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24 September 2023

Governor Kondratyev's water broke

The resort city of Gelendzhik is dehydrated. Even the strict water supply schedule is not kept. Who is to blame?

Governor of the Krasnodar territory Veniamin Kondratyev has been working as a "tsar" for 5 years. And all this time can not solve the most acute problem: to put in order the water and sewer networks of the resort city of Gelendzhik. And they seem to have been made by the "slaves of Rome". But does everyone experience such discomfort in a resort city? As a matter of fact - not. Primorye Sanatorium, which belongs to the family of Minister Denis Manturov, lives comfortably: the water runs, splashes and even gushes. Has the Minister's mansion, which is located next to the Primorye sanatorium, its own well? Governor Kondratyev, apparently, helped Minister Manturov with the well, didn't he?

The water problem, if we look back, existed even under former Governor Alexander Tkachev, who ruled Kuban for 14 years - from 2001 to 2015. So, did he pass the region to his friend Kondratyev with a "cat in a bag"?

But would it be possible to solve this problem within 5 years? Or is Mr. Kondratyev indifferent to how his constituents live? A correspondent of The Moscow Post tried to study these events.

Tkachev told stories?

The beach of Gelendzhik is owercrowded these days: the people, who became angry after several months of isolation, rushed to the sea. Gelendzhik is experiencing pandemonium. And if we consider that there are huge problems with water in the city, the pandemonium thus turns into hell.

The authorities of the Krasnodar territory promised to allocate 7.5 billion rubles for the development of housing and utilities from 2014 (up to 2020).

A little earlier, 4.6 billion rubles were going to be spent for this purpose. Thus, the financing of the program has increased by 1.6 times: the housing and utilities sector of the region needs technical re-equipment and modernization.

Governor Tkachev promised to close the water supply problem in Gelendzhik until 2017.

Ex-Governor Alexander Tkachev promised to solve the water supply problem in the resort city of Gelendzhik until 2017

In general, the issue of water supply for the resort stretches back to the 90s. 15 years ago, water was supplied to residents' homes according to a schedule. And all these years, Gelendzhik city is still experiencing a shortage of water, especially in the summer, when the need increases several times due to the influx of tourists.

What tales did Governor Tkachev tell then?

"Storage tanks for clean water have been built, large-scale reconstruction of water supply networks and utilities has been carried out, and new main lines have been laid," - the Governor told reporters. This was reported in detail by RBC:

But local residents can not remember that there was such a large-scale reconstruction of water networks. And they haven't heard anything about the new main lines.

Perhaps Tkachev was given false information by Mayor of Gelendzhik (at that time) Viktor Khrestin? It was Khrestin who a few years ago fantasized that the reconstruction of the Troitsky water pipeline system had begun. Allegedly, the regional Ministry of Construction conducted competitive procedures for selecting a contractor. And in the spring of 2015, construction of a new branch line would begin. This would help to stabilize the water supply in Gelendzhik.

Former Mayor of Gelendzhik Viktor Khrestin also promised to solve water problems by 2017

But, it turns out, nothing has been done for the reconstruction of the Troitsky water pipeline system so far.

Even under Tkachev, they could not solve the problem of pollution of the Gelendzhik Bay. The Bay was flooded with storm water and sewage water. The Governor himself, seemed to be very concerned about that problem, and called not only to fine for pollution of the Bay, but also to initiate criminal cases.

There was information that almost 200 million rubles would be allocated for the Bay's storm water and sewage water treatment system in 2014. And it was promised that before the start of the new holiday season, mini-treatment facilities would be delivered on the Suvaran river: this would allow only clean water to be poured into the Bay.

And past again!

Sometimes it is better not to swim in the sea

Mr. Tkachev also announced another news: at that time, the procedure for interaction with the Federal Centre for Solving Problems of Water Supply, sewage and storm water drainage was distributed. The total investment capacity of the project was almost 5 billion rubles. Half of the funds were planned to be raised in the framework of public-private partnership, and the other part – under the "Clean water" Federal program. And by the beginning of 2017 - to close the problem completely.

But the problem was not closed. There were no reconstructions or modernizations. But the money was spent. What were the needs? Apparently, their own.

Today Gelendzhik is convulsing: water is either not given for 2 days, or turned on for 10-15 minutes.

