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The leaders of corruption investigations were Dmitry Rogozin and Sergey Sobyanin. Alexander Brechalov on the catch?


The leaders of corruption investigations were Dmitry Rogozin and Sergey Sobyanin. Alexander Brechalov on the catch?

The outsiders of a kind of anti-rating were Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, head of Roscosmos Group of Companies Dmitry Rogozin and the head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov: they became "heroes" of several June publications at once.

And especially many responses have already come to the journalistic investigation "In the space center" a leak of "corruption."

It should be noted that last June a lot of confidential information came from readers to the editorial office of The Moscow Post: this concerns the corruption component, which for many years accompanies the activities of the Almaz-Antey concern and its (so far) permanent leader Jan Novikov.

And another "diamond" was flooded on the pages of The Moscow Post - this "diamond" - the head of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia Aysen Nikolaev: the Nikolaev family, it turns out, "drowned" in the diamond business at the very top, while ruining the successful businessmen of Yakutia.

The correspondent of The Moscow Post understood the details in which the devil usually hides.

National Space Center: keep the thief!

Our reader writes about how the National Space Center (NCC) is being built: "We are sending materials on the facts of corruption during the construction of the NCC by the developer, namely the general director of MIP-Stroy No. 1 LLC Konstantin Maslakov and his entourage. There are a lot of egregious violations. And, quite possibly, Mr. Maslakov (in the recent past - Grigoriev), who was previously tried by the Kirov District Court of Astrakhan, sentence No. 1-256/2017 of 20.07.2017, on the facts of embezzlement of budget funds, will again go on trial with the company of "accomplices"?

Two high-ranking government officials are responsible for the construction of the facility - Dmitry Rogozin and Sergey Sobyanin.

The editors found the verdict of the Kirov District Court against Mr. Maslakov-Grigoriev.

Recall that not so long ago, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin promised Vladimir Putin that there would be no problems with the construction of a space center. And what in the end?

According to our informant, it was on the initiative of Maslakov-Grigoriev and with the participation of accountant Irina Karacheva that the re-signing of financial and economic documents for 2017-2019 was carried out retroactively. In connection with the legislative increase in the VAT rate from 18 to 20% from 01.01.2019, a scheme for understating VAT to the budget was used, namely, corrections were made to the initial accounting documents. And allegedly "the applied scheme of illegal VAT reimbursement from the budget made it possible to deceive the Federal Tax Service by tens of millions of rubles."

Mr. Maslakov-Grigoriev, with the active participation of the heads of the warehouse service Pavel Kruglov and Alexander Grisenko, allegedly could have turned a large theft, causing significant damage to LLC MIP-Stroy No. 1, as well as the state represented by the shareholder of Mosinzhproekt JSC.

The members of this group moved 300 tons of high-quality metal pipes from the central warehouse in Zelenograd to warehouse No. 8 at the Lermontovsky Prospekt metro station. By manipulation, the property was allegedly transferred to the category of unsuitable. As a result, the Investigative Department of the OMVD "Vykhino-Zhulebino" opened criminal case No. 12001450055001660.

Head of Roscosmos Group of Companies Dmitry Rogozin

But today the investigation into the case is terminated. He asks why? And WHO contributed?

And how did the person against whom the criminal case of embezzlement was opened again find himself in high public office?

After all, Mr. Grigoriev (Maslakov) was accused not of stealing a box of cucumbers, but of taking a huge amount from the State.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin

And Mosinzhproekt is a holding company 100% owned by the Moscow Government.

The editorial board of The Moscow Post addresses these issues to the FSB Economic Security Service (SEB). The investigation was also sent to the press service of the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin. The press service of the mayor of the editorial office has already replied: they became interested in the motley "biography" of Mr. Grigoriev.

Wet Case by Sergei Sobyanin

But in addition to the ambush with the National Space Center, Mr. Sobyanin turns out to have many problems with the project of the century. We are talking about garage complexes, which at the beginning of construction were called "People's garages."

The long-suffering program "People's Garage" which was supposed to provide Muscovites with accessible parking spaces was closed 3 years ago. Muscovites did not understand what to pay 350 thousand rubles for.

But the main garage "tricks" were, it turns out, ahead!

So, on Pyatnitsky highway in 2010, a complex with the status of "People's Garage" was built. On the basement, 8 car seats were intended for people with disabilities. " But these places were eventually "grabbed."

