Not uniform syringes: Yevgeny Murov's people have created a new business for budget development

Former security officials, including Vladislav Zezyulin, who at one time was close to the head of the FSO Yevgeny Murov, and became famous for the story of the weaning of large-scale business in the center of Moscow, came up with a "scheme" how to make money on SPIKs, syringes and state contracts?


Former security officials, including Vladislav Zezyulin, who at one time was close to the head of the FSO Yevgeny Murov, and became famous for the story of the weaning of large-scale business in the center of Moscow, came up with a "scheme" how to make money on SPIKs, syringes and state contracts?

The story with disposable syringes, which The Moscow Post told about, got its continuation.

Recall that three years ago, an innovative project announced by the authorities to create self-destructive syringes for 2.7 billion rubles will not take place, because the company "Supply Polymer Medicine, which was supposed to implement it, decided that it was not ready to launch production in the Nizhny Novgorod region, but expects to implement the project at other sites.

Roughly speaking, the heads of "Supply Polymer Medicine" received all licenses under the SPIC, even opened production in Samara, but as a result did not begin to implement it together with the state. In Samara, STK Group worked with them. In a previous investigation, we found out that its head could have participated in large-scale embezzlement from Roscosmos.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post found out this time, the company's "useful connections" are not limited to this. It's no exaggeration to say the story has started to sound like a detective thriller. Details - in the material of the investigation department of The Moscow Post.

FSO in touch

"Supply polymer Medicine" belongs to businessman Dmitry Vladislavovich Zezyulin and the Chinese offshore company "ZHETSYANSKAYA COMPANY LTD. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTS OF HUAFU. " The head of the company is a certain Mark Gontmacher.

Interestingly, Vadecum magazine calls Vladislav Zezyulin the founder of the "Supply Polymer of Medicine." And even leads his interview, where he talks about the syringes of the third generation. However, in the data of "Rusprofile" there is no information about the participation of this businessman in the company.

Kommersant calls Vladislav Zezyulin the chairman of the company's board of directors. Apparently, Dmitry Zezyudin is his son, to whom a caring father decided to re-register the company. But who is he?

According to Novaya Gazeta, Vladislav Zezyulin is a former FSO-shnik who became a confidant of the head of the service, Mr. Yevgeny Murov, in one extremely impartial case.

We are talking about the possible seizure of land bought by entrepreneur Anatoly Kalinkin on Vorobyovy Gory. The bottom line is that Kalinkin, as he told the journalist, was going to build a center for the study of culture and cultural heritage of Russia on this site, but since high-ranking people could look at the site (including the then mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov), he asked the FSO to take part in it, in order, in simple words - to provide a "roof."

Later, when the FSO received a 25% stake in the project, and the documents were signed in such a way that Kalinkin's company allegedly did not have rights to the site (to hide the commercial component of the project), the FSO decided to leave the entrepreneur with nothing.

Everything turned out and as a result, the territory went to the structures of Senator from the Leningrad Region Andrei Molchanov, a close partner of Yevgeny Murov, who in the FSO had the status of a "proven" investor.

Zezyulin in this scheme was allegedly the person who literally told Kalinkin the following: "Do not put sticks in our wheels. We can even plant a telegraph pole. " He, according to the entrepreneur, forced him to sell the building on the territory.

According to an excerpt from the dossier of this master given by journalists, he served in the FSO until March 2011 (and was allegedly fired due to excessive business enthusiasm). His brother, Zezyulin Oleg Valerievich, as well as Zezyulina Anastasia Vyacheslavovna (presumably a spouse) are co-owners in Atrium LLC, the operator of the Atrium shopping center.

Zeziulin's business

In this company, the Zezyulins act as partners of Alexander and Ernest Rudyak - the sons of Mikhail Rudyak, who until 2007 was the main owner and head of the Ingeok construction group. And, if the participation of the latter can still be traced, then there is no information in the public domain about the Zezyulin family. Connections in the FSO helped Zezyulin "wipe the tracks"?

