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05 December 2023

How "Small" is taken out of a major game

The Saratov deputy and businessman, who is called the leader of the organized crime group of the 90s, is rapidly losing his influence.

If you live in the Saratov region and at least follow the information agenda a little, then, obviously, we guessed that we are talking about Sergey Kurikhin. A few years ago - a man with huge connections in all branches of government and law enforcement agencies. To such an extent, impressive that for the eyes of Kurikhin they called the "night governor." Or maybe not only for the eyes and even from the presentation of the figure himself - such a nickname, you agree, is more likely flattering. But at present, the influence of the deputy and businessman is beginning to melt rapidly. Of course, such "assets" will not quickly be lost.

Was there an organized crime group?

About the possible involvement of Kurikhin in the famous organized crime group "Parking" wrote a lot. for example, the local network media Fourth Power. Perhaps the Saratov journalist Sergei Vilkov distinguished himself more than the rest, who probably obtained the maximum number of documents related to the issue, among which the certificate compiled by the employee of the department for combating organized crime Dytchenko in the name of the first deputy prosecutor of the region Grigoriev should be emphasized. This was also reported by Fourth Power.

We will not list all the acts to which Kurikhin himself could have been related, whom evil languages ​were called almost one of the leaders of the organized crime group.

By the way, Yevgeny Grigoriev subsequently became the prosecutor of the region. They say that he did not forget his interest in the past of the deputy and businessman. It is noteworthy that already in 2008 the prosecutor was shot dead. The murder was recognized as registered, quickly found performers and kind of like a customer... But this supposedly customer committed suicide before the trial. Like some other people found to be involved. After that, the investigation did not continue. Although many, including the father of the murdered prosecutor Fedor Grigoriev (by the way - Major General of the Internal Service, head of the Saratov Higher School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, rector of the Saratov State Academy of Law) believed that true customers were not established, and among the candidates for this role in the people's rumor were called, including Sergey Kurikhin.

Sergey Vilkov wrote about all this and much more in his materials. Of course, Kurikhin's reaction to this followed. The journalist was sued for libel, but the prosecution did not succeed after lengthy trials. By the way, after the completion of the proceedings, Vilkov did not sigh freely: either some additional circumstances were "revealed," or something else... but the trials started again. Yes, according to the results, the journalist was not charged. But the long-standing epic with interrogations-polls-meetings, I think, will take away the desire to continue the investigation not only from the "judicial circles of hell" journalist himself, but also from others who saw the possible negative consequences of such an idea on the example of their colleague.

Monopoly on construction

Where's the big money? That's right, oilmen, gas workers, power engineers... in general, in industries that are not easy to get into. Especially if I brazenly go beyond the law in some places - patronage at the regional level in these areas cannot be done. Of the large and affordable, only the construction business remains. And here, it is worth admitting, Kurikhin turned out a lot. Yes, everyone in Saratov now knows him as the person behind whom the Sargrad company stands. But this is the tip of the iceberg.

If you dig into the documents (actions, participation as a founder, as well as from people whose names appear many times next to Kurikhin), then you can draw conclusions about the attitude of the deputy and businessman to many offices: LLC Saratov Plant Sickle and Hammer, LLC Lepta-S, LLC Sargradstrori, LLC Sarteksim, CJSC Sargrad, OO ESK, LLC Stroykom-S, LLC Sargrad-invest, LLC Vityaz-S

There are also unofficial connections that, it seems, everyone knows about, but it is difficult to prove on paper. This is a relationship with large Saratov developers. For example, with the head of the Lepta Group of Companies, Yakov Streltsin (Streltsin nominally headed this company from the very beginning, but it is through it that Kurikhin's construction business is believed to have begun). Or with the general director of Saratovoblzhilstroy CJSC (and, by the way, also a deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma) Leonid Pisny. To a lesser extent - with Shamkhalov ("Sheld") and Gafanovich ("Lesstre"). Now all the listed companies are united by membership in the Union of Developers Association, which is headed by Leonid Pisnoy.