8 car seats were re-registered by a certain Semyon Viktorovich

Large diamonds of Almaz-Antey

"The Almaz-Antey management team continues to steal the budget." This was reported by a letter from St. Petersburg.

But the criminal case opened against the "unidentified officials" of JSC "Radio Equipment Plant" on the removal of huge budget amounts began to deflate strangely.

According to sources of The Sankt-Peterburg Post, Mikhail Podvyaznikov, General Director of Radio Equipment Plant JSC (ZRTO JSC) and Maxim Nazarov, General Director of Radio Engineering Complex JSC, could be involved in this case. These enterprises are part of the Almaz-Antey concern, The Moscow Post has repeatedly reported on opaque activities.

According to our source, at the Radio Equipment Plant, on February 16 of this year, 2021, the inter-municipal department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation conducted an inspection at especially important and sensitive facilities. On March 9, a criminal case was opened by the investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at especially important and sensitive facilities in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region "against unidentified persons."

But in the evening of the same, on March 9, the criminal case was... terminated.

According to the authors of the appeal to the editorial office, the initiation of a criminal case indicates that "certain unidentified persons," including from the officials of ZRTO JSC and Radio Engineering Complex JSC, could indeed steal an impressive amount from the budget.

According to former employees of the company, the deputy general director of the Almaz-Antey concern, he, the head of the North-West Regional Center and the general director of ZRTO JSC Mikhail Podvyaznikov, created a group that makes easy money under the cover of a powerful "roof" - the Almaz-Antey concern.

Moreover, according to informants, Mikhail Podvyaznikov is a large "wallet" of the Moscow "Almaz-Antey family," more specifically, the general director of the concern, Yana Novikova.

Head of Almaz-Antey Concern Jan Novikov

A kind of curious paper was sent from St. Petersburg, namely, the DECREE on the initiation of a criminal case and its acceptance for production on March 9, 2021. The name of the senior investigator of the investigation department of the Intermunitial Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at especially important and sensitive facilities of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region is also indicated.

The document lists the names of those who may be involved in the likely "withdrawal" of budget billions. And the first is the name of the general director of ZRTO JSC Mikhail Podvyaznikov.

But a few hours later, according to our informant from the Almaz-Antey concern, apparently, by the "call" of the investigator, Major of Justice A.S. Fadeev received "some instructions." And the criminal case was slowed down.

But we follow events further.

Governor Starowoit's Business

Another interesting topic is "How does Governor Roman Starovoit" develop "the region entrusted to him along with its roads, forests?" This is written in their letter by residents of Kursk.

The letter says not only about the "business" of Roman Starovoitov, but also about his partners, as well as that for the sake of a new dubious construction site they can destroy a unique pine forest in the city limits of Kursk. 1200 summer cottages can go under the excavator bucket.

But it turns out that all these minor problems are not of interest to the governor. After all, as the authors of the letter write to the editors, "Mr. Starovoit never broke with his former position, he has his own plant.

The authors of the letter to the editorial office and other interesting facts from the life of the governor in the Solovyin Territory indicate.

Governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit

Both our source in the Government of the Kursk region and the authors of the letter to the editorial office in unison report that Governor Roman Starovoit has his own asphalt plant. This plant hides under the sign of Terra LLC. This company worked near Kursk before the arrival of Starovoit. But Terra worked without much success. However, with the advent of Starovoit, the revenue of Terra suddenly reached sky-high heights - 600 million rubles.

The authors of the appeal answer this question: over the past 2 years (and Mr. Starovoit has been sitting "in the kingdom" since September 2019), several companies that were engaged in the road sector went bankrupt in the region at once.

According to the authors of the letter, Mr. Starovoit has already got acquainted with the entire Kursk "Beaumond." And he even committed himself to promoting a very remarkable local character to the deputies of the State Duma: he patronizes businessman Maxim Mamzurin, the one who captured the Kurskkhleb plant.

And now the candidacy of Maxim Mamzurin is allegedly whisked to the State Duma almost by the entire regional administration. And they use all the available resources for this.

Mr. Starowoit is, indeed, doing his best to sink his protégé. Allegedly, the governor is very glad that there was an opportunity to "skip" the current State Duma deputy from the Kursk region Alexei Zolotarev.

"But we are against such a representative of the Kursk region in parliament," our readers write.

It's hard to disagree with them!

100 letters to Governor Brechalov

Residents of the village of Karakulino (Udmurtia) turned to The Moscow Post, who claim that officials systematically "squeeze" their land plots. Karakulino is like Rublevka in Moscow - a district along the Kama River. Here the entire local elite built themselves large cottages.