It should be added that 33 multi-storeyed buildings in the Chernomorsky-2 residential complex were built in Gelendzhik recently. Water does not reach the upper floors.

Isn't this hell?

It hasn't been repaired for 50 years

What was found out? The MV-1 main water supply - and it is the main source of drinking water for the city - has not been repaired or updated since 1971. The wear of urban water networks is 70%. Other highways have been operating without any repairs for more than 40 years.

And, of course, the active development of the city with apartment buildings has put a huge strain on the water supply and sewage system of Gelendzhik. Vodokanal company vehicle fleet is so decrepit that only 2 specialized vehicles are involved in delivering drinking water. It was  written by NewsFrol.

Isn't Governor of Kuban Kondratyev familiar with all these shocking facts?

Current Governor of Kuban, Veniamin Kondratyev, knows about the problem, but can't solve it for 5 years

More extraordinary information. A few years ago, the Tserkovnoye ozero (Church lake), which has a huge reservoir, was transferred to private hands. But the Tserkovnoye ozero seems to supply water to those who have their own hotels in Gelendzhik. Tserkovnoye ozero could participate in the resort's water supply. But it does not! Bloknot Gelendzhik writes about this in detail.

50% of the municipality's users receive water from the Troitsky water pipeline, which is located in Krymsk. Former Mayor of Gelendzhik Khrestin "sang like a nightingale" about the modernization of this water pipeline in 2014. It turns out, as told by NewsFrol, the Troitsky water supply network is so worn out that the water supply system can not supply the necessary amount of water due to frequent accidents.

The MV-1 main water supply system, which was laid almost 50 years ago, is the main highway that supplies water to Gelendzhik and Kabardinka: this is more than 80 thousand people.

In summer, taking into account the tourists, population increases several times. And the load on the water supply network increases dramatically.

Governor Kondratyev 5 years in a row hears about these burning problems, but these problems are not solved!

Fountain was stopped

Thus, it is not possible to increase the water supply to the required volumes due to the high degree of wear of the water pipe. The highway runs through mountainous terrain. And there are problems with carrying out work in emergency situations: earthmoving equipment can not always drive up to the accident place.

But the situation was particularly difficult in the summer of last year, 2019. Then there was an accident at the power substation. The power went out. Then the water disappeared completely. All this happened at an absolutely inappropriate moment: Governor Kondratyev and Minister Manturov arrived in Gelendzhik on a visit.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the Governor had a sour face: of course, there is no light, no water... But they were going to open the fountain. And the day before Manturov called everywhere that he was flying to Gelendzhik for the opening of the fountain.

But, alas...

September of last year was also terrible.

Primorye Hotel

Water was supplied for 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening in multi-storeyed buildings. The pressure supplied by the water utility to the houses of the Favorit residential complex at the address Yuzhnaya 35 was only 0.2 ATM., and it should be 2.0 ATM. Storage tanks did not have time to be filled with water. The water did not reach the upper floors.

Infuriated residents sat down to write a collective appeal to Mayor of Gelendzhik Bogodistov. Then the same message went to Governor Kondratyev.

From May 2020, the city switched to the water supply mode according to the schedule - from 6:00 to 9:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00. Then the inhabitants of Gelendzhik were "saved" by the coronavirus: it did not allow the hordes of tourists to descend.

But July came. There is no water even on schedule in some areas.

And knowing the disastrous situation with water, the administration of Gelendzhik nevertheless, having received the blessing of Governor Kondratyev, opened the city to tourists. Mayor Bogodistov believes that the city should be opened in order to earn money. Apparently, money is the most important thing for the Mayor and Governor.

But with extreme heat and lack of fresh water, there are spikes in infectious diseases. And in the summer, the Infectious Diseases Department of the local hospital in Gelendzhik is always full.

Mayor of Gelendzhik Alex Bogodistov

Local authorities did not solve but also aggravated this problem during many years: former Mayor of Gelendzhik Viktor Khrestin, together with the chief architect of the city, allowed the construction of a huge Chernomorsky-2 microdistrict.

As a result of this thoughtless development, he is staying without water.

