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01 December 2023

He does not want to be a "radish": Oleg Makarevich took up "denunciations" from the snuff box

As Mr. Makarevich bites his Schnitzel like a Viennese in distant Austria, his solicitors send out new, as they say in his circles, "Malyavs."

The fact that Oleg Makarevich sprayed behind the cordon and dug in Vienna was reported a year ago by several media outlets at once. Apparently, he took his legs away from sin: what if the village of Odyut?

And already from Vienna began to bombard prosecutors and investigators. For what purpose? What if it burns out?

No wonder they say that the best defense is the attack, especially since this cat, whose meat she ate, knows. In general, Mr. Makarevich, no matter how strained, but lost 4 lawsuits to independent journalists in St. Petersburg!

It seems that everything, shot back... An no, "poisonous arrows" continue to fly from the Austrian border and now right on the table to the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It did not work out with the prosecutors, now Mr. Makarevich decided to check the police for a "tooth." Mr. Makarevich sent his next complaint against The Moscow Post journalists through his next representative to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Krasnodar Territory (where he piled on so many of his cases). The editors have already entered into correspondence with the investigator E. Khamitov.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the new details of the case.

Gentleman of Fortune

As follows from the appeal to the editorial office of The Moscow Post of the investigator Khamitov, Mr. Makarevich started an old "organ": publications (journalistic investigations) are posted on the Internet, in which he, Makarevich, is accused of fraud. These publications, according to Mr. Makarevich, are slanderous in nature. But about the four lawsuits he lost, Mr. Makarevich somehow kept silent. Apparently, he does not want to be "rare" if you remember the film about the life of criminal elements "Gentlemen of Fortune"...

And the investigator Khamitov asks the editorial office to provide information about the source of information, as well as to provide data about the author of the material.

The editors of The Moscow Post have prepared a thorough response.

And she sent it to the interrogator E.A. Khamitov.

Put on the federal wanted list

This response provides all the details of the scandalous case of Mr. Makarevich, who is still trying to hide the ends in the water!

After all, Mr. Makarevich has long been put on the federal wanted list. And it is strange in itself that the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Krasnodar Territory did not even bother to raise the dossier of "Professor" Makarevich.

Although his powerful "roof" could intervene in the case of the "king of garbage," as Oleg Makarevich was called by the eyes.

Journalists of The Moscow Post have long traced that Oleg Makarevich was a member of the close circle of the former Kuban governor Alexander Tkachev.

According to rumors, Mr. Makarevich did not just "rise" in the Krasnodar Territory, especially since he is from the "Varangians."

And businessman Makarevich was always close not only to the former governor Alexander Tkachev, but also to the vice-governor Alexander Remezkov.

Alexander Tkachev. Photo: https://mcx.gov.ru/

Strong male friendship still connects Oleg Makarevich now with the infamous State Duma deputy Alexander Remezkov, who also desperately loves Austria and the cherry strudel. And it seems that it was the State Duma deputy Remezkov who laid the path to Austria for Makarevich's heart friend.

It was under Tkachev-Remezkov that all the companies and firms of Mr. Makarevich "blossomed": he is the owner of the UMK holding (Southern Diversified Corporation). And this holding included more than 80 enterprises. These included the retail chains Est (more than 50 stores) and Mag-Mak (8 supermarkets). Makarevich's holding is the founder of Metallglavsnab-1 LLC, Kormilitsa and Kubantorgodezhda.

Oleg Makarevich was also controlled by CJSC Kubanoptprodtorg, Dinskaya Meat Processing Plant, a wine factory in Slavyansk-on-Kuban, as well as agricultural enterprises in the Kalininsky district. And Mr. Makarevich was directly related to JSC "Garbage Removal Company." And this JSC has a very curious partner - the company "Kubanoptplodtorg," which is also associated with the name of the "garbage king."

So, if very briefly about the enormous affairs and opportunities of Mr. Makarevich in the Krasnodar Territory.

I would also like to remind our reader: Oleg Makarevich is a well-known person, and not only his diverse business, but also high-profile scandals: 9 years ago he became a defendant in a criminal case on abuse of authority.

The case involved an amount of 51 million rubles. Makarevich was arrested. But soon the matter was hushed up. Recall that it was 2014. And then it was Mr. Tkachev who ruled the "ball" in the Kuban.

The October court of Krasnodar sent Makarevich under arrest for two months. And a criminal case was even initiated under Part 3 of Art. 33, part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Abuse of office").

According to investigators, Oleg Makarevich created an illegal scheme for the withdrawal of funds from the MU State Farm "Progress." The management of the state farm, which was experiencing financial difficulties, attracted Makarevich's structures as a business partner. Companies affiliated with UMK gave loans to the state farm. And they used the production sites of Progress.

But in 2012, the municipality, as the owner of the municipal unitary enterprise, initiated inspections of the economic activities of the company's management and its business partners. And numerous violations of financial discipline were revealed, and in July 2013 a criminal case was opened against the director of the municipal unitary enterprise Anatoly Shevchenko.

The investigation concluded that it was Makarevich who organized the illegal financial schemes.

But after a while, the following news appeared in the local press:

"Rehabilitation message. By the decision of the October Court of Krasnodar of 07.06.2018 in the case of 2-1591/18, Makarevich Oleg Alexandrovich recognized the right to rehabilitation in criminal case No. 14901084, initiated on the grounds of a crime under Part 3 of Art. 33 and Part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. "

Who helped rehabilitate? Tkachev? Remezkov? Or both at once?

Alexander Remezkov. Photo: http://ekaterinodar.ru/

Today, Mr. Remezkov, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Kuban State Agrarian University, as mentioned, sits in the State Duma.

Surprisingly, but fact: Oleg Alexandrovich Makarevich is now the same doctor of economics. And also a professor at the same university. And allegedly at the same university, both the wife and daughter of Mr. Makarevich defended themselves.

But Mr. Makarevich is "breaking away" from his friendship with former Vice Governor Alexander Remezkov. And in vain.

Such an authoritative person! Any problem can be solved by clicking the index finger.

It has long been known that in the Kuban there is a complete paralysis of both the authorities and law enforcement agencies, apparently, that is why Mr. Makarevich believed that his voice in the "desert" would not go unnoticed, otherwise why does the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Krasnodar Territory, as it were, does not see the criminal cases of O.A. Makarevich? And walking "past" Mr. Makarevich's federal wanted list?

The Moscow Post is following the development of events.

Photo: https://glavk.net/articles/154476-makarevich_oleg_aleksandrovich_i_ego_kriminaljnaja_semejka_pora_na_nary/print

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