And the villagers have been fighting for their land for a year. The head of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov, "wrote 100 letters." In vain.

"We ask you to help in this wild situation," readers write.

Head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov

As it turned out, they brazenly take the land not only in Caraculino.

Today, the work of the Filippov family is rattling - the Chetkarev. They live in the village of Kamennoye, Zavyalovsky district. A large family is expelled with young children from the house in which they lived for many years. Filippova's spouses - Raisa and Alexander - worked at a local school for more than 15 years!

"Today, the Prosecutor's Office of Udmurtia checks whether a large family is legally evicted from a single home," the authors of the letter say. "This is a large family of 10 people."

By the way, a large family has repeatedly sought help in the reception of Alexander Brechalov. But Mr. Brechalov for some reason does not hear the inhabitants of Udmurtia.

This story reached the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The chairman of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to conduct an audit on the violation of the rights of the family in Udmurtia, which is evicted from the only housing.

The editors follow the events.

The arrest of banker Kononov?

Our readers also reported a shocking news: the editors received information about the possible arrest of the former owner of the Transnational Bank, Sergei Kononov.

According to our sources, the court arrested the owner of the Transnational Bank for two months.

Recall that the credit institution, which was "taxied" by Sergey Borisovich Kononov, "played into the box" back in 2015. According to our information, before his possible arrest, he not only went headlong into oil affairs and "chases" kerosene on Sakhalin Island, but even after the ruin of the Transnational Bank went to developers: he is building residential quarters in Skolkovo.

According to our source, which has not yet been confirmed, the court, at the request of the investigation, decided on a new measure of restraint to Kononov - detention for 2 months. Earlier, according to the source, he had an "unusual" measure - monetary bail, which allowed Kononov, being under criminal proceedings, to travel around the world even without prior notification of the investigator!

They say that damning testimony is expected from the main defendants in the theft case from TNB Bank. This testimony can be given by former bank president Alla Borisovna Bondaruk and former vice president Olga Leonidovna Sukhoguzova.

The testimony of Dmitry Paltov, on which, according to our informant, almost all of Kononov's assets are registered, can also play a role.

As of April 1, 2015, Transnational Bank ranked 185 in the banking system of the Russian Federation in terms of its assets. It was in this bank that Sergei Kononov kept his savings by the famous hockey player, Dallas Stars striker Alexander Radulov.

And when the bank "fell asleep," Kononov asked Radulov to "wait three years." And in return, as if on bail, he gave two premises in the center of the capital at a cost of $25 million.

But later Radulov found out that Kononov deceived him by 1.5 billion rubles: the premises given on bail actually cost 3 million "green," and not 25 "lemons."

Our informant asks to pay attention to the fact that the case against Kononov has been sluggish all recently... Both the metropolitan investigator, Lieutenant Colonel Trofimov from the TFR did not at all seek to investigate the "collapse" of the Transnational Bank.

It turns out that Mr. Kononov - until an investigation was published on the activities of a fraudster banker - had a reliable "roof"? And after the publication of the investigation "Banker under the moire veil" he was taken for "gills"?

Silence of Governor Kondratyev

The editorial board of The Moscow Post after the publication of the investigation "Ponurye" Tsars of the "Governor Kondratiev" received another letter from the inhabitants of the village of Novotitarovskaya.

Recall the essence of what is happening: on the banks of the Ponura River, plots were cut for the construction of houses with "crooked" schemes. People have already turned to the Federal Property Management Agency, the prosecutor's office of the Krasnodar Territory. But the situation with the "dead" point does not shift. All this happens with the permission of the head of the village of Novotitarovskaya, previously convicted Sergei Koshman.

Local residents also tell about a certain Estate of Pope Carlo, which was built on the territory of the Milovidovo SNT. And the litigation on the estate has been going on for 6 years. This estate also appeared, thanks to the entrepreneurial talents of Mr. Koshman. But there is already a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on the demolition of the scandalous estate.

Recall that the acute situation on the Ponura River is well known in the regional administration. People tried to find understanding with Governor Kondratiev, especially since this whole story unfolded in his native area. But the governor seemed to lose both vision and hearing at the same time.

The Ponura River in the possessions of the village of Novotitarovskaya has already been cut off from the inhabitants, the coast is divided into parts and even pillars are dug. On several sites for the sale of land, announcements appeared that on the picturesque bank of the Ponura River in the Krasnodar Territory you can buy land.