It all depends on the rain, not the Governor

Deputy Head of Gelendzhik for Housing and Utilities Pavel Blinov tried to answer the citizens concerning the question of how to get out of the situation. He is quoted by NewsFrol:

- "The most densely populated part of the city is fed from the Divnomorsky water intake, this is the Parus microdistrict, Polevaya street, Leselidze, the entire central part, Lunacharsky street, Krymskaya street, huge microdistricts have been built there. As for the Divnomorsky water intake, here, unfortunately, it can only be relied on precipitation and long precipitation. 5-7 days of heavy good rain are needed".

And if there isn't a week of heavy rain, there won't be any water.

Manturov's Primorye sanatorium is "drowning" in the water

What is being done to solve this problem?

These days a project that is to use the intake of Pshadsky deposit seems to be under developing.

This deposit is located in the valley of the Pshada river, 25 km from Gelendzhik. The aquifer is a layer-band, with a width of 300 to 700 m. The proven daily reserves are 40 thousand cubic meters of water. This is what the resort city needs.

These calculations have already been put on the table of Governor Kondratyev. But how long will the project be developed? And will it?

On July 13, 2020, the long-awaited rain passed in Gelendzhik, and water returned to the taps of citizens. 3 days the water flowed like a river! This was happiness.

The sea at the beaches of Gelendzhik are polluted with sewage

However, starting on July 17, the taps are empty again. On July 19, the water appeared in the morning for a few minutes. July 21 in the area of Tolsty Cape on Yuzhnaya street for two days - not a drop of water.

But this is a complete disaster, Mr. Kondratyev!

Water supply concession

It should be noted that tap water in Gelendzhik today is managed by the Concessiya Vodosnabzheniya - Gelendzhik water supply company. It was appeared in August 2018.

In these crazy hot days, angry citizens besiege the site of concessionaires. And they ask their questions.

For example, why is there no water in the city?

The explanation is as follows. The absence of prolonged, heavy precipitation has led to the drying up of riverbeds that feed wells. Heavy rain corrected the situation a little, but not for long. Storm flows quickly filled the riverbeds and also quickly descended.

People are interested further. If the money to provide water to the city was allocated, why is nothing being done for water supply?

The company's employees agree that the funds were allocated. And they even specify that they were allocated from the budgets of three levels (Federal, regional and local). But this money is provided only for the construction of a new Ochistnye Sooruzheniya facility on the Tonky Cape.

Such signs are increasingly appearing on the coast

The people are coming. Vodokanal was bought by private owners and nothing is being done!

The answer is like this. Vodokanal was not bought out. All the property of the VKH (water utilities), as it was, and remains municipal property. The concessionaire maintains, manages and invests its funds for reconstruction and modernization. Employees of the company daily eliminate leaks on rotten networks, as well as gusts on main pipelines.

"Why don't you declare an emergency and close the city?" - the citizens ask the following question.

The concessionaires reply that they do not have such authority. This decision can only be made by the city and regional authorities.

Mr. Kondratyev, if there is a bad situation with drinking water in Gelendzhik, why do tourists continue to arrive in the city?

Minister Manturov (pictured right) is a frequent guest in the residence of Governor Kondratyev (pictured second from left)

People suggest that the company block the embankment, shut down fountains and close car washes.

The response is written instantly. No one will allow to block the embankment, there is no authority to make such decisions. As for fountains, they are filled once and work on a looped system. Car washes mostly have their own water sources-wells.

People are gaining again. Why can't water be carried around the clock?

The company does not have such a possibility, water is delivered by only 2 cars.

There is also this recognition: because of the heat, 22 wells out of 35 were stopped. That's more than half. There is almost no water...

But Mr. Kondratyev is going to the new elections with a sense of his own dignity.

The beach of the Primorye sanatorium is characterized by comfort and cleanliness

According to some reports, as our sources in Gelendzhik say, Vodokanal deliberately closes the valves on residential areas and opens them to hotels and resorts. Here in the Primorye hotel, which belongs to the friendly family of Minister Manturov, the taps almost burst from the water pressure. And the hotel is completely full.

And the Kempinski hotel, which belongs to Roman Abramovich, also has water. In the multi-storeyed buildings that are located next to the Abramovich hotel, people have not had water for a month. Definitely a disaster...

But does Kuban need a Governor who for 5 years could not solve the problem of providing water to the resort with a population of more than 80 thousand people?

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