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30 November 2023

Khotimsky from the "big road," or the new MMM: Sovcombank under the full cover of the Central Bank

The owners of Sovcombank can use a proven way to replenish capital: through firms close to them, where the founders were the namesakes of the Central Bank's leadership, real estate was taken away from the poor.

The reader told this story to The Moscow Post.

Suicide bombers

According to the source, the victim of a fraudulent scheme himself, a certain organization "Artegofinance," places aggressive advertising on the Internet, collects insolvent but housing citizens from the entire market and takes them to Sovcombank for a loan secured by an apartment.

Artegofinance allegedly informs customers that the loan agreement they will sign with the bank has a full value of 27% per annum, and in fact, according to the reader, these loans cost 62% per year. The fact that Sovcombank is hearsay, as well as the unwillingness to read multi-page contracts from crust to crust, the difficult life situation and faith in people force customers to sign contracts.

For Sovcombank, these clients are like suicide bombers: according to an insider, after issuing a loan, they go into delay in 1-3 months, and not because they want, but because Sovcombank allegedly fraudulently "ascribes" this delay to them, and after that the mortgaged apartment immediately goes to auction. Let's explain what we are talking about: first, the client pays at a horse rate of 62% per year - thinking that his loan costs 27% per year, and then they take property from him technically - for one court hearing.

In addition, in his correspondence (the screen of the letter is attached) with one of the victims, the owner of Sovcombank Sergei Khotimsky sincerely declares that the bank's policy prohibits an increase in the loan amount if it is overdue for six months before the client's request. The victims, according to them, observe the opposite.

Hypocrisy and lies, ignorance about what is happening in your own bank or silence of facts? Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

'Pocket 'judges

So, the judges allegedly decide such cases without the participation of the defendant, who is not even warned, or warn almost an hour before the hearing of the case, and decide them for a "pocket" half an hour - in favor, of course - of Sovcombank. They do not care that on the day appointed by the court, a person could be in the hospital or 1000 kilometers from the city.

At the same time, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, according to an insider, refuses to restore the terms for the victims to appeal to them with complaints - although people miss them through no fault of their own. The cassation instance also allegedly does not send copies of the decisions made to the victims, so people for a long time believe that a decision on the case has not yet been made.

Especially, as the reader writes to us, the Izmailovsky District Court of Moscow distinguished itself in this case in the person of the wonderful judge Ekaterina Yuryevna Saprykina - according to readers, she does not care about any circumstances of the case at all (that a criminal offense was committed against the defendant, because of which the person went into delay, that the cost of the defendant's apartment after the repair increased by almost a million rubles and the defendant desperately needs to restructure the loan, and not in putting his apartment up for auction, which is a loan agreement, according to which the apartment was laid, it is fraudulent that in the meeting the party filed 8 petitions, that the party filed a counterclaim).

According to our source, all arguments and petitions are rejected, counterclaims are not accepted, decisions are made exclusively in the interests of Sovcombank - for the only full-fledged court hearing. Complaints were repeatedly filed against her - including the chairman of the Higher Qualification Collegium of Judges of the Russian Federation, Timoshin Nikolai Viktorovich, but there was no reaction. The same goes for other judges in these cases.

Complaint against Judge Saprykina. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

Complaint against Judge Gribov. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

In June 2021, six victims of the above actions immediately through the State Duma deputies appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a collective statement on the initiation of a criminal case under Art. 159 and 185 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The checks fell on the shoulders of Evgeny Evgenievich Isaev, who, according to our source, refused to interview the persons indicated in the statement and send loan agreements for examination.

Collective appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

As of February 11, 2022, an insider writes, the 3rd decision has already been issued to refuse to initiate a criminal case. The situation, according to him, is under the control of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, the RF IC and the FSB of the Russian Federation know about it, but apparently believe that "saving drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves." One gets the feeling that the money from the apartments of the victims goes to maintain the work of the entire apparatus, in which not only Sovcombank is included, but also supervisory and judicial departments.

