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03 March 2024

Not their choice

Assessing the course and results of elections in the Russian Federation, Western countries once again demonstrate double, if not triple, standards.

Russia continues to receive an international reaction to the elections to the State Duma in 2021. The Moscow Post sums up, and they are, in principle, expected - pressure on our country continues, and at the head of the corner, as usual, is duplicity, double standards and orientation exclusively on their own interests.

The same Europeans and their US-British allies can be understood. Despite all the resources invested, the Russians still voted as they considered it necessary: the pro-presidential party United Russia again received a constitutional majority, and the compradors and recorded oppositionists, on whom a bet was made in the West, as they say, did not play. There were no serious violations and scandals.

At the same time, criticism of the elections and their results began even before the vote itself passed. Even at the stage of the election campaign, Europe, and more specifically the OSCE, refused to send its observers, although all the doors for this were opened to them.

Given that their presence was rejected by the Europeans themselves, it is difficult to say on the basis of which they judge the results of the will of Russian citizens. Probably, on the blogs of several non-systemic oppositionists who left Russia and went into circulation.

"I have not read, but I condemn"

Calls not to recognize the results of the elections in the Russian Federation were made from the high rostrum of the European Parliament. And then, again, the question is, does Europe live and work in the legal field, or not? On September 16, the European Parliament adopted a new report, which provides for non-recognition of the results of the vote if the deputies seem (!) That they passed with violations.

That, apparently, seemed to them. Because immediately after the vote, when the votes were not counted, the European Union said that the State Duma elections were held in an atmosphere of intimidation of independent critics, as well as in the absence of full-fledged international monitoring. They themselves did not send observers, and they themselves condemned.

Despite that refusal, international observation in the 2021 elections in Russia was, and was very representative: according to the Public Chamber, more than 380 international observers and experts from 80 countries of the world monitored the voting at the sites of public surveillance centers, missions worked on the lines of the CIS, PACE, CSTO.

Turkey cast a separate vote, which is not in vain called a "situational ally." The republic's Foreign Ministry said it did not recognize the elections in Crimea, which the Turks, echoing their Kiev friends, consider annexed. With the only difference that Turkey sees itself as the owner of the Crimea, but not Ukraine in any way.

Of course, Turkey's position has not gone unnoticed. However, they did not say anything about the elections in the continental part of the country. But in Ukraine they hastened to declare that Turkey does not recognize elections to all territories of the Russian Federation. At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the sidelines of the UN is trying to inspire the international community that the elections in Russia cannot be recognized, and in general, let's talk about Crimea again.

The head of all European diplomacy, Josep Borrel, was expected to cast his vote on the Russian elections. The one who was literally spelled out by his own colleagues when he returned after a visit from Moscow unfollowed bread - more precisely, empty-handed.

The formal reason for the visit was the next - to talk about the strategic dialogue between the Russian Federation and the EU. However, everything was reduced to discussing the information noise around one notorious politician, and in the recent past, a criminal convicted of fraud, who did a lot to discredit the Russian state.

As a result, Borrel's visit was called a disaster and humiliation, although what exactly it was, no one could really explain. Now Borrel "counted" to justify himself in the eyes of colleagues in the European Union.

Josep Borrel was one of the first to criticize Russia following the election results

According to him, on the eve of the election, "there was an increase in measures against opposition politicians, civil society organizations and independent media, as well as journalists, which led to" limiting the choice for Russian voters and their ability to get complete and accurate information about candidates. "

"The EU reiterates its deep concern at the continuing trend of narrowing space for the opposition, civil society and independent voices across Russia. The EU calls on the Russian leadership to reverse this negative development, "Borrel said. His words are quoted by Echo of Moscow.

However, it is one thing to say and try to exert pressure, not to admit something and criticize. A very different matter is real politics, and in fact, of course, both Europe and the United States recognized the results of the elections in Russia de facto. Any other outcome is impossible, because the Russian Federation is part of the international community. The world urgently needs Russia to solve global security problems, not to mention the fact that our country itself, its political elite and the system have not gone anywhere.

Given the importance of Russia, it will not be possible to hold culbites with it, as with the head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. The results of the presidential election in the Republic of Belarus in the European Union are not recognized, Lukashenko is called illegitimate. However, they still have to deal with him. The same Ukraine, which brought down so much dirt on Lukashenko, continues to buy bitumen from him, and Lithuania begs to stop the flow of migrants. And who else to turn to, to Svetlana Tikhanovskaya?

Of course, this will not pass with Russia. To shake hands with Lavrov in international organizations and platforms, a whole line is being built, not to mention the President of Russia. We will have to deal with the State Duma - as it will be as a result of the will of our citizens.

America "holds back"

The United States has so far refrained from high-profile statements, but it is clear what trend towards the Russian Federation is present in the States. According to the source, Joe Biden's silence and the lack of sharp assessments at the highest level may indicate that an agreement was reached between the Russian and American presidents in Geneva not to interfere with each other and not increase the degree of confrontation, information and propaganda hysteria. And this is in the interests of both states.

Meanwhile, the position of the European Union and some ill-wishers of the Russian Federation who joined them (primarily Great Britain) is extremely weak, especially against the backdrop of the US elections last year. We all remember both voting by mail, and pressure on Trump's supporters, and the destruction of his social media accounts. Democracy and pluralism of opinion in all its glory.

It ended sadly - the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and human casualties. And then - the fight against internal terrorists, when people were thrown into prisons on one suspicion of sympathy for Donald Trump and participation in the protest movement. Who in Europe was indignant about this? Who questioned the results of the will of the Americans?

Among others, the EU position on the elections in the Russian Federation was voiced by the press secretary of the European Foreign Policy Service (ESAD) Peter Stano. Answering a question about recognizing the results of the elections in Russia, Stano said that the European Union does not make such decisions. "Recognition of elections as a whole is a national competence, member states themselves will decide whether to recognize the election results and under what circumstances," he explained.

Peter Stano became the new "herald" of Europe in the Russian elections

At the same time, the representative of the ESAD emphasized that the European Union "never recognizes" the results of the Russian parliamentary and regional elections organized in Crimea. His words are quoted by RBC.

As for the rest of the world, here everything is much more adequate and, however, also predictable. One of the first countries to express their position was China. The results of voting in the State Duma elections reflect the will of the Russian people, China will always support Russia in choosing its own path of development, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Monday.

"We noticed that the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation were successful. Elections to the State Duma are an important event in the political life of Russia, and the election results reflect the will of the Russian people, "said the diplomat, whose words are quoted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. About this writes RIA Novosti.

Other major players who are not tied to the confrontation with Russia have a similar reaction. Thus, it was not possible to catch fish in muddy water and provoke popular unrest in general. So now they will have to deal with the Russia that is - and in a different way it could not be.

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