Little can be said about Oleg Zezyulin, looking at the remaining data. According to Rusprofile, in his colleagues in closed business at USK Omega, he had Oleg Valerievich, a deputy of the Yurginsky City Council of People's Deputies.

Zeziulin "lit up" not only in this matter. The website of the judicial system published a decision on the case of including Valery Zezyulin's funds in the register of claims from the debtor of Strategy-Center LLC. He tried for a very long time to get his 11.5 million rubles, but the court refused. An unsuccessful attempt at another raider capture?

Vladislav Zezyulin is also the general director of Sinokonst Mos LLC, Sinokonst MOS and the founder of INPI LLC and Stimul SNTSN. Through the first two, he works with Chinese offshore companies or citizens. INPI now belongs to the structures of construction businessman Yuri Gotman, Marx Engineering LLC and Marx LLC.

According to information from the website of the 4cio club of top managers, Zezyulin is also listed as a member of the board of directors of the IVK company, and until 2012 he worked as an adviser to the head of Rosreestr of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. "IVK" is a huge structure controlled by Grigory Sizonenko and earned billions on government orders, including from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

By the way, Vladislav Zezyulin is known not only as a businessman and a former guard of state persons. He managed to defend his doctoral dissertation, which he received in 2011. However, for numerous borrowings, he was deprived of it by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of June 16, 2021.

Gontmacher Family Row

As for Mark Gontmacher, there is almost no information about him in open sources. We only typed on presumably his profile on the social network, where a young man born in 1991 in a business suit appeared before us, in most photos hugging a beautiful wife. Sometimes against the background of very attractive views of the azure sea.

Also on Mr. Gontmacher's page, you can often find photos of expensive log houses or luxury cars reposted by him from specialized groups. Which potentially shows the latter's fascination with expensive real estate.

In friends, Mr. Gontmacher has a wife Victoria and a certain Alevtina Gontmacher. Perhaps a sister. She positions herself as the founder of a clothing brand. Apparently, the same madam is listed as the founder of Optics LLC. The head of the company is probably Mark's father - Boris Gontmacher.

"Optics" is a very successful supplier of state contracts - during its existence it has accumulated as many as 46 of them - from mainly medical institutions. 106 million rubles - the total earnings of the company on procurement. The business, one might say, is very family - among the founders of the company was Mark Gontmacher's alleged grandfather, Jacob Gontmacher.


Igor Borisovich Gontmacher, who also has Mark's friends and, unlike his alleged brother, leads a very non-public lifestyle, is listed as the founder of TD Snabpolymer Medicine LLC, from which the Roscosmos structure was ordered by RCC Progress JSC.

Nine companies were registered for it, of which, in addition to the above, only Glavstroy-Don LLC, SKD LLC and MSK LLC remained active.

SKD, which earned more than 600 million rubles on construction government contracts, is going bankrupt. "Glavstroy-Don" - at zero. LLC "MSK," registered on the offshore "G.K.CHENZHUN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED" - in 2018 earned 100 million, in 2019 - all of them lost. A clear sign of the withdrawal of state funds from the bankrupt "SKD"? By the way, the eponymous "MSK" is designed for the same offshore. Is it not in order to subsequently eliminate the first with all the money, and leave the second as a cover?

What happens to the Gontmacher business?

The rest of the firms are mostly liquidated due to the so-called reorganization in the form of merger. And here the interesting begins. Let's explain. Firstly, all liquidated companies had good government contracts, and secondly, the revenue in them before liquidation falls sharply. All this may indicate that money from companies is withdrawn and partially accumulated in newly created firms, and partially - can settle in the pockets of the family.

Let's analyze by example. Igor Gontmacher is the founder of Modernization of Education LLC, on state contracts with educational institutions, the office received almost 7 million rubles. In 2014, its revenue fell sharply from 9.3 to 1.6 million and the company joined Perspektiva LLC. Water Technologies LLC joined there, which was designed for Igor Gontmacher and Stanislav Usov. Also in 2015, having existed for only a couple of years and having managed to earn less than half a million rubles on government contracts.

