"Pogorelets" from Lanit

"Burned" on the foreign account of the spouse, Krasnodar deputy Alexei Berdnikov, turned out to be the owner of a company associated with the scandalous "Lanit" and immigrants from "Rostec."


"Burned" on the foreign account of the spouse, Krasnodar deputy Alexei Berdnikov, turned out to be the owner of a company associated with the scandalous "Lanit" and immigrants from "Rostec."

Ex-United Russia member Alexei Berdnikov was deprived of his mandate due to the fact that it turned out that the wife of the now former State Duma deputy had been holding a score in Estonia for about 20 years.

Mr. Berdnikov managed to work on the mass of government positions - from the head of the department of transport, energy and communications in Sochi to the first deputy of the department of informatization and communications of the Krasnodar Territory.

In 2012, he headed the structure of the scandalous company Lanit - Lanit-Yug. This episode of biography and further cooperation with "Lanit" of the former deputy is most interesting. The threads of the investigation lead up to the head of the state corporation "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov and Vitaly Maschitsky. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post in the Krasnodar Territory.

Berdnikov, despite the fact that until recently he was a civil servant - a businessman. He owns stakes in two companies. Four more were once decorated for it. Berdnikov's main asset is Sies Group LLC, which is engaged in information activities. The company even received a state contract from the UFK in the Krasnodar Territory.

But another structure is much more interesting, where there is a share of the former deputy - we are talking about City Parking LLC. This is also a Krasnodar company that receives government orders. This organization serves the municipal parking lots of the city of Krasnodar.

In addition to Berdnikov, she belongs to a number of legal entities and individuals, including Lanit-Holding LLC Philip Gens, Lanter, the ultimate beneficiary of which is the same Lanit and Arefiev Andrei Alexandrovich, a native of Lanit structures. He is also the founder of Tehpark LLC, which is engaged in the construction of roads. In Moscow, this institution collaborated with the local GKU responsible for parking.

There is a five percent share of a certain Serebryakov Viktor Yuryevich - this gentleman worked with Berdnikov at Lanit for a long time - he served as director of the department of complex projects of the group of companies. In addition, Serebryakov headed RT-Digital Technologies LLC, NCEM LLC and RT-Tourism LLC, Rostec structures. He was also the head of TDI LLC - this is already Lanit.

However, it was also resold, apparently, by Rostec. Threads from the company until 2017 led to Vitaly Maschitsky - an entrepreneur, which is considered a friend of the head of the state corporation Sergei Chemezov.

Until 2017, TDI belonged to System Solutions. The office is registered at Olympus LLC, owned by Mr. Maschitsky. Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru

Friendship business

Many people associate Mashchitsky with Sergei Chemezov.

If Maschitsky and Chemezov, as they say, are "in the same boat," then it can be assumed that the "City parking lots" in the Krasnodar Territory are given to their people. Along with "Lanit."

The latter is known for the scandal with GIS TEK, for the theft of which the former Deputy Minister of Energy Anatoly Tikhonov is now in the development of law enforcement agencies. Lanit was a contractor under this contract, and, presumably, it was with his participation that several hundred million rubles were "sawed"?

Despite this, the company will still continue to receive government contracts, bring only a couple of managers to court from the company, and its main beneficiaries feel great at large, in fact, "swimming" in public money.

Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru

The Moscow Post in every article where the mention of Lanit "slips" wonders - where such permissiveness comes from. The answer seems to have been found. Behind Gens and others like him can stand the figure of the "omnipotent" Chemezov!

Is this why the investigation over Tikhonov lasts so long? The former deputy minister is associated mainly with Vladimir Potanin, former chief Alexander Novak, governor Alexei Teksler. But what if the "cover" is not them, but Mr. Chemezov?

There are only officials around

Let's make a small retreat and return to Viktor Yuryevich, who, presumably, is Maschitsky's man. He also owns such an interesting structure - Globus LLC. Rather, it is not so much the structure itself that is interesting, but the co-founder of Mr. Serebryakov - a certain Winter Julia Vladimirovna - the owner of the mass of legal entities. Among them is the Foundation "Undertaking." The website of the fund says that he enjoys the support of the former Minister of Nature of the Russian Federation Sergei Donskoy.

The latter probably crossed paths with Chemezov on duty. Rostec, for example, like the Ministry of Natural Resources, worked together on the Sukhoi Log field project.

In addition, the firms to which she has or had a previous relationship include the names of the Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Agra Natalia Valentinovna and Dmitry Pilevin, who is the co-founder of NCP Group. More recently, The Moscow Post found out that the organization may be on the verge of bankruptcy, which will inevitably affect the banking system, because the office cooperates with the largest banks in the country.

By the way, the Freya company, which Ms. Winter owns together with Natalia Agre, has a state contract from the Russian Venture Company, previously managed by Kirill Dmitriev's RDIF.

So the "garters" of Yulia Vladimirovna are powerful. Like her colleague Serebryakova.

Why is it Chemezov?

But let's return to our main characters who met at City Parking LLC. Here we see that the Lanit company is not only not trying to "slow down" against the background of the Tikhonov criminal case, but is also increasing its potential by engaging in non-core activities.

Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru

Knowing about the technological potential of Lanit, it is easy to guess why the head of the corporation may need it. As they say, develop and rule. Did he have his eye on Mr. Gens's structure?