profile criminal cases

The Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations then oversaw the arms trade. About this writes But many countries were counting on the supply of weapons with barter: China supplied electronics and fur coats to Russia, Malaysia - palm oil.

On one of the days, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation (at that time) Viktor Chernomyrdin instructed officials to create a monopoly company Rosvooruzhenie. To sell barter goods, Rosvooruzhenie established a subsidiary company Rosvooruzhenie Trading (RVT). And Igor Yusufov oversaw not only the conclusion of contracts for the supply of barter goods, but also customs clearance and foreign exchange operations.

Over three years, total turnover reached $4 billion dollar.

Victor Chernomyrdin. Photo: Gazprom

Commission companies accounted for 2-3%. RVT profits totaled hundreds of millions of dollars. With the support of Igor Yusufov, many foreign trade organizations became shareholders of RVT. Igor Yusufov also had his own package. In three years, he made a huge fortune.

But soon the RVT was liquidated.

Viktor Chernomyrdin invited Yusufov to return to the civil service. And appointed him deputy minister of industry. But a year later, Yusufov went to a more bread place. And this bread place was the State Reserve (later - the Federal Agency for State Reserves, Rosrezero) and its numerous reservoirs: strategic reserves in case of war and natural disasters. This is not only grain, stews, flour, but also oil, coal, as well as shield prefabricated houses, etc. And stories with these repositories occurred indescribable.

State Duma deputy Boris Reznik, a member of the Anti-Corruption Commission (already deceased), said in the State Duma that a system of "their own" was created in Rosrezerva, which they gave goods for a penny, but also for huge kickbacks. About this wrote "Forbes".

Boris Reznik. Photo: "Evening Moscow"

These goods were sold at sky-high prices. And it was under Yusufov that the operations allegedly took on an unprecedented scale. But the deputies of the State Duma did not achieve a large-scale investigation of the activities of Rosrezerva. Criminal cases were opened. And they closed.

In total, according to the results of the deputy audit, the Prosecutor General's Office opened 35 criminal cases. About this wrote "Forbes." But under the distribution were "switchmen." Igor Yusufov again remained out of history.

Know and Die

And in 2001, Mr. Yusufov took the chair of Minister of Energy, became a member of Gazprom's board of directors.

A few years later, from the chair of the Minister of Energy, Yusufov relocated to Old Square: he received a new position, became the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for international energy cooperation.

Soon, an SVR employee, a friend of Yusufov, Alexei Korotaev brought with him Andrei Burlakov, deputy director of the state Financial Leasing Company (FLC). Burlakova's company was engaged in leasing aircraft, and also created a shipbuilding group.

Shortly before his visit to Yusufov, Burlakov learned from the manager of a Swedish shipping company that the Norwegian company Aker Yards was selling some assets, including German shipyards. Andrei Burlakov began to look for money to buy in order to redeem assets. The seller Pricewaterhouse Coopers estimated assets at 250 million euros. But Burlakova had only 50 million euros. About this wrote Forbes.

Igor Yusufov immediately understood the attractiveness of Burlakov's proposal. He agreed with Swiss bank Credit Suisse on a loan of 200 million euros. But the main owner of the shipyards was the Luxembourg company FLC West. 75% of this company belonged offshore from the British Virgin Islands Templestowe. This Templestowe transferred the first payment - 80 million euros. Burlakov signed the documents on the purchase.

After 6 months, Igor Yusufov opened the Moscow office of German shipyards. The company was named Wadan Yards.

But in the fall of 2008, the global financial crisis struck. As a result, Wadan Yards were under the control of the municipal German authorities. And the son of Igor Yusufov Vitaly Yusufov became the official owner of the shipyards for 40 million euros. About this writes RBC.

Vitaly Yusufov claimed that he won the competition at the shipyard, as he promised to save 1,200 jobs and return more than 370 million euros in loans.

Vitaly Yusufov. Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Tatarstan

But then strange things began to happen with Andrei Burlakov and his wife, vice president of finance Anna Etkina. They were accused of developing a scheme for withdrawing money from the FLC controlled by companies. Then he was arrested and sent to Butyrka. Kommersant wrote about the criminal case against Burlakov.

