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29 November 2023

"Path" Krivenko leads Nikitina and Rotenberg?

For the outstanding businessman Dmitry Krivenko, the mighty steadfast people are Senator Alexander Nikitin and oligarch Arkady Rotenberg.

In two years of imprisonment the trial over the former head SUE Krymavtodor by Dmitry Krivenko conditionally ended with superlenient punishment. He was found guilty of large scale fraud at execution of government contracts on construction and repair is expensive in the Tambov region. It is about that period when it wasn't on civil service yet, and itself was engaged in business.

Krivenko acted as the beneficiary of Inzhdorstroy which was initially formed and worked in the Voronezh region. In court the charge managed to prove the fact that Krivenko forged acts of the performed works on repair of two streets in the Znamensk district because of what officials accepted low-quality repair.

Such a lenient sentence to Mr. Krivenko may mean that he could not act alone. The contracts concerned the Znamensky district of the Tambov region, which was then led by the future mayor of Tambov, and then the criminal Yuri Rogachev - as it is believed, a man of the former governor, and now Senator Alexander Nikitin. In addition, Krivenko's partners found people who could be close to the oligarch Arkady Rotenberg.

The Moscow Post correspondent in the Tambov region understood the situation.

There are a lot of oddities in this criminal case. Firstly, the crime itself occurred in 2014-2015, when Inzhdorstroy, which was controlled by Krivenko, received at least seven contracts totaling about 120 million rubles for road repairs from the administration of the Znamensky district of the Tambov region. This happened under the former governor Oleg Betin.

At the same time, Krivenko's work in the region attracted the attention of law enforcement officers back in 2016, when the prosecutor's office revealed violations in the execution by Inzhdorstroy of contracts for the repair of roads in Znamenka. Writes about this "Kommersant".

Prosecutors found that part of the work provided for by the contracts was actually performed in an incomplete or insignificant amount. After checking the prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case, which eventually overgrown with new episodes and resulted in today's verdict.

At the same time, Krivenko himself was never the owner of Inzhdorstroy. The company, liquidated in 2021 as a result of bankruptcy, is owned by Dmitry Bekishev. He is the founder of another 15 legal entities, also currently liquidated. It is highly likely that he is only a nominal owner.

It is the company registered on Bekishev that includes road contracts with the administration of the Znamensky district. All agreements from 2013, all of them were terminated ahead of schedule. Among other offices associated with Bekishev, there were also recipients of state contracts.

In particular, his liquidated company Intech-V LLC received more than 13 million rubles under contracts with the Russian Innovation Assistance Fund and the Department of Industry and Transport of the Voronezh Region for services related to research in the field of natural sciences. The execution of one of them (with the Department for 285 thousand rubles) was terminated due to erroneous information about the registration of the contract.


Returning to Dmitry Krivenko, he acted as the owner of another company with a similar name - "Injorservice" (LLC "IDS"). The company was liquidated in 2016 as a result of bankruptcy, according to the latest data, the value of its assets at that time was 220 million rubles.


At the same time in the list of government contracts of the company of administration of the Znamensk district in contractors it didn't appear.

But at LLC IDS other tender is specified: in 2011 the company received more than 86 million rubles under the agreement with FKU "Uprdor Moskva — Volgograd" whose head office is in Tambov. A purchase subject - capital repairs of the section of the federal highway M-6 "Caspian Sea".


At the same time up to the end the company, apparently, didn't execute the obligations - performance of the contract was stopped. It was terminated according to the decision of Arbitration court, the company received less than a half of the sum for the performed works.

"Tracing-paper" from Rogachyov

Thanks to whom could Inzhdorstroy receive contracts in the Znamensk district of the Tambov region? The scandalous former head of the area Yury Rogachyov who held this position from 2011 to 2015 could help him. After – I became the head of Tambov, and then the person involved in two criminal cases at once.

Rogachev was considered the man of the governor Alexander Nikitin, who is now a senator of the Federation Council from the Tambov region. Considering that Rogachev has already been prosecuted, new information that he could help the road worker Krivenko could cause additional damage to the reputation of Nikitin himself, who, after the criminal scandal, tried to dissociate himself from Rogachev.

And the scandal thundered throughout the country. In the very same 2016, when IDS LLC was sharply bankrupt, Yuri Rogachev came under investigation.