But after all, the Water Code of the Russian Federation very clearly writes that such lands cannot be cut off, and even more so, sold.

People write that Sergei Koshman has a criminal record. At our disposal was a unique document: a copy of the verdict, which was handed down on May 5, 1982.

The Dinskaya District People's Court sentenced Sergei Konstantinovich Koshman to three years in prison for embezzlement. The verdict reported that Sergey Koshman persuaded his comrades Sergei Kolena and Yuri Ivanchenko to steal 38 boxes of lemons. Both Koshman and his two friends received three years in prison. But since the whole trinity was repentant, the court ruled - to sentence conditionally.

I wonder, and Governor Kondratyev knows what kind of personnel he has in the Dvina district, where Mr. Kondratyev himself was born?

Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratyev

For the fifth year in a row, the people have been fighting for a criminal case on the fact of seizing the foreshore. And the local kings "continue to cast a shadow on the wicker that there was no capture and no.

But it seems that the investigating authorities should finally ask the first question about the opaque personality of the head of the village of Novotitarovskaya, Mr. Koshman, who brewed two "porridge" at once: around the land allotments on the banks of Ponura and the Estate of Pope Carlo.

Diamond business of Aisen Nikolaev

And as promised, about another "diamond" in our lives...

A businessman turned to The Moscow Post for help and protection. The persecution of Mikhail Myarikyanov has been going on for several years. And the end-edge of this is not yet visible...

We quote part of the letter: "Since 2016, a criminal case has been opened against me, the general director of Northern Construction Company LLC. The company was part of 5 large developers of Yakutia. The criminal case was fabricated in order to seize the property complex, modern foreign reinforced concrete factories. "

Who so "embittered" a famous entrepreneur?

According to Myarikyanov, his business was derailed by the head of Yakutia, and then the mayor of Yakutsk, Aysen Nikolaev. In 2018, Mr. Nikolaev headed Yakutia. And it was in 2018 that in relation to Myarikyanov they began to twist all the "nuts." As a result, criminal case No. 54130 was opened.

At the same time, the family of Aisen Nikolaev simply "drowned" in the diamond business. Thus, the "diamond" pendants of Nikolaev's wife, who is also engaged in this "precious" business, came to the fore.

Head of Yakutia, diamond "king" Aysen Nikolaev

Ms. Nikolaeva became a full-fledged hostess at Arctic Mountain Company LLC with a 40% stake and a resource base of $958 million.

But it should also be recalled that Mikhail Myarikyanov returned home from abroad to Yakutia at a very difficult time: the economy had the deepest crisis. People have not been paid for months. Myarikyanov assembled a team of like-minded people and began to introduce innovative methods in construction.

But someone did not like the entrepreneurial vein of Myarikyanov. Against Mikhail Myarikyanov and his team, the entire administrative and law enforcement machine began to work, searches and arrests began.

But while the business of Myarikyanov was painfully destroyed, the diamond business of the Nikolaev spouses went up.

It turns out that diamond "pendants," indeed, occupy a leading position in the republic... But residential areas, new hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports complexes are built by builders, and not the owners of diamond spears.

It turns out that Aysen Nikolaev pushed back state interests for personal sake?

Pig from Governor Gusev

And, finally, we reached the Voronezh province.

In the Voronezh region, Governor Gusev continues to have a scandal around the memorial to the fallen soldiers - the Ossetrovsky bridgehead. Our readers report that in these places there were fierce battles in 1942. But Agroeko Group of Companies with a controlling founder - offshore in Cyprus - plans to build a pig complex next to the memorial.

They say that this is a company close to State Duma Vice Speaker Alexei Gordeev.

Governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev

"Not all soldiers' burials have yet been excavated. Governor Gusev supports the construction of a pigsty. We ask you to help stop the construction, "the appeal says.

Very curious persons are related to Agroeko Group of Companies: the founder of the group of companies is Vladimir Maslov, who is called the "son-in-law of Alexei Gordeev," the ex-governor of the Voronezh region.

It turns out that the search is not over, but the Agroeko company allegedly has already agreed with the residents of the Verkhnemamonsky district to begin the construction of the complex.

But even the deputies of the Voronezh Regional Duma at a meeting with Governor Gusev spoke about the inadmissibility of the construction of a pig complex near the Ossetrovsky bridgehead. But Governor Gusev is too worried that the grunts will not receive their big troughs on time?

We follow the events around the Ossetrovsky bridgehead further.