But a few months later, the spouses were released on bail. Having been released, Andrei Burlakov decided to give an interview to the media. The meeting was scheduled at the Khutorskaya restaurant on Leningradsky Prospekt. But the interview did not work: the killer shot Andrei Burlakov point blank. Anna Etkina was seriously injured.

Burlakov was buried.

Andrey Burlakov. Photo:

Anna Etkina left for Israel.

In the case of the murder of Yusufov were held as witnesses. This was reported by REN TV.

Operation in Vienna

How have events progressed? In January 2015, Aslan Gagiev, nicknamed Dzhako, was detained in Vienna. It was one of the most wanted killers in Russia. Jaco's gang had more than 60 murders. This was reported by the Investigative Committee of Russia.

During the investigation, it turned out that it was a member of the Jacko gang who shot Andrei Burlakov in September 2011.

Aslan Gagiev. Photo: TFR

By the way, Aslan Gagiev himself (he lived with a passport issued in the name of Sergei Morozov) told investigators that he owned a 25% stake in German shipyards. And he wasn't the only criminal who had a stake in the business.

But how did Gagiev become the owner of a 25% stake?

Gagiev's gang wasn't just a brutal murder machine. They prepared for their operations for a long time, since most of those businessmen whose lives they attempted had offshore in "quiet harbors." And how to get hold of offshore money? That's why Jaco's gang had not only killers, but economists and lawyers. And as investigators found out, Andrei Burlakov, also entered Gagiev's "office" as an economist.

Aslan Gagiev's fake passport. Photo: TFR

And the Spanish police helped the Russian investigators, who concluded on the basis of wiretaps that the German shipyard had bankrupt the famous criminal authority Gennady Petrov.

According to the author of the Zol-Dol blog on the Live Journal platform, allegedly the prosecutor of the Spanish Special Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime, Jose Grinda, stated that: "We have a record of Petrov's conversations with a number of persons, from which it follows that Petrov was the owner of part of the shares of the FLC. And there was a conspiracy between Petrov and the director of the Federal Leasing Company Nail Malyutin. They made a profit by speculating on shares, withdrew profit, transferred FLC money to a Luxembourg company. This led to the bankruptcy of the shipyards. "

Only one company appears in the investigation - FLC West from Luxembourg. The company allegedly belongs to the Yusufov family. It turns out that they could well have participated in the "sawing" of money with Gennady Petrov?

Nail Malyutin was extradited to Russia from Austria in 2016. Aslan Gagiev - in 2018.

Recall that German shipyards planned to sell to the state. And they went to the leaders of Russian organized crime groups. The shipyards were to be sold for 249 million to the Luxembourg company FLC West. 50% of which belonged to the FLC. But state participation was the main condition for sale.

The Board of Directors of the FLC included representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Finance, Transport, federal agencies for industry and federal property management. However, no one was going to give the shipyard to the state.

Over time, such details surfaced: a few days after negotiations with the Norwegians, Andrei Burlakov bought 49% of FLC West. And transferred them offshore to Blackstead Holdings Limited (Cyprus). The second half of FLC West was owned by the Cypriot company Almiar Investments Limited, most likely controlled by FLC-friendly structures.

There is such a curious detail: even before signing an agreement with the Norwegians, Almiar gave its 50% FLC West, which has registration in the British Virgin Islands Templestowe Trading Corp. This company is also allegedly under the control of Igor and Vitaly Yusufov.

Collage: "Version"

As a result of all these operations, FLC remained 1%. The state received zero. Igor Yusufov left the public service in 2011. The post of special representative was abolished.

Another name of Igor Yusufov surfaced after an emergency at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station. Rostekhnadzor named the perpetrators. In the list of six names was the former Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Igor Yusufov. About this wrote

It remains to ask one single question: and when will law enforcement agencies pay attention to the Yusufov businessmen, who have now sent their feet to the agribusiness?

Near the Kremlin

Dad and son Yusupova are now actively engaged in the construction business. Moscow continues to be cut into pieces. One of these pieces at the auction also not so long ago skipped to structures tightly connected with Vitaly Yusufov.

We are talking about a land plot of 1.36 hectares and a dozen buildings with a total area of ​ ​ 8 thousand square meters. meters near the Kremlin. The winner at the auction was the company "Citizen." The owner of the office is Alexander Leonov, the business partner of Yusufov - the younger.

How will events develop now after the Yusufovs join LLC Eat Village? After all, dad and son are not used to being content with small...

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