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05 December 2023

Kondratyev's games of thrones

Is Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratyev frantically trying to score "political points" by lecturing his subordinates before the upcoming elections?

As reported by The Moscow Post, Mayor of Anapa Yuri Polyakov resigned after Governor of the region Veniamin Kondratyev came to the city and declared a lot of violations in the construction of houses. Immediately, the Head of the region put Vice-Governor Vasily Shvets to deal with these problems as the head of the urban planning commission, which will begin working in Anapa from July 21. This appointment is not accidental: Shvets will be appointed Mayor. And Kondratyev, apparently, places "his people" before the elections, so as not to give up his seat to Yevgeny Pervyshov.

The inevitable resignation of Yuri Polyakov has been talked about for a long time, waiting only for the right occasion. And now, two months before the gubernatorial election, the time has come: Kondratyev at the meeting taught his subordinate "a lesson" and the latter wrote a statement on his own directly during the meeting. And although this is an obvious attempt by the Governor to score points before the election, it is worth recognizing that the ex-Mayor had something to be shown.

Thus, on Skifskaya street in Vityazevo in 2015, part of the territory was leased for the creation of an amusement Park. In 2018, the plans changed: the city court of Anapa allowed to build a sports base of six buildings with a height of no more than three floors on this site. But the developer, apparently, did not really understand the technical task: 10 buildings were erected, including 4 of them with a height of four floors, and six - five floors. In the future, again there was an opportunity - instead of a sports base, a hotel opened on the site. What a misfortune! The city administration did not like such "tricks", and filed a lawsuit to recognize the objects as self-built and demolish them.

Another failure of Polyakov is a hotel under construction on Dzhemetinsky Prospekt. According to the court's decision, it should be three-storeyed, but the fourth floor is already being built… At the moment, legal proceedings are being conducted on this fact.

Now Vice-Governor of the region Vasily Shvets will have to deal with the faults of the ex-Mayor, and will thus get acquainted with his possible future patrimony. There is almost no doubt that he will be appointed head of the city, as experts say. Moreover, Kondratyev has already seated another of his close associates in the mayor's chair - since September 2019, Alexey Kopaigorodsky has been the Head of Sochi. And before that Kopaigorodsky also worked in the Office of the Governor, appointed as Vice Governor for Internal Politics.

Shvets is considered a favorite of Veniamin Kondratyev, under whom he worked in the Presidential Domestic Policy Directorate and before that was his assistant in the administration of the Krasnodar territory.

Shvets, like his chief, could not avoid falling into scandals. In particular, as reported by Yuga.ru, evil tongues associate him with the scandal of FC Kuban, whose leaders are suspected of fraud with a total loss of 40 million rubles. The club's bankruptcy Manager Yevgeny Slushkin filed an application to the Arbitration court to recover 2.3 billion rubles from 20 defendants. Among them allegedly were two Vice-Governors of Kuban: Andrey Korobka, who curates the club, and Vasily Shvets.

Later, TASS wrote that the criminal case of embezzlement in FC Kuban was after all opened, although the list of defendants was not announced.

Who's next?

There are rumors that the Kuban may continue to make "heads roll". One of the candidates for departure is Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov. Apparently, he has ambitions to sideline Kondratiev. Lately in social networks of the region positive posts about activities of Pervyshov appear with an enviable regularity. Does he "clear" the information field?

In addition, Pervyshov has associates in the The Presidential Executive Office and an influential patron - according to rumors, the Mayor is close to the oligarch Sergei Galitsky. According to the authors of the telegram channel Kubansky Politolog, allegedly Galitsky can support the Mayor at the Federal level - due to kinship with new Prime Minister Mishustin. However, earlier the billionaire expressed support for current Governor Kondratyev, as Kuban24 wrote. Probably, the oligarch has not yet fully decided through whom he will push his interests in the Kuban.

Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev is rumoured to be another lobbyist of Pervyshov. They have known each other for a long time and get along well. Patrushev needs his own man in the Kuban, but he can't trust Kondratyev, can he?

In other words, Kondratyev can have motives to remove Pervyshov from the scene. But what reason can be found in this case?  The scenario of Polyakov will not go: Pervyshov is known for his struggle with self-construction. Quite selective, though.

There were rumors that together with his wife, Pervyshov ran a "muddy" firm, LLC YUR-AL-STROY, which was engaged in consulting on commercial activities and management, as well as market research and public opinion research. Through it, the current Mayor allegedly made friends with some builders. Otherwise, how can it be explained that the level of illegal construction has increased significantly under his rule? Apartments were put up for sale for less price than on the market, and then the buildings abruptly went under demolition.

It is impossible not to remember the scandal with the Safari Park: then the Head of Krasnodar said that the land went to the owner for a penny, while it cost more than a billion, this was written in detail by Utro.News. Maligners claimed that this is nothing more than an attempt by the authorities to "take away" the territory from the owner. Fuel to the flame was added by the speech of Pervyshov at a press conference on this situation, during which he almost openly stated that the Governor's team should be asked for attempts to "capture" the Zoo's land.

Still the owner of the Safari Park was managed to be "hunt down". Recently, as Kommersant wrote, the court satisfied the requirements of the Krasnodar City Hall and ordered to demolish a three-storeyed building located on the territory of the Solnechny Ostrov park, since the office was recognized as a self-construction. Does Mr. Kondratyev need such a fight against illegal construction?

Under the leadership of such an effective manager, Kuban is mired in corruption, officials are arrested in batches, and the region is drowning in garbage dumps. The Moscow Post recently wrote in detail about these "merits" of the Governor. This is why such an exemplary "lesson" with subsequent dismissal looks funny – after all, many of Kondratyev's subordinates were led out of their offices by people in uniform. Was the Governor silent?

According to Kuban Inform, "payoffs" in the road sector under Governor Kondratyev have increased by as much as two times! Moreover, Vice-Governor Anatoly Voronovsky is in charge of transport.

Does the Head of the region want to do the same with the construction industry? It looks as if Kondratyev himself has a personal interest in self-construction. May Vasily Shvets be called to Anapa to participate in such "showdowns"?

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