Grigor Agekyan's medical question

The house of the child in Fryazino may be closed in the interests of the unspoken "owner" Fryazino Grigor Agekyan, who, in his free time from work, shot at the vice-mayor, and also threatened the candidate for local deputies.


The house of the child in Fryazino may be closed in the interests of the unspoken "owner" Fryazino Grigor Agekyan, who, in his free time from work, shot at the vice-mayor, and also threatened the candidate for local deputies.

After the liquidation of the child's house in Fryazino, not a bad asset in the form of a land plot will be released. Details in the material correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Who, if not the main developer Fryazino Grigor Agekyan, can he interest? And here is also what a coincidence - Agekyan is a member of the board of trustees of the child's home. They decided to close the same one with the blessing of Governor Andrei Vorobyov. The Moscow Post spoke about this in its previous investigation, "A Child's House for Uncle Vorobyov."

On the eve of this, the head physician was replaced in the state institution, putting Lyra Ovezova in this place, who also has a business asset, and among her business partners there is the owner of a private clinic. The Minister of Health of the Moscow Region Alexei Sapanyuk also found out his business partner from the same sphere, who criticized the position of parents demanding not to close the center where their special children were put on their feet.

In the meantime, parents of special children beat all the bells and give an SOS signal, representatives of the board of trustees of the child's home, including prominent businessmen Fryazino and even the deputy head of the administration, are silent. After analyzing the connections of what some media call Fryazino's secret owner, we wondered if such a story could happen without his knowledge?

And they realized that no, he cannot, especially since the president of the Grand group of companies, Grigor Agekyan, is a member of the board of trustees of the state institution. And the council acts as an advisory body formed to consider the most important issues of the institution's activities. Liquidation can be attributed to these issues, although at a meeting on March 15, 2023, parents tried to convince that nothing terrible was happening, and the center was "simply reorganized."

The composition of the board of trustees of the child's home. Photo:

Medical interest of Agekyan and his companions

The interests of Agekyan and his business partners do not end with construction and real estate management alone. They spread towards medicine. So, for example, Ekaterina Alexandrova, who heads several companies of the owner Fryazino at once, owns a share in the Medical Corporation LLC created in 2021 (the activities of hospital organizations). Co-owners are Fidan and Ernst Hovhannisyan, one of whom owns three more medical organizations in the Moscow region in the form of paid clinics - Medkom LLC, Clinic No. 1 LLC and Formula Health LLC. All companies are suppliers of government contracts, including services for the home of a child in Fryazino. So, the company "Medkom" for budget money conducted a medical examination of employees in this state institution in 2019-2020.

"Medkom" and contracts. Photo:

Or here is another medical asset that Agekyan transferred to his business partner Rimma Kaevitzer - Eidos Medical Center LLC in Fryazino, which provides the services of children's doctors. In addition to the medical center, Kaevitser has a stake in Fryazinskaya Telephone Network LLC, headed by a certain Alexander Kaevitser. The telephone company is a contractor for over 70 government contracts, including 12 contracts for GBUZ MO TsGB IM M.V. Golts, whose chief physician was previously the current Minister of Health of the Moscow Region Sapanyuk. There is also the Fryazino property management committee among the customers and the Fryazino administration itself.

FCS is a contractor for government contracts. Photo:

Personally, Agekyan also owns Center-Clinic LLC, which works in the physical culture and health sector.

I would not be surprised if over time those services that are so relevant to parents of special children from Fryazino will appear in these paid medical centers.

Who is Grigor Agekyan?

In addition to the fact that Agekyan Rosbalt (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation) called the secret owner of Fryazino, he is a large businessman with about 50 different legal entities in his assets. In addition, Agekyan is a defendant in a number of high-profile scandals and a deputy of the Council of Deputies of the Shchelkovo city district. Among the business partners and relations of the president of "Grand" are representatives of the administrations of the cities of the Moscow region, deputies and participants in very ambiguous stories. There was even a former business partner of the Minister of Health of the Moscow Region Alexei Sapanyuk.

A native of Armenia, Agekyan lives in Fryazino, but deputies to Shchelkovo, where he heads the commission on construction and improvement, because his business is mainly in the field of construction and real estate.

Before his deputy, he managed to distinguish himself in Fryazino.

In 2016, TASS reported that businessman Agekyan, together with his guards, attacked the first deputy head of the city of Fryazino with military firearms and threatened with physical violence. The businessman's guards started a fight with employees of the municipality. Rosbalt (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation) reported that they even managed to shoot at the deputy head. The conflict arose over the decision of the head of the city of Fryazino Igor Sergeyev to dismantle advertising structures, which, according to officials, were illegally installed at the Sputnik shopping and entertainment center.

The regional prosecutor's office took special control of the criminal case against the businessman, but, except for his recognizance not to leave, it did not end in anything.

And already in 2019, the local branch of United Russia nominated Agekyan to the Shchelkovo deputies in its lists. Earlier, an attempt was also made to advance in Fryazino, who became almost his native, but unsuccessful. Meanwhile, in 2020, the candidate from Fryazino, Mikhail Oleinikov, said that by phone a local authoritative businessman from Fryazino in obscene uniform, threatening with physical violence, demanded that the candidate immediately curtail the election campaign and leave the Moscow region within 24 hours. How this story ended is not known.