Note that the total revenue of both companies that poured into Perspective, according to the latest available data, exceeded the amount of 1.5 million rubles. Nevertheless, in 2015, "Perspective" sat at zero, as well as the next two years before it was liquidated - this time without joining. Perspektiva earned more than 60 million rubles on state contracts. Also for the most part with schools and even with the establishment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Mr. Usov remains the founder of the company.

Almost the same story happened with a chain of other firms close to the Gontmachers. OOO Zashchita, which earned almost 30 million on contracts, including with the Ministry of Education of the Rostov Region Igor Gontmakher, transferred its assets to OOO Galakontrakt. Then she almost immediately moved them to Baza LLC, she, in turn, to Guard LLC, which gathered more than 20 companies in general. Then the assets went to Charter LLC and now this organization is bankrupt.


Useful acquaintances

The assets of TK Trade Holding LLC also fell in Galakcontract from 111 million in revenue. Interestingly, a certain Romanov Alexei Viktorovich is listed as the founder of this office. The name of the colonel and referent of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for public projects is also called. This Mr. at one time worked in the FSB as Deputy Head of Department "B" (was intended for special operations outside the USSR) of the Special Purpose Service Center. From December 2011 to January 2012, according to open data, Romanov was the head of the public reception rooms at that time of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and was his confidant.

In many of the above and other organizations remaining outside the brackets, Winservice LLC is listed as the management company. One of its directors (at least at Rusprofal a note was made about the unreliability of this information), was Samyko Vadim Eduardovich. The same person, together with Vincervice, was held by a third party in the case of invalidating the decision to terminate the activities of a legal entity. Information about this is contained on the website The complaint was then filed by an entrepreneur with the Federal Tax Service for the Primorsky Territory of Vladivostok.

Attention is also attracted by the personality of the general director of Shield and Sword LLC (the founder is Usov, the state contract is almost 50 million rubles, and the company was "poured" into Baz) Sergey Anatolyevich Rogachev. According to the club.forbes website, a person with the same name is the managing partner of the RKT law firm, which positions itself as a leader in the bankruptcy support industry.

Companies that also receive state contracts from schools were also registered/registered for it: Etalon LLC (earned 57 million rubles), Globisens Rus LLC (almost 201 million rubles on state contracts), Klass LLC (more than 280 million rubles).

The identity of Sergei Rogachev appeared in the investigation of the publication Top Secret. Journalists associate his personality with the seizure of the Global Eco livestock company by the Mitprom company of Gennady Nikulshin, who is called the "meat baron" by the eyes. The Moscow Post has already written about similar facts of the businessman's biography. Moreover, Rogachev allegedly acted by inserting sticks into the wheels of the creditor Sberbank. And then he met with law enforcement agencies.

The story began with new colors: could people close to the FSO take part in the Global Eco case?

But where did the Gontmakhers recruit such acquaintances as Zezyulin, Romanov, Samyko and Rogachev, potentially associated with the FSO, FSB and the Federal Tax Service? There is absolutely no information in the public domain about the head of this family of Boris Gontmacher. But a noticeable personality is Gontmacher Yevgeny, the former head of the department in the presidential administration and the head of the department of social development of the apparatus of the Government of the Russian Federation during the years when Mr. Murov was the head of the FSO.

Is Mr. Gontmacher a person close to the family behind the "Supply Polymer Medicine" and similar to it?

Yes, not with syringes, as they say, single. In total, the following picture emerges: a company allegedly associated with Murov and other security officials received a unique SPIC contract from the government, which gives a huge number of preferences and opens roads not only to receive those contracts, access to which is closed "for ordinary mortals," but also all kinds of benefits and the possibility of obtaining the status of the only supplier for public procurement.

Further, the company simply "threw" the state with the implementation of the project, but took all the above preferences for itself, received all the necessary licenses!

You can't forbid living well.