But only the control of market players is unlikely to completely take control of the construction sphere of the region. The former head of the Saratovgrazhdanproekt Institute is called his man for Kurikhin. This organization was the largest in the development of projects (and, accordingly, costing) of various objects. The earnings scheme, which could be implemented with the participation of Saratovgrazhdanproekt, is simple: the cost of the project was overstated, the difference remained in the developer's "pocket." Well, to share "honestly acquired" is a technical question. Moreover, we could talk about impressive amounts. For example, the price of building some kindergarten, the red price of which is 60 million rubles (if you study similar facilities in neighboring regions), suddenly exceeded 90 million.

Other participants in the implementation of the scheme are officials of the regional capital construction committee and the city property management committee, who simply turned a blind eye to what was happening, or even helped to take possession of tidy objects or plots of land bypassing existing rules.

Well, and, finally, cleaning the market from competitors: if someone tried to get into a profitable object, an attack involving loyal representatives of law enforcement agencies fell on him. Additionally, there was pressure on controlled media resources. It's like Vilkov. There are more losses and worries than the prospect of earning.

But at some point, the scheme began to fail. The leaders of the power structures were replaced, loyal operatives stepped aside. The prosecutor's office had questions about the actions of some officials who made decisions contrary to the interests of the city and the region (and, most importantly, not entirely considering the norms of the law). Removal, courts. The head of Saratovgrazhdanproekt resigned. The logical result: the objects began to "swim" from Kurikhin-controlled companies. One of the rival companies, which got several objects of the social sphere on the Engels side, tried to attack informationally, but these actions did not bring much success. And it turns out that there are no more resources left to organize a large-scale war. This situation was perhaps the first, but not the last in a series of such - the monopoly of the circle of companies associated with Kurikhin in the construction sector of the region began to collapse.

Land is a valuable resource

The construction business has one feature. It takes land to run it. And, preferably, the tidiest pieces - in populated areas or, more profitably, in the center. But orphan land in the inhabited part of Saratov as a whole cannot be found. And even more so - in the city center. And here various schemes go into business. Worst of all, when organizations that are significant for the city are destroyed for this.

Among the victims can be named "Saratovgorelektrotrans." His two leaders, who have been at the helm for many years (Kochetkova and Vinkova), are called Kurikhin's proteges. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the deputy's reception under these leaders is located in the administrative building of the SGET.

Just under Kochetkov, the so-called "optimization" was first tested, when the areas of the SGET were recognized as "redundant" and some of them were "mothballed" to better times. So, the Lenin depot on the street was "optimized." Moreover, the motives for such a decision are incomprehensible. Tram routes No. 11 and 12, which this depot served, were and remained among the most popular and busy. Problems began just after the closure of the depot: at the end of the shift, the cars were no longer going towards Solnechny, but to another depot - to the station. As a result, they stopped taking residents of sleeping areas in the evening rush hour, and it became unrealistic to get to Solnechny after working on a tram.

But about 8 hectares of land in a fast-growing microdistrict were freed. True, it was not possible to quickly realize this asset: in 2005, Kochetkov was removed from the leadership of the SGET, and the control and accounting chamber of the City Duma revealed a lot of violations in his activities. But the process continued with the next leader, Vinkov.

At one point, an audit of the control and audit chamber revealed that the Lenin depot was brought to an unsuitable condition. The rails leading to it were cut and taken away, and the buildings left unattended were destroyed. You can take such a territory with less noise than landscaped. First, you changed the allowed use of it. If earlier in the General Plan it was designated as IT-1 (the zone of urban transport enterprises and transport maintenance facilities), then it became the zone of Zh-1 (multi-storey multi-apartment residential development). Well, then the workshops and workshops were equalized with the ground, and Leonid Pisny's Saroblzhilstroy began the development of the territory with high-rise buildings.

Presumably, they tried to turn a similar scheme not so long ago with the Kirov depot. This piece is very tidy: the area is located right in the city center, near the train station! When the crisis began at the SGET, during which employees of the Kirov depot began to protest against the management policy, an alternative trade union controlled by top managers appeared at the enterprise, and the media belonging to Kurikhin tried to present this structure as good, acting in support of the general director of the enterprise.