Richer at the expense of others

With all this, Sovcombank managed to get ten times rich from 2013 to 2017 - from 100 billion rubles its fortune increased to 1 trillion rubles. Now it is clear which way...

Artegofinance is also not in poverty - over the year it raised revenue by 22 million rubles.


By the way, a certain Chernov Alexei Anatolyevich appeared in its founders. A person with the same name works in the Central Bank as a deputy manager. This is so, information for reflection.



The new founder, Yegor Strak, is a member of another organization, Artego, where Artem Chernov is the general director. Family back-to-back?


Contract on contract and contract drives

Let's move on. If the client wants to withdraw his loan from Sovcombank, increasing its amount and withdrawing the apartment from the deposit - Artegofinance, according to our source, informs the client that this is almost impossible (although this is not the case), and that there is only one magical decision from JSC Bank Development Capital.

This is what it is. The new mortgage agreement, which is proposed to be signed by the client, states that the apartment remains in his use and possession, but at the same time the most important part of the ownership - the order - is withdrawn from the agreement - says the reader. That is, it seems like your apartment, but you cannot use it, which, of course, is not explained to a person. Signing is recorded on a video camera.

Draft agreement with JSC Bank Development-Capital. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

In addition, before signing the specified loan agreement, a notarized paper is allegedly required from the client, which states that he undertakes to be discharged from the apartment immediately after the transfer of ownership of his apartment to the bank.

Immediately after signing such an agreement, the client is literally free - from his apartment. Well, then the income from its sale is most likely shared by Artegofinance and the Development Capital bank.

Correspondence with the bank, the above files are attached in the attachments. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

By the way, until 2017 it was called "Vis," but after a major scandal, when the former head of the bank's security service was accused of attempting to assassinate the then head of the department of management of the presidential administration Oleg Akimov, as Versiya wrote about, he changed the sign.

Not so long ago, two individuals with signs of "denominations" and six companies, most of which were liquidated, left the founders of the structure. There are no new founders. The structure is more than cloudy, as it was, and remained.


Journalists also talked about the fact that the bank used illegal methods in order to sell more expensive land it buys on the cheap in the Yegoryevsky and Orekhovo-Zuevsky districts of the Moscow region. So his participation in the above scheme is not even surprising.

So, as can be seen from the correspondence provided to us, if the specified client sees that they are trying to deceive him, begins to bother and refuse to sign the mortgage agreement described by the curve, Artegofinance refuses to select alternative loan offers for him and immediately transfers him to Sovcombank, which transfers the case to the court, where everything allegedly happens according to the "run-in" scheme of "quick squeezing" already described above.

Correspondence with the manager of Artegofinans. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader


Correspondence with the manager of Artegofinans. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

For reference: they write to us that six years ago the Artegofinans office was very poorly placed in two rooms in an old business center. And now the company has several offices in Moscow with such a finish, according to which they can be confused with the "daughter" of Transneft. What we talked about above is that the scheme, judging by Sovcombank's tenfold financial situation and the fact that law enforcement agencies, apparently, turn a blind eye to what is happening, works flawlessly.

Bank "brawler"

The whole Internet is replete with unflattering reviews about the bank - somehow people have cars pledged, the bank ignores the requirements for closing the account and people's complaints. Otherwise, we cannot call it parasitization on clients!

In 2017, Sovcombank tied the yield of deposits of individuals to the key rate of the Central Bank. According to lawyers, the inclusion of such conditions in contracts with citizens is illegal. Moreover, experts are sure that most depositors did not even realize that they were agreeing to floating rates - Kommersant wrote about this.

"Mukhlez" can be found in the Sovcombank system not only towards individuals, but also other banking structures.

In 2018, the Moscow Arbitration Court accepted for consideration two claims by the representative of 866 creditors of Probusinessbank Nerses Grigoryan against Gazenergobank and Express-Volga Bank (whose sanatorium was Sovcombank) to invalidate intra-bank transactions worth 49.5 billion rubles, Vedomosti wrote.

