Powerless "agent" - Dmitry Rogozin

Roscosmos is suffering consecutive failures. The corporation, led by Dmitry Rogozin, is facing a massive constructor turnover. The "unwanted" are being hit with criminal cases instituted against them. What is the priority for the head of Roscosmos?


Roscosmos is suffering consecutive failures. The corporation, led by Dmitry Rogozin, is facing a massive constructor turnover. The "unwanted" are being hit with criminal cases instituted against them. What is the priority for the head of Roscosmos?

The cosmic "successes" of Rogozin have been the main subject of numerous articles. Had Rogozin worked as a journalist, he wouldn't have been bad at writing them. About the failure of launches, embezzlement at the facilities, and even about the harrowing robot Fedor. And now Rogozin faces a new danger - Elon Musk with his SpaceX rockets.

What is left for Rogozin? Biting the dust and sending astronauts on Crew Dragon? According to Sergey Krikalev, director of the state corporation for manned space programs, such an idea is being discussed at the operational level, reported Lenta.

What is the head of Roscosmos busy with? He is having pipe dreams, while people, who he deems undesirable, by a strange coincidence, are being imprisoned. Does he, however, keep blaming everyone around for his own failures? If we didn’t know of Dmitry Rogozin's patriotism, we would have thought of him as an “agent of influence”.The Moscow Post journalist will have to figure out what lies in Rogozin's circle of interests.

Does Rogozin keep "backing down"?

According to Kommersant, Roscosmos lowered the prices of launching small satellites by half. In 2018, the launch of 1 kilogram cost 20-30 thousand dollars, whereas last year - 15-17 thousand dollars. Is Dmitry Olegovich-run space industry voyaging right into the "black hole", unable to withstand competition? More and more foreign customers are switching from our native Protons to NASA's Falcon 9 ; in addition, engines are undergoing full-blown tests and may soon supersede the Russian RD-180.

Rogozin was overridden by a number of launches too. If Roscosmos carried out 26 operations in 2014, while SpaceX Mask had only 6, then already in 2017 tables turned, with SpaceX coming forward with 16 launches against 15 of Roscosmos.

Curious enough how back in 2014, Dmitry Rogozin - after the US threatened to impose sanctions on the Russian space industry - proposed sending astronauts overseas with a ... trampoline. Recently Elon Musk made a joke, saying the trampoline was working, reported RBC. Yet Rogozin doesn't feel like joking much. Crying? Certainly! While the head of Roscosmos dreamed of creating a universal landing module on the Moon, new stations and rockets, did the strongest domestic industry "collapse"?!

Who will have the last laugh?

Back in the good old days space projects were exclusively dealt with by competent people, for example, General Constructor Sergei Korolev. He overlooked all the enterprises for the production of engines, missiles and other strategic details. And what is going on today? The industry which receives billions in investments annually, is controlled by ...a journalist!

Is there really no place for professionals in the Rogozin's team? For instance, the Gonets satellite systems are controlled by Pavel Cherenkov. He supposedly previously worked with Rogozin's son, Alexei, at the Ilyushin corporation. Sergey Isaenko, a former Ilyushin employee, became the first deputy General Director of the United Rocket and Space Corporation. Same with Alexander Danilov and Anton Kuzminov: the former is appointed as general director of the United Rocket and Space Corporation, the latter - executive director of the Roscosmos group of companies!

But that's not all! They say that the old "comrade" of Rogozin Jr., Alexei Sorokin, is now an adviser to Dmitry Olegovich, and Alexander Bloshenko is the executive director for perspective programs and science. Rogozin did not only hire the friends of his son, but also, according to rumors, covered up a team of “successful” managers when high-profile financial scandals rained on the Ilyushin corporation.

It is not surprising that Roscosmos is bursting with scandals The Moscow Post went on to detail endless arrests. Either Glavkosmos employees will be hit with heavy embezzlement charges, or the offices of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Engineering will be occupied with inspections, which might even concern United Rocket and Space Corporation. Last summer, the deputy general director of the space state-owned Energia corporation, Alexei Beloborodov, was detained, along with two of his managers on suspicion of fraud.