As a result, he was found guilty of official forgery and abuse of office with damage of 117 million rubles. The investigation proved that Rogachev signed acts on road repairs to the local Stroy-Line LLC, knowing that they were fake. The ex-official fully admitted his guilt, the LLC compensated for the damage, and the law enforcement officers (surprisingly) did not insist on a real period.

How striking this situation resembles the criminal case of Dmitry Krivenko! Note that Stroy-line is still the leader among the counterparties of the Znamensky district administration with the amount of contracts of 443 million rubles.

The criminal cases of Yuri Rogachev (pictured) and Dmitry Krivenko turned out to be surprisingly similar. Photo:

As a result, Rogachev, like Krivenko now, received only a suspended sentence of a ridiculous three years in prison. That is, for a bottle of cognac stolen in a store, for example, you can get a real term of imprisonment. And for stealing more than 100 million rubles from the budget with consequences for the road infrastructure - get off with a "toy" punishment?

But soon a second case appeared - for abuse of office. It turned out that Rogachev "presented" a plot of 2 thousand square meters. meters owned by a private person for building a house. It's like it's his own possessions. As a result, again the term is two years in prison. And again conditionally!

It is difficult to believe in the "herbivore" of our law enforcement officers and courts. The fact that Yuri Rogachev could act without regard to the head of the Nikitin region is also. Now, if Rogachev's name suddenly pops up in the story of Krivenko, then he is unlikely to get off with a suspended sentence, and at the same time he will probably be able to tell a lot of interesting things about Nikitin.

That's why Krivenko could only receive conditionally? In order, so to speak, it seems to punish, and then quickly forget about it, as if tracing paper from Rogachev's story.

At the same time, Krivenko seems to have tried to revive his business or create a "spare." In 2013, the Voronezh region appeared a new company with the name "Inzhdorstroy." She was supposed to be engaged in construction, and Lyudmila Krivenko, possibly Dmitry's wife, was indicated as the owner of the company.


The office was liquidated in 2021 because of false information on her in the USRLE. Perhaps, just against the background of criminal prosecution of the owner of IDS. It wasn't succeeded to restart business, or gave the command "not to twitch"?

Crimean hi Rotenberg

At the same time Krivenko can have interesting partners. He possessed only 50% of IDS. The second half - behind the Moscow LLC Lakdey which is controlled by Natalia Urmanova. She owns LLC MTSM-Service which carries out activities for operation of highways and highways.


The firm is more than affluent. Revenue for 2022 - more than 1 billion rubles, net profit - more than 200 million. Among other things, he has two contracts with PKU Uprdor Taman for 22 million rubles. At the same time, the co-owner of the structure with a 49% share is the well-known Mostotrest PJSC, which is closely associated on the market with the interests of Arkady Rotenberg.

The company acted as a supplier in the amount of almost 400 (!) Billion rubles. At the same time, the largest project of the company was the construction of the Crimean bridge. And the customer of the construction from the state was precisely PKU Uprdor "Taman."

The presence of such serious partners can also explain why Dmitry Krivenko, as they say, escaped with a slight fright. In addition, he turned out to be connected with Crimea not only through partners in PJSC Mostotrest. In 2018-2020, he headed the State Unitary Enterprise "Krymavtodor," which, as they say, brought to the handle.

Almost to nobody the unknown businessman becomes the head of the largest road state unitary enterprise of the Crimea. How could it turn out if only his candidacy wasn't lobbied by influential people like the governor Nikitin or the oligarch Rotenberg?

Only at the head of SUE Krivenko I didn't cope with the work. Or I coped more, than well - depending on what tasks stood. The state unitary enterprise was nearly made bankrupt, sank in debts. Because of extremely unsatisfactory work of structure in 2020 the head of the Crimea Sergei Aksenov publicly fell upon Krivenko and demanded immediately it to fire. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" writes about it.


Krivenko was fired against the background of a lawsuit from the Federal Tax Service, which demanded the bankruptcy of the State Unitary Enterprise due to debt of almost 100 million rubles. On the sidelines, there was a version, allegedly Krivenko could have been specially set against the State Unitary Enterprise in order to withdraw him from the market - in this case, the contracts would have gone to some large oligarchic structure. For example, from the contour of the Rotenberg business empire.

Against this version, it says that the State Unitary Enterprise is still working. Perhaps not everything that could have been planned was possible in practice.

As a result, in the usual, it would seem, corruption case, the interests of several iconic players could be spliced together at once: first of all, Senator Alexander Nikitin and Arkady Rotenberg. And if this is true, then Mr. Krivenko should rejoice that in this case everything ended relatively well for him.

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