In short, the following scheme was revealed: the DIA issued a loan for the reorganization of Express Volga for 41 billion, it entered the balance sheet of Sovcombank, then these funds were transferred from Sovcombank to Express Volga through MBK, and Express Volga also returned them back to Sovcombank through MBK. In fact, this situation looks exactly like an attempt to withdraw money.

Then, by the way, Sovcombank went to the asset "Let's go!," Which he soon sold to Mikhail Kuzolev, the owner of the bank "Russian Capital," RBC reported. "Let's go!" Sovcombank got far from the price that it cost in fact (initially about 800 million, Sovcombank went for 382 - the wrote), but it was sold for a significant amount, which thoroughly replenished its capital.

As for Sovcombank's strategy in the market in general, it is actively engaged in absorption. For two years, Sovcombank bought Gii Mani Bank, Aisyaisiai Bank Eurasia, Garanti Bank, Metcombank.

The growth model based on the takeover of banks was previously implemented by Alexei Alyakin at Pushkino Bank. And he was left without a license as a result. It's funny, but Alaska and partner Roman Fuchs 10 years ago were among the shareholders of Sovcombank - they wrote This is where, as they say, the legs grow from.

By the way, most of his "daughters" have been liquidated. The bank often acts on the principle - buy and in a couple of years "collapse," injecting into the capital of the main Sovcombank. (And what happens inside it - to one god, and even Khotimsky knows. He does not disclose financial indicators.) This happened, for example, with Rosevrobank. Although experts said that this is a reliable asset, Sovcombank managed to turn it into a "dummy" in a matter of months.

Does the bank live only with loans? Фото:

The Accounts Chamber is also dissatisfied with the bank - in 2015, it drew attention to the too rapid growth of the portfolio of its assets and suspected something was wrong - wrote RBC. At the same time, Sovcombank lends to Rusnano and other government structures.

"Friends" in the Central Bank, offshore and casinos

They say that Khotimsky's patronage is provided at the highest level - initially through the former deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Alexei Plyakin, with whom Pavel Fuchs, already mentioned above, allegedly introduced them through third parties, and a member of the Senate, Nicolas Zhuravlev. Well, then the ball can be spun in any direction - to Elvira Nabiullina and other powerful people.

Taking into account the presence earlier in the structure, and now in the list of persons and companies affiliated with Sovcombank, offshore companies, it is not difficult to guess where the money from the liquidated subsidiaries of the office goes.


In 2018, the assets of Sovcombank itself in a month "sank" by almost 18 billion - we covered this story in detail. What is this if not the withdrawal of money offshore?

A lot of interesting things can be told about the top managers of Sovcombank. For example, in 2016, during a police raid on an underground casino in Moscow, the chairman of the board Dmitry Gusev was suddenly tied up - this was reported by the "City Information Channel" Later it turned out that he was not seen in a similar place for the first time. So, where the money goes from the above "frauds."

The former chairman of the bank's board Vasily Klyukin is famous for his love of poker - now he lives in Monaco. Poverty, as you can imagine, does not complain. By the way, according to some sources, he is often seen in the company of two more former bankers - the ex-head of Investtorgbank Vladimir Gudkov and the former co-founder of Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhamov. Both in Russia are charged with multimillion-dollar embezzlement, RBC and Kommersant reported.

By the way, according to our reader, who sent new details of what is happening in Sovcombank, the scheme described by him is supervised by the deputy chairman of the bank's board Alexei Panferov, who has been imposed American sanctions the other day. Cried foreign assets of Mr. Panferov! So, there is reason to believe that he will take a vengeance to increase domestic. And how? On the old and poor? Noble, however...

Only the cup of patience of deceived people is almost overflowing. Another hundred or two and it will not work to hide the facts. The highest composition of the Central Bank may also be under attack!

Photo on the main page: Maxim Stulov/Vedomosti

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