By the way, it was from Energia that the culprits somehow managed to steal three bags of expensive motherboards. The price of each was about 1 million rubles! It is not surprising that the office was not protected by either security or alarm. Journalist Rogozin must not be very protective of state property, must he? This is also indicated by the mess at the Vostochny cosmodrome, which they promised to turn in by... 2015. Rogozin must have got lost in his "dreams". Readiness of unfinished projects at the first stage of Vostochny range from 10% to 90%! Despite the fact that huge amounts of money are injected into the project every year! While the head of Roscosmos is setting to start, there will be left nothing to finish. So The Moscow Post has repeatedly detailed dozens of criminal cases of embezzlement at Vostochny. In 2017 alone, 13 people were found guilty!

In the meantime, Dmitry Olegovich manages to regularly conduct “cleanings”. But the ones who get "swept out" are not the friends of his offspring, but leading cosmic specialists, who've put years of work for the good of the country.

As Znak mentioned last year, Rogozin removed the "negligent" developers of the ship Federation. In 2018, Vladimir Solntsev, director general of the RSC Energia, left the team; earlier, so did Nikolay Bryukhanov, the general designer, and a couple of specialists, including astronaut Mark Serov.

Is nothing good going to come from Rogozin's "broom"?

In 2018, 74-year-old scientist, an employee of the Central Research Institute of Engineering Viktor Kudryavtsev, was arrested on suspicion of high treason, wrote Vesti.ru. In this regard, general director of the Scientific Research Institute of Space Instrumentation Yuri Yasin decided not to return from an overseas business trip, wrote " Newspaper.ru ". Did Yasin perhaps understand that he would be one held accountable for the “flaws” of the head of Roscosmos at the expense of his freedom? Does Dmitry Olegovich really need a team of professionals? If not, then who does he need? Well, not the "team" for the "embezzlement", does he?

It is easy to imagine who is involved in the most important developments, if all the leading experts are fleeing away from Rogozin. This perhaps was the reason why the corporation has suffered accidents for 10 long years. TASS detailed space collapses. Either the rocket would deviate from the trajectory, or the satellite would be lost somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, or the launch vehicle would crash due to improperly installed speed sensors, or the carrier would fail to communicate. And all of these at the expense of hundreds of millions from the budget! Are Rogozin’s missiles assembled by the same group of humanitarians he belongs to?!

Will Nisanov lay his hands on M.V Khrunichev SCNPC?

The space "guru" scared off the specialists . Here M.V Khrunichev SCNPC rang an alarm in 2018 - no orders on the horizon, the complex stood vacant, the staff was leaving. Dmitry Olegovich promised to fix everything ... but promises are like pie crusts -made to be broken. The company announced financial problems at the end of 2013. In 2014, the head of the United Rocket and Space Corporation, Igor Komarov, said that, according to preliminary estimation, more than 30 billion rubles were needed to improve the enterprise, wrote BFM.

Rumor has it that the scandalous metropolitan businessman God Nisanov is already claiming the land in the center. It is not an accident. According to Forbes, the son of Rogozin has come to lead the project of development of the Nagatinskaya transport hub in Moscow. The project belongs to ... "Kyevskaya Ploshad" of God Nisanov. And it is clear that Nisanov does not plan to save the space supplier.

For whose interests does Mr. Rogozin keep working tirelessly? He doesn't seem to be ready to give up everything for the cosmic greatness of his country.

"Agents of influence" for "conspiracy theories"

Of course, fans of "conspiracy" theories can rush to draw a comparison between the actions of the head of Roscosmos and the verified actions of the "agent of influence".

They may immediately suspect that Dmitry Olegovich is being used by one of the many international public organizations, which also involve God Nisanov. Most of the headquarters of such "offices" are located in the United States.

Is speaking the only thing that Mr. Rogozin does best? Broadcasting non-stop, giving empty promises and laughing it off? And also blaming competitors, natural phenomena and even journalists for his failures! Moreover, the head of Roscosmos immediately takes complaints of his colleagues (according to Rogozin’s diploma) to law enforcement agencies, according to UtroNews.

Apparently, you either write well of Rogozin and his projects, or keep silent about them.