Political Field Processing

As mentioned above, an integrated approach is needed to address various issues effectively. And for this you need people in many structures. Including, of course, political ones.

And this resource Kurikhin also begins to melt. Previously, you could name many surnames associated with this deputy and businessman. Now the list has become noticeably shorter. Of the closest associates, perhaps, only the above-mentioned Pisna remained. More recently, such could include the deputy of the City Duma Yevgeny Chernov, who has been "glued" to Pisny and his firms since institute times. But today Chernov is trying to leave the Kurikhin "ship," which gave a leak. However, he has something to hold.

Even in the political assets of the deputy can be attributed the regional branch of the Communist Party. The Communists have repeatedly "worked out" topics beneficial to Kurikhin. By the way, they were the organizers of the very "alternative" trade union at the SGET.

Apparently, it was thanks to the financial support and resource support of Kurikhin that one of the current leaders of the regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation appeared - Nikolai Bondarenko. By the way, another deputy of the regional Duma. Moreover, they did not sculpt him very carefully. In the first year of the deputy, Nikolai filed an almost zero income declaration, which did not correlate with his foreign car and lifestyle. Today everything is in order with this: the annual income only officially amounted to almost 6 million rubles.

They say, having received a high status, Bondarenko felt independent and tried, if not to break the connection, to at least remove himself from the dangerous patron. But here, as in the case of Chernov, blackmail tools could go into use. After such an attempt, cadres began to walk on the network, as the MP rests with hookah and expensive whiskey in one of the prestigious Saratov clubs and almost fraternizes with deputy Chernov (with whom they can hardly be united by anything other than attitude towards Kurikhin). Moreover, the "tops" have clearly become public knowledge. More juicy "roots" probably remained in Kurikhin zakroms. But Bondarenko seemed to understand everything and more acts of disobedience did not arise.

It can be assumed that the Communist Party cell is also preparing for less liberal dilog schemes with power than usual (speeches, pickets...). This option was tested in Ulyanovsk, where, as the local network media Fourth Power wrote, with the coordination of Bondarenko and Anidalov (this is another deputy from the Communist Party), the administration building was literally seized.

Another "pocket" project may be the branch of the New People party. While this idea is under development and therefore there is not much data supporting such conclusions. It is only known that the lawyer Nikolai Skvortsov, who is dragged into the party leadership, is also a prosecutor's office. And Skvortsov's wife Svetlana works as a bankruptcy trustee. In general, as far as is known, this couple was planned to be used to conduct managed bankruptcy proceedings. But, apparently, the priorities have changed. And, on the other hand, one does not interfere with another.

And, of course, we need our people in the party, which currently has the maximum deputy representation at various levels. We are talking about "United Russia." Recently, EP held a preliminary vote. The procedure is incomprehensible. But the fact is that it is precisely according to its results that lists of candidates for elections should be formed. According to some reports, Kurikhin's proteges were nominated in all districts (of course, we are talking about the city duma - the districts are not interested in him, but in order to swing to the federal level, clearly not the time). Obviously, Kurikhin did not arrange the results of the primaries. A whole wave of criticism of the voting procedure rose in the media controlled by him, and the biographies of the participants who ousted the prosecutor's candidates began to understand molecules in search of compromising material.


What in the end can the beginning of the fall of the deputy and businessman Kurikhin lead to? Unfortunately for him, there are only disappointing forecasts. Here the principle about "the higher I climbed, the sicker it is to fall." Especially taking into account the path along which the ascent took place.

Of course, you can move away from business and live on the accumulated. There may be enough for a long time if you do not scatter to the right and left. Or try to make money, but by legal methods. Not so much, but safe. Only in this case, you will have to live with the constant thought that the security forces are about to come forward. And bringing various not most pleasant charges.

As an option, trying to maintain influence, Kurikhin can take some sharp and ill-conceived step. Then the phenomena of the security forces will have to wait not so long.

The most reliable in this sense is the example of once an associate, and then a competitor of Kurikhin - Leonid Feitlicher: the organized crime group "Parking," methods of doing business and working with competitors, deputies. And then - an urgent departure to Israel. Which was necessary so as not to be planted here in Russia.

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