Agekyan also distinguished himself in the Nizhny Novgorod region, where his company "House on Proviant" works, which he owns together with businessman Roman Hovsepyan, famous in Shue near Moscow. The company of Agekyan and Hovsepyan was developing near the monument house of the famous shipbuilder engineer Rostislav Alekseev in Nizhny Novgorod. Due to constant vibration and noticeable subsidence of the soil, there was a threat of destruction of the house and after long months of public struggle to preserve the monument house, permission to build a neighboring site was revoked. This did not suit the developers and they tried to protest the decision.

Now the president of Grande Agekyan is not only a deputy of the Council of Deputies of the Shchelkovo city district, but also the head of the United Russia faction there. At the end of 2021, the deputy declared income of more than 102 million rubles, indicating among the assets ten cars, 19 land plots, more than 70 buildings, structures and premises, as well as a gas pipeline.

It would seem that why would a successful businessman spend his time on parliamentary sessions and lawmaking? Perhaps this question can be answered by one story that happened in 2022.

The company "Specialized developer" Arcade, "owned by Agekyan, is implementing a development project for the village of Klyukvenny in the rural settlement of Ogudnevskoye, Shchelkovsky district, Moscow region. And in February 2022, "Arcade" businessman Agekyan writes a letter to the chairman of the commission on the construction and improvement of the council of deputies Shchelkovo Agekyan and asks "due to a technical error" to make changes to the general plan of Shchelkovo.

It turns out that in Klyukvenny you can build houses only up to four floors, and "Arcade" has outlined seven-story ones. Do you think Deputy Agekyan will be able to lobby the interests of businessman Agekyan in this and other stories related to development? If someone suddenly did not understand, both the deputy and the businessman are the same person. Here is such a village.

Why did Agekyan go to the deputies? Photo:

At the same time, Agekyan has close construction ties not only in Shchelkovo, but also in his native Fryazino. The first agreement on the development of the built-up area was concluded by the Fryazino administration with the Grand group of companies back in 2007.

According to the company's website, it is implementing projects for the construction of residential and commercial real estate in the Moscow region. The company has more than 100,000 square meters of commercial real estate, and the group includes eight "subsidiaries."

In addition to the above, Agekyan's companies are very comfortable with government contracts, including construction contracts, and have orders throughout the Moscow Region. Whether the extensive connections spread by the businessman in different departments contribute to this, we cannot judge. But we'll talk about connections.

Among the business partners of Agekyan, various notable faces appeared. For example, Mr. Agekyan has two real estate companies in Fryazino - Sirius LLC and Malter LLC, among whose co-owners a certain Sergei Kushchenko appears. Moreover, for Sirius, he is also a director. In turn, Kushchenko was the co-founder of the Chizhovo garage and consumer cooperative, which is all in the same Fryazino. Another of the co-founders is Alexei Bukharin, who, together with the current Minister of Health of the Moscow Region Alexei Sapanyuk, previously owned the company MC Beauty and Health. The asset is still valid, although the minister from among the owners came out.

Former asset of the minister. Photo:

It was Sapanyuk, with the tacit connivance of Governor Andrei Vorobyov, who advocated the closure of the child's house in Fryazino and managed to insult both the center's specialists and the parents of special children with his statements.

Among the noteworthy partners of Agekyan, ex-representatives of the leadership of the Shchelkovsky district can also be noted.

Several assets at once (Progress LLC, OOO ChOO Rubikon, OOO City, OOO Progressive Water Supply Systems, OOO Prince) Agekyan had with such gentlemen as the former head of the Shchelkovsky district Leonid Tverdokhlebov (died in April 2022) and Irina Lobyan, whose data coincide with the data of Aakovsky's wife rutyun Lobyan, who was the first deputy head of the same district. Lobyan was called the real head of the district. In 2012, he became a defendant in a high-profile scandal related to corruption and land fraud. The Moscow Post has previously told this story in detail.

Hagekyan and relations with officials. Photo:

Among the co-owners of Agekyan's companies, for example, Shchelkovo LLC, there are such notable persons as Tatyana Yakubova, whose relative, Andrei Yakubov, is Agekyan's colleague on the advice of deputies of the Shchelkovo city district. Yakubov also lives in Fryazino. Of the remarkable facts of his biography, one can note the training at the Moscow Special High School of Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. And also Yakubov is the chairman of the council of the public organization of veterans (pensioners) of the urban settlement of Shchelkovo.

The analysis opens up to us only a small part of this spread towards the business network, in which there were various authoritative persons of the Moscow region, including those who rushed into deputies.

As we can see, everything has already been captured. And in the light of this, the picture around the story with the house of Fryazino's child, which has become one of the many "optimized" social institutions in the Moscow region, becomes clear. It seems that with the tacit support of the authorities, a business platform is being cleared - whether it is building new, vacated plots or pushing for paid medicine. And where will it go if the free one